The Best Free Stock Photo Banks: Download Free Images

photo-banksThe Internet is full of resources and tools that allow us to always have what we need: for a job, for a blog, for a media outlet, to illustrate presentations … We can find millions of photographs without rights on the web that we can use for what We need, download free images of specialized banks that do not require any payment and that we can use for everything that comes to mind. Specialized banks, vector or icon banks that you can find online and download in the size you want.

In some cases, you can download free images without attribution, there are other specialized pages that will not require you any payment but that will require you to attribute the content to the author when you use it, just mentioning it. Whatever you are looking for, there are billions of images of all the themes you can think of, you can filter by categories or by colors, by sizes …

The Best Free Stock Photo Banks to Download Free Images


Pexels is one of the best options if you are looking to download images for free and without rights and if you want great quality in what you download. One of the main advantages is that you do not need registration to search for photographs or download them in any of the available sizes. As we say, one of the main features of Pexels is that it will allow you a great quality , with high resolution photographs that you can use for whatever you want. You can search for what you need or explore the different categories of the web. It also has a search engine where we can choose the tone of the image we need and it will show us everything that is available.

Without a doubt, Pexels is one of the best options to download free photos. Pexels is available in Spanish or English as you need and you will not only find free photos but also videos that you can have if you need to use them as a resource in any project that requires them.

Pexels Descargar fotos gratis


Unplash has a large number of free photos of great quality, with a simple interface where you can browse the categories (wallpapers, textures, nature, architecture, work …) or use the search engine so that the image fits exactly what you want. You want without wasting a lot of time. The main advantage of Unplash, in addition to a clean and simple interface, is that you will find photographs of great quality and that you can download free photos without registering , in many different sizes. Of course, being more popular you may see that others use the same images as you and you may put your originality at risk.

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Pixabay is another of the most used free photo banks and has more than one million images and videos to use for whatever you need. You can use it to search for photographs but you can also find vector images, thousands of illustrations or free videos. Pixabay allows you to use the search engine to find everything you want or you can go to the most frequent and popular images if they inspire you in what you need. You can filter by categories (beauty, food, sports, education, technology …) and you can download in several available resolutions although to do so in high resolution you must register on the website. Of course, registration is completely free and it will only take a few seconds to do so.

Descargar fotos gratis en Pixabay

The operation of StockSnap is very similar to any of this list: you have hundreds of images added every week and with high resolution, all of them with free license for you to use in whatever you want. You can use the search engine to find exactly what you need, go to the trends section or browse through the categories to find useful photographs to use on a daily basis. Another advantage is that you do not need registration to download anything.



Flickr is a community with millions of photographs in which you can upload your own, create a profile and meet thousands of photographers from around the world. But beyond enjoying this art, you can download free images on Flickr using the filters on the website. To do so, it will be enough for you to go to the search engine, enter the keyword you need and check the option “All Creative Commons” or any other that fits what you are looking for, such as “Modification allowed” or “Commercial use is allowed and the modifications ”, for example. Once the filter is marked, you can choose the photo you want and download it without any cost. You can also filter by colors, by orientation, mark the minimum size or choose a period on the date of capture.

Descargar fotos gratis en Flickr


The best Internet vectors and graphic resources are in Freepik. You can find free photos but also icons and all kinds of resources you need. Although you can be a premium member to download free images and high quality photographs, you can also access more than three million free photos for personal and commercial use and you will only have to attribute the author to the image you are going to use. Just go to the corresponding section on the Freepik website, explore among the available ones or use the search engine to find what you need.

Freepik is one of the essential pages that you should always have in your browser bookmarks because you will always find everything you are looking for. Among the free photos you can see all kinds of textures to use for backgrounds, photographs, frames … In addition, it allows you a lot of filters that will make you find everything quickly: you can filter by color, by publication date, by orientation, if you want people to appear or not and if you want the images shown to be premium or free. In addition, you can sort by the most popular or the most recent ones to always find the content you need and are looking for.



Pxhere is a page where you will find more than one million free photos to download and make the use you want of them. Of course, in Pxhere it is necessary that you register to be able to save the image you want. Once you have registered, you can have all kinds of resolutions and sizes available. You can use the search engine to type the word you need or you can bet on the “Random” or “Popular photos” tab that will allow you to find images that can serve you at some point. Pxhere also has color filters or labels through which you can browse or jump between themes to find what you are looking for. You can use, modify or distribute the images personally or for commercial use as long as you grant the corresponding credits.



If you are looking for different photos or with a somewhat more original style than the previous ones, Gratisography is one of the best options. You do not need registration to download free images and you have all kinds of very original and colorful content. You can use the different categories of Gratisography or use the search engine to find anything at any time. The drawback of this page is that you will have a less extensive catalog than others.



More than ten categories in total and a thousand photos available that are updated regularly. SplitShire has a very convenient interface to use and allows you to download free images or photographs by exploring the categories or using the search engine that it includes. One of the advantages is that you will not only find photographs but there are also free videos that you can use whenever you want.



You can use all Stokpic photographs without limitations except to sell them. In this case, the website offers us hundreds of free images that you can use for web pages or applications, print for marketing or use as a template but you can never sell them to earn money thanks to them.

Like the previous ones, you can search among the most popular free photos or go to the most popular options or latest uploaded images. You will also find categories of different themes such as wallpapers, animals, architecture, abstract, fashion, objects, sport, transport …



With a modern and simple to use design, LifeofPix offers us a large catalog of high quality images of all kinds. On this website you will find spectacular landscapes or free images about nature. All photographs are licensed for public use and have no restrictions so you can use them freely. In addition, it has the advantage that it is updated every week.

To search in Lifeofpix you have an advanced filter that allows you to choose category, colors or the orientation in which you need the free images that you are going to download. Just look for the keyword and find what you want. Or filter by the categories you want like seas, beaches, textures, vehicles, animals, architecture … Another very interesting option is that it has a section of “photographers” if you like the style of one of them and want to download free images made for him.

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If you are looking for icons or vectors, you will not be able to live again without Flaticon. This website has millions of possibilities and you can download free images from all areas you want. Icons and illustrations that you can use in all types of projects, assemblies, works … Whatever you are looking for, you will have some icon available that you can download in countless formats, with different sizes, and use for whatever you want. Of course, Flaticon is free but requires attribution.


Free Images

In Free Images you will find everything, it allows you to search, use tags within the photographs or even add to favorites or follow the photographers if you register. Even if you are not registered, you can download free photos or images of the theme you want. Just use the search engine, enter the keywords you want, choose a resolution and download the image in question. There is a wide catalog and it is one of the most recommended options. In addition to the search engine, you can browse the different collections in case you are not sure what you need. And although it is originally in English, you can change the language and use it in Spanish.

Free images

Free Nature Stock

If what you want are images about nature , you can use the Free Nature Stock specialized bank that allows you to download photographs or free images of landscapes, skies, roads … This is a much more limited page because you will only find images related to nature but It is very useful if you are looking for something in this area. It works with a search engine or with tags that will help you find what you need.



If you want to find maximum originality, Morguefile allows you to download free photos and images that stand out for being creative. Just use the search engine on the website to always find what you need. Once you have found the photo, you will see the number of views, likes or downloads. You can choose to distribute it from the website itself or download it to your computer or mobile phone without registration.