The Best Free Android Games for Kids 2019

If you are video game lovers, you would like to share a virtual adventure session with the little ones in the house. And although in the past both PC and recreational games were looked upon suspiciously by adults, today they are considered an excellent option to let imagination and creativity fly without leaving home. But ... what are the best children's games of the moment?

In today's article we will show you what we consider the best free games to play in the company of your children. To make your life easier we have divided them into two broad categories. The first are games for Android phones and tablets. And we know perfectly well that these pocket devices have become a favorite of the kids.

The best free children's games for Android

Today it is increasingly common for children to prefer to play video games from a tablet or mobile phone than from a desktop computer. This is basically because they are more comfortable, portable and of course, because they have a catalog of games with endless possibilities.

Kids Playing Games
Kids Playing Games

Almost all the games that you will find in this list are suitable, according to the Google Play Store , for children from 3 years . In this way, regardless of the age of your offspring, you will have the security that you are playing a safe game or that it will not give you nightmares.

Before you start downloading games: Disable purchases within the app

Although the free games that we are going to show you below can be used without spending a cent, many of them contain in-app purchases. And it is that most of these applications are supported through these types of transactions or thanks to the integrated ads.

Before downloading any game to your smartphone or tablet we recommend that you take a look at the configuration of the integrated purchases of your device and make sure that any acquisition is made with a password. He thinks that there have been cases in which a child without any malice has ended up dragging the father into the most absolute misery after buying hundreds of applications or virtual money for a game.

We also recommend that after downloading these free games for your child, check them out beforehand to see what kind of ads they show. And although we are facing children's games, sometimes the ads that are loaded can become quite bad taste.

Sago Mini Friends

Sago Mini Friends is an application created especially for the little ones in the house. This takes you to a charming and colorful world inhabited by animals where many adventures and fun await you. The app is completely free and has no integrated purchases, so you can download it without fear.

Sago Mini Friends offers a large number of mini - games for your children to have fun both alone and in the company of a friend or an adult. You will find games that stimulate your creativity, others that require you to solve puzzles and all of them are tremendously fun.

One of the strengths of this application are undoubtedly its characters. All of them are adorable and also with a very strong personality. So, get ready to surprise with the adventures of these funny animals in their more than 10 activities. Oh, and best of all: you won't need these connected to the Internet to use the app! It is definitely one of the most recommended educational games for Android.


If you want to stimulate the creativity of your children, nothing better than a session with LEGO blocks. LEGO DUPLO Town is a completely free application that will allow your little one to create a virtual town and enjoy the day-to-day life of its inhabitants. The application is really safe and also has no ads or purchases integrated within the app.

LEGO DUPLO Town is an excellent way to introduce your child to the LEGO universe. Walking through its streets the little one can create buildings at will, break them and thus begin to understand the concepts of design, cause and effect. In addition to all this, the application allows you to explore your own city, discover its secrets and interact with all the inhabitants and their pets.

LEGO DUPLO Town is a fun, beautiful and also extremely safe game for children of all ages. We assure you that you will have a great time visiting the virtual city of your little one.

Toca Kitchen 2

From the world of construction, we jump to the kitchen. With Toca Kitchen 2, children can become authentic chefs without leaving the home kitchen made a real mess. In addition to being very fun, the application is completely free and has no integrated purchases or annoying ads.

Toca Kitchen 2 will turn both your child's tablet and smartphone into a very complete kitchen. This allows you to prepare all the recipes that come to mind and then offer them to your guests. Believe me if I tell you that your reactions are sometimes so funny that you won't be able to stop laughing.

One of the strengths of Toca Kitchen 2 is precisely that the game is completely free. Unlike other similar franchises like Cooking Mama, here you won't need to follow recipes to the letter. While you can follow the steps of dishes such as hamburgers, salads or pizzas, you can also create anything that comes to mind. Ideal for gourmet children without your kitchen suffering the consequences.

Disney Crossy Road

Do you remember the classic video game Frogger? Disney Crossy Road is a very similar game where we will have to help an adorable Disney character to cross the street without being run over. At first it may seem simple but we assure you that your child will need steel reflections for it. The app is completely free although it has integrated ads and purchases to acquire new characters.

Disney Crossy Road moves the little one to an adorable 8-bit world where much of the Disney characters live. You will find several worlds based on movies like Toy StoryKing LeonZootropolis ... and of course, each with the best-known songs of the film.

Disney Crossy Road is a perfect game to teach your child the importance of correctly crossing a street as well as keeping the senses alert. And in addition to crossing, we will have the possibility to search and collect more than 100 figurines of Disney characters.

Fruit ninja

No matter how many years go by, Fruit Ninja is still a fun title that will keep the little ones in the house alert at all times. In it we will take the role of a ninja whose objective will be to cut any fruit that appears on the screen in two ... But watch out for the bombs!

The gameplay of Fruit Ninja is really simple and very basic. Just stay alert and make movements with your finger to split all the fruit that appears on the screen. If you break an explosive, it's game over!

One of the strengths of Fruit Ninja is that it allows you to play locally against another person. In this way your little one will be able to challenge you in the fruit marinade or if you have more than one child, they can be entertained together. As the only negative point we find that the game has publicity that in the long run can be heavy.

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds is a saga of games that today needs no introduction. In it we will take the role of some funny (and also furious) birds that will not hesitate to catapult themselves in order to rescue their children from the evil pigs. The game is completely free although it has purchases and ads integrated within the app.

Angry Birds 2 is a good game for your child not only to have fun for hours and hours, but also to discover the magic of physics games. And is that Angry Birds is an ideal game to understand trajectories in order to solve the puzzles