The Best Alternatives to YouTube: Websites and Apps to Watch Videos

YouTube is the video platform we always turn to and in which we know we will find everything, with billions of views every day, all kinds of content creators, television programs, tutorials, live broadcasts, concerts … YouTube is everything, so no wonder YouTube recording software and similar tools are always in demand. But it is not the only video platform you can use and there are many alternatives to YouTube that are a good idea if you are looking for content from a specialized topic or simply if you want to upload them.

There are thousands of videos on YouTube and you will find everything you can imagine, from the most famous and popular creators. But there is not always what you are looking for, either because of company policies or because other creators have opted for more specialized applications and services on the subject they want. Therefore, we collect some of the best alternative options you can discover.



Another alternative to YouTube is a newer platform called Utreon. It has a wide variety of content that appeals to a mainstream audience, and great tools for content creators who want to add a premium feel to their content. Utreon has good video filters that allow you to control what you see. There are many different ways to filter videos, unlike YouTube which uses algorithms to decide everything.


Creators can upload videos with up to 4K resolution and format their videos as movies or shows – including cover art, seasons, episode numbers, etc. There are currently no ads on the videos, but creators can monetize their content using paid subscriptions.

This new platform is growing in popularity with viewers and creators who are upset with YouTube’s heavy-handed censorship. They emphasize transparency, do not block videos for political reasons and do not use algorithms to give preferential treatment to favored content creators.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is not as such an alternative to YouTube since it is still the same service but it is a good option if the content you are going to play on the Google video platform is for children and you want to avoid videos for adults or not Suitable for children. Once you start it, YouTube Kids allows you to configure a parental control and create profiles for each child … So you can control if you want to manually select the videos shown or allow all the content for children. You can also block videos or channels that you don’t think are recommended.

YouTube Kids

For children, the interface is very comfortable and intuitive without any effort, with four categories: heroes, learning, music and programs. Through emojis and sounds you can browse videos without worry and without knowing how to read. In addition, parents can choose whether to block searches or use a timer for the application to turn off once.

YouTube Kids has an iOS application and an Android application and web version for computers, you can install and use it for free on mobile phones or tablets or on any other device that you need. Simply log in account for the configuration to be activated.


One of the most popular YouTube alternatives is Vimeo and it is one of the best options if you are looking for tutorials , more creative content and artists who use this platform to share everything that comes to mind. In addition, one of its main differences or advantages is that Vimeo has no ads and makes viewing very comfortable and without interruptions. Even so, the interface and operation is very similar to that of the Google platform, so it will be comfortable, with the addition that there is no advertising before or during or after the video.Alternativas a YouTube - Vimeo

Vimeo is one of your best options if you are looking for music videos, photography videos … All kinds of videos with a high artistic component and, usually, more careful in content than those we see on YouTube. In addition, with great quality and with the possibility of videos in 4K. Of course, the creators only have a weekly limit of 500 MB of upload or they can bet on the different payment plans.

You can download Vimeo application on Android or iOS, it also has an application for Windows and is compatible with all types of devices such as Chromecast or Apple TV but also with the main Smart TV systems so you will have no problem seeing all the content available.


Another of the most known and used YouTube alternatives is Daily Motion, mainly focused on entertainment or sports content but we will also find lots of news videos or even music. Dailymotion was born as a video platform in which users and professionals could share their short films and was especially focused on this more thematic and professional field. But we can find practically everything if we browse through the categories.DailyMotion - Alternativas a YouTube

Dailymotion allows us to upload videos up to 4 GB in total size and with a maximum duration of 60 minutes of recording although the resolution is limited to 1080p. In terms of interface, it is very similar to YouTube. It is also a good option because it has millions of users and visitors per month but with one drawback: we will find a lot of advertising in your videos.

You can use and download Dailymotion from your mobile phone or tablet with the Android application or the iOS application , from your own application for Windows or with applications compatible with some Smart TV models or even with some consoles such as PS4.


If you are looking for entertainment and viral content, 9Gag is one of the best alternatives to YouTube. If you are looking for funny videos of any category, you can find them here. You can explore what is most popular but you can also browse the different categories of the page such as history, food and drink, anime, cosplay, video games, football, Fortnite, K-Pop …9Gag YouTube

In 9GAG you will not only find videos but there are all kinds of formats , breaking stories, memes or images in GIF. You will not see very elaborate content, tutorials or professional youtubers but it is an interesting option if you are looking for viral or fun content to have a good time.

