The Best Gutters to Hide PC Cables

Nobody likes to have cables in between , since they catch and look bad. If you want to have your PC desk tidy and free of cables, even using wireless peripherals you will have to look for methods to hide and channel the cables, and nothing better for this than to use conduits . In this article we are going to recommend the best gutters on the market so that you can do it according to your needs.

Gutters are many and of many types, but you must bear in mind that not all of them are going to be adjusted to your needs. Before launching to buy any of the models that we are going to recommend below, you must take into account how many cables you want to channel, how thick, and for how long. Likewise, most gutter models come in white, but there are also black and even wood, so you can almost always adapt the aesthetics to your table and preferences.

 Best Gutters to Hide PC Cables

That said, let’s go.

Gutters Stargeek

Canaletas Stargeek

We consider these gutters from Stargeek to be the best you can buy right now, and in fact they are the ones we use ourselves. 9 gutters of 39 centimeters each (about 3.5 meters) are included and several types of elbows are included, something that will be very useful if you have to save corners. They have two installation methods, as hardware is included on the one hand but on the other they have self-adhesive strips as well.

These gutters have the advantage of having a top cover that you can easily put on and take off, and they have holes on both sides through which you can remove the head of the cables to be able to connect them easily. In this way, you can, for example, install one across the width of your table from the back, and from it, take out the cable for the keyboard and mouse, the monitor and the speakers at the height that suits you. They are certainly available in both black and white.

CILSON self-adhesive gutter

Canaletas CILSON

This is a more traditional gutter, with no side outlets. The kit includes a total of 20 meters of channel in 20 1-meter poles, made of plastic that emulates aluminum and painted black that will look good anywhere. In this case, they incorporate self-adhesive tapes for installation on any surface.

These gutters are available in different channel sizes, from 12 × 12 mm to 60 × 40 mm, so that you can channel almost any thickness and quantity of cables inside.

Famatel 71501A

Canaletas Famatel

This type of gutter is a little less conventional, since it is totally flexible and allows even cornering without problems. A roll of channel 5 meters long and 10 × 10 mm of space is included, so it will not give you to channel all the cables of the PC but it will provide for specific conduits that you may need. Of course, its installation is done by means of an adhesive on its flat side. Unfortunately in this case it is only available in white.

Gutters D-Line 2010KIT001

Canaletas D-Line

These D-Line gutters come in 4 pieces of 1 meter in length, are available in white, black and imitation wood and have the particularity that they include a set of accessories that include various types of elbows, ends and joints. They are available with a channel space of 20 × 10 and 30 × 15 mm, they have self-adhesive tape for installation and to insert the cables, the top piece is slightly flexible and you can easily snap it in and out at will.

DeleyCON universal channel

Canaletas deleyCON

This is the best gutter option for a permanent installation. They are much more expensive than the others, and in fact it is only available in a single 50 or 100 cm long rod with 60 × 20 mm channel. The particularity of these gutters is that they are made of high quality aluminum, and allow installation either with adhesive tape included or with screws.