These Are the Best Games of the Year on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac

On Tuesday, December 2, Apple held an interesting gala in New York that was not broadcast live or followed by any live media to award prizes for best applications and games of 2019 . Once the gala concluded, Apple has made public in the App Store which have been the games of the year on different platforms. In this article we analyze all these recognitions.

Sky: Children of the Light, the best 2019 game for iPhone

The App Store is full of amazing video games as you all know, but Apple has decided to select the best game of 2019 to Sky Children of the Light, a game that captures the excitement of discovery. In short, you put yourself in the shoes of a person who must make his way through the bombs, discovering the world around him. The game mechanics are really simple with very simple controls since the developers decided to focus on making tremendously beautiful landscapes to live a beautiful experience in this world.

Sky: Children of the Light

Price: Free+ 


You can team up with other people to explore dark kingdoms, save spirits and discover ancestral treasures. We quite like that you can encourage communication between players as this gives a very different point with respect to the competition where we do not see this type of mechanics. In order to increase the friendship with these players, we can give candles to share the appreciation we have for someone. Communication with your classmates is based on small gestures and musical notes.

The world you are in is constantly growing and you will have to discover it little by little while you walk. The developers to avoid an end as such, are including new attractions along the way in addition to seasonal events and expansions of the kingdoms.

This game is free, although it includes integrated purchases to be able to advance in a much faster way in exchange for paying. Like other games, it includes season passes that you can acquire if you really like the game to continue the adventure with your friends.

In short, we believe that this is a tremendously relaxing game, which you can enjoy with many people as it includes a way to communicate with other players tremendously curious. We believe that the work that the developers have done has been extremely careful and that is why it is not surprising that this year’s best game has been chosen in addition to having really good ratings in the App Store. We recommend you download it and give it a chance to enjoy this wonderful experience.

Hyper, the best iPad game of 2019

Hyper is undoubtedly intended to be played on an iPad since it is compatible with the 120 FPS of the new iPad Pro, in addition to being compatible with external game console controls. This is an RPG adventure and action game that emulates the best 16-bit classics with modern mechanics and good designs. The story tells us that we embody a character in a wild land full of treasures and blood but with an insatiable disease that affects the Drifters. Our goal is to find the cure to take away this horrible disease.

Hyper iPad

The truth is that the graphics can bring us many memories and the feeling when playing it is incredible, it is always advisable to have a console control at hand, because it is a joy. This game is not free, but is worth € 5.49 but we believe it is worth every penny that costs for the experience it gives us.

Price: € 5.49 


‘GRIS’ takes recognition for better game for Mac 2019

If you are not looking for a game of capital fights and action, but an experience that makes you reflect and really enjoy a story Gris is your ideal game. Something that catches me a lot to the attention of this game is the soundtrack that includes that it is incredibly good and that will make you move to another world. Gris tells us the story of a girl full of hope and lost in her own world . We must guide her on a trip where we will find new skills to travel more adequately in this world. We see how along the way this girl is maturing by opening new paths related to her own mood.

Price: € 10.99 

This is a game that can hardly be explained with words, since it is designed to convey a very specific experience depending on who plays it. As I said before if you are a person looking for an action game and fast Gray is the opposite.

Best game of the year 2019 on Apple TV

In addition to awarding the award for best game of the year for iOS, Apple does so on Apple TV. This time the prize is gone for the game Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, an adventure and action game where you must go through huge and interconnected places that are inhabited by grumpy monsters and exotic dragons. When you kill these enemies the curse on you worsens and you can transform into a multitude of animals. The ultimate goal of the game is that you can find the cure that will take away that curse that is doomed to be half man, half reptile. Undoubtedly, this game, which is also available for iPad and iPhone, must be highlighted the incredible control because it is very fluid and makes it a good platform game with which to spend a pleasant time.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap


Price: € 8.99 


In addition to the recognition of these incredible games, Apple has also reported the ranking of most downloaded games both free and paid. With regard to the list of free games from the App Store, the ranking is as follows:

  1. Mario Kart Tour
  2. Brawl Stars
  3. 3D Bump color.
  4. Paper io 2.
  5. LOVE!
  7. Fun Race 3D
  8. Call Of Duty: Mobile.
  9. Fortnite
  10. World Of Wonders: Soup Lyrics.
  11. STAR Parchis.
  12. Homescapes
  13. Helix Jump
  14. Subway Surfers.
  15. Asked.
  16. Trivia Crack 2.
  17. Photo Roulette
  18. Q12 Trivia.
  19. Run Space 3D.
  20. Clash Royale.

With regard to paid games, the provision is as follows:

  1. Plague Inc.
  2. Minecraft.
  3. Rebel Inc.
  4. Geometry Dash
  5. Pou.
  6. Alto’s Odyssey.
  7. Evertale.
  8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  9. Pocket Build
  10. True skate.
  11. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3.
  12. Assasin’s Creed Identity.
  13. Stardew Valley
  14. Nexomon
  15. Mini Metro
  16. The Room: Old Sins.
  17. Heads Up!
  18. Isoland
  19. Kingdom Rush Vengeance.
  20. Reigns: Game of Thrones.

And for you, what was the game that you enjoyed the most this year?