9GAG has a completely free iOS and Android application that you can use on your mobile or tablet or use it through its website and browse through tabs, categories and options.


DTube is free, there is no advertising and it is a website with an interface very similar to YouTube. It is a decentralized site based on Blockchain and P2P technology in which users are in charge of controlling everything: they will use evaluations and comments to decide (they will choose which videos are trending, for example) and the creator of the video will charge, in cryptocurrencies, for uploading the content in question. But also users who watch the video can earn money without uploading anything and simply evaluating what is already there to give form and hierarchy to the platform.DTube- Alternativas a YouTube

It is different in terms of system but has a design almost identical to the Google video service, with the possibility of accessing trends, new videos or there is even an option to mark videos to watch later or to loop. The interface is similar to what we are used to and you won’t know if you’re watching YouTube or DTube because it ‘s absolutely the same.


The main advantage of Veoh is that it is a platform where there is no duration limit. If you have made a movie and want to share it with other users, you can upload it to one of the best alternatives to YouTube. It is not as well known in Spain as others on this list and it is difficult for you to find content that interests you , by proximity or by language or by theme.Veoh-YouTube

In addition, Veoh works as a kind of social network in which you can create an account, follow other users of the service or send messages. The downside is that you may not find too much content in Spanish or the videos may not interest you as much as in other services.


Metacafe is one of the best alternatives to YouTube if you are looking for very short videos. There is content of all kinds but they are characterized by clips that are less than one minute long or, at most, about ninety seconds. In this case, it is especially useful if you like funny and humorous videos, the classics that you find in compilations or that are sent to you in WhatsApp groups.Metacafe - Alternativas a YouTube

We will find all kinds of categories among which we will see that there are options for tutorials, comedy, cooking, music, animals … But you can also see what is the latest, what is the most popular or what is trending in recent days. The videos have millions of views and is a good option if you want to find humorous and fun content without them being long.

Metacafé was born in 2003 and currently has millions of viewers worldwide and unique users. Of course, to use it you can only do it exclusively from its web version.


Undoubtedly, Twitch is known to any video game lover and the platform is still one of the best alternatives to YouTube if you’re interested in everything gamer. Twitch is a platform that offers live video game streaming content and in which we can discover channels and users, explore according to the video games we like and follow the games of all of them.TwitchYouTube

If you follow video game streamers or are interested in the subject, Twitch allows you to find everything you are looking for, chat with other users, discover new content creators … Twitch has the advantage of having a huge community that enriches the platform and allows you to find Any game you are looking for, from FIFA to Monopoly, or famous but also unknown streamers.

Twitch has an iOS application and an Android application , you can use it on a tablet or mobile phones but also access it from the website itself.


TikTok is becoming one of the tools most used by young people, a social network that consists of uploading short videos to maximize our creativity. A social network born in China in 2016 that has now become popular worldwide and that consists of uploading small video clips with all kinds of backgrounds, effects and filters. And, of course, music. TikTok is mainly a platform where we find music videos although anyone can upload their own clip by doing what they can think of and betting solely on music to put a song in the background.Hacer dúos en TikTok, una de las funciones más populares

You can download the application for iOS and Android and in it you can find and follow other users to watch their videos, discover popular videos or upload your own. It is not similar to YouTube since you will not find such elaborate content or professional tutorials or videos but it is a good option if you are looking for original, short, creative content.


Many Instagram users have opted for IGTV to upload their own and more sophisticated content than we found on Instagram Stories. In the case of IGTV, it is included in the Instagram application itself and is focused on a use from mobile phones with vertical videos that can be uploaded by any user of the application without complications and the theme they want. Only 60-second videos are allowed in the feed, but IGTV allows you to upload videos of up to one hour in popular channels or up to 10 minutes in any user of the social photography network.IGTV

They are vertical videos, focused on mobile phones and that begin to play automatically when we enter this section. We can discover new with “For you”, where there are personalized recommendations , or we can check which are the most popular videos or which videos have been uploaded by the people we follow in the social network. In addition, a very interesting option is that you can leave a video and you will resume it at the exact moment when you return to it.

IGTV is a good alternative to YouTube but you will not find professional videos, video clips or concerts as if on the Google platform. In this case the content is more focused on personal videos such as makeup tutorials, cooking tutorials and recipes, sports and activities …