Best Heavy-duty, Waterproof 13″ Laptop Bags

When it comes to buying a new computer, many people choose a laptop instead of a desktop computer. The advantages are clear, since we can carry a laptop from one place to another with total comfort, especially if it is a compact computer with small dimensions and a light weight.

If we are going to work most of the time from home or in the office, almost as if it were a desktop computer, then it is best to choose a large model. However, if we are one of those who go out every day with a laptop under our arm, then it is best to choose a smaller and lighter one.

Waterproof 13" Laptop Bags

In this case, the most popular models are the 13-inch models, due to their small size and how comfortable it is to carry them from here to there. However, it is always advisable to use a briefcase that allows us to protect it from all kinds of bumps or accidental falls, as well as some inclement weather such as the rain itself.

The fact of carrying all day from one place to another, makes it exposed to all kinds of dangers, therefore, when choosing a transport case, it is best to choose a model that protects our device from blows, scratches, scratches and drops. Also, if it is made of a material that offers resistance to water , all the better.

Therefore, they are two aspects to take into account when choosing a laptop bag. Needless to say, we must also check that it is the right size for the team, if it has other compartments to carry accessories, shoulder strap or if the price fits our budget. That said, we are going to show some 13-inch laptop cases with which to protect the equipment from any damage and from water or other liquids.

Rugged and waterproof laptop bags


Rigid laptop bag, so it offers maximum protection against any bump or fall, even liquids. It accommodates 13-inch laptops with a footprint of 32.8 x 2.5 x 23 cm. It also has space to store other accessories such as the charging cable and offers multiple options for transport, handles or shoulder strap.

Maletín para portátil Thule


Briefcase with a special design that includes a thick protective cushioning at the bottom to ensure that our equipment remains safe against any type of falls, bumps or scratches. It also has different pockets to carry any type of accessory and is made of recycled fabric with great resistance and durability.

Maletín para portátil Tomtoc


This Targus briefcase is compatible with laptops up to 13.4 inches. It has a very attractive design, has been made of high quality material and has a padded area to offer greater comfort and transport. It has a padded shoulder strap for greater comfort when carrying the laptop.

Maletín para portátil Targus


Briefcase type sleeve with handle with a very simple, slim and light design that allows us to comfortably carry our laptop from one place to another safely. It is made of soft and ecological materials that protect the equipment from all kinds of dirt, bumps, shocks or minor falls. Its dimensions are 36.58 x 25.4 x 0.81 cm and it weighs only 204 grams.

Maletín para portátil Procase


This TECOOL model has a very careful design and is made of a very soft synthetic suede type material that is capable of protecting the laptop against water, dust, scratches or bumps. It has a very resistant handle that can be hidden. The interior is lined with a soft and fluffy material and has enough space for laptops between 13 and 14 inches.

Maletín para portátil Tecool


Very slim briefcase with pocket on the side, made of polyester on the outside that repels water and filled with bubble foam on the inside resistant to shocks that protects the laptop from any shock, scratch blow. A very slim and light model that makes carrying our laptop as comfortable as possible.

Maletín para portátil Mosiso


13-14 inch laptop bag with shock absorbing bottom edges and soft 3D interior padding to protect your computer from scratches, bumps or drops. The outer part is made of high-strength, waterproof Oxford cloth. Inside it has a main compartment for the computer, two front pockets and a back pocket to carry the charger and other accessories comfortably.

Maletín para portátil Lubardy


Briefcase for computers between 13.3 and 14 inches made of waterproof polyester and that protects our computer from dust, bumps, scratches and any liquid. It has a removable strap to carry the briefcase on the shoulder and a handle to carry it by the hand. On each side it has two side pockets to carry the charger and other accessories in an organized way.

Maletín para portátil Qishare


This Hseok briefcase is made of a highly durable and resistant polyester exterior that repels dirt and water. The interior is made of a soft and velvety material that protects our notebook from any scratch, bump or fall. Its design is very thin and light and has a handle to carry it comfortably by the hand. In addition to the main compartment for the laptop, it has an outer pocket to carry the charger, USB sticks, the mouse, mobile phone, etc.

Maletín para portátil Hseok


Briefcase compatible with laptops between 13 and 14 inches made on the outside of a waterproof material and of great thickness, 6 mm, which offers great protection against all kinds of bumps or falls on our laptop. It is equipped with a main compartment for the computer, a front zippered pocket and two side pockets to be able to carry all accessories in an orderly manner. It also has a handle to carry it by the hand and a shoulder strap type shoulder strap.

Maletín para portátil Aucase