9 Best Games to Play from the Browser

You may not have a game console or a powerful PC, but there are quite practical options that will help you play more than one game using only your computer’s browser. We are going to leave you with several very interesting proposals with which you will surely have a good time, and even remember old times.

games browser

Games for the browser

Thanks to the evolution of current browsers we can run websites with a fairly advanced graphic load. That, together with really incredible projects carried out by some developers, allows us to enjoy really attractive games worthy of any console. Obviously we are not talking about next-generation games with spectacular graphics, but more than one might surprise you.

The Chrome Dinosaur

Dino Chrome

We could not leave out of this list a game that everyone is present on all computers with Chrome installed. This is Dino Chrome, a tremendously addictive simple game that appears when the browser goes offline. To avoid user boredom and despair in these types of situations, Google decided to include a hidden game that is quite distracting.

To access it voluntarily, just type chrome: // dino / in the navigation bar and press space to start the game immediately.



This geographic location game harnesses the incredible potential of Google Maps to let you play guess the location of any corner of the world. And when we say any corner, we mean any regional highway of the most remote country in the world or any corner of neighborhoods that you would not step on in your life.

Keeping an eye on the location with the Street View, you should try to find clues from where you are to select a point on the map and try to zoom in with the least number of meters away. The closer, the higher score you will get.



Based on the mechanics of the legendary Nokia snake game, Slither.io is an online multiplayer game in which you will have to grow your own snake at the same time that you cross paths with other players. The challenge is not to collide your snake with the other players, since otherwise the game will end.

Collect as many shiny balls as you can find on your way, especially those left by rivals when they die, as they will make you grow faster.

Tomb Raider (OpenLara)

Tomb Raider OpenLara

Yes, you read it right. The original Tomb Raider that arrived at the legendary PlayStation is available to play from the browser thanks to OpenLara, to the incredible work of Timur Gaglev. This is the recreation of one of the levels of the game faithfully represented that will serve to remember those years when we played without an analog stick.


Quake III

The quintessential multiplayer shooter has a browser version thanks to Quakejs. From this website we can create games and enter those that have already been created to play with other players around the world.



Known for its mobile and tablet version, Threes! It also has a web version based on javascript with which to enjoy this addictive puzzle game from our browser. Add pairs and square multiples of 3 until you achieve the highest score.



One of the most addictive, desperate and bizarre games that you can find on the internet. This famous synchronized athletics game will make you laugh and despair in equal parts because of the complicated control system that will force you to maintain perfect coordination to be able to do as many meters as possible on the track. How many meters are you capable of?



With the help of a javascript based MS-DOS emulator we will be able to play the classic DOOM without any problems. The result is spectacular, and allows us to play the classic shooter as if we were doing it in an old x386.



The famous board game also has an online version so you can play immediately. It includes expansions and several game modes available, although in order to play all of them you will have to register and acquire some paid passes to be able to access. Even so, there are several completely free modes that you can try without problems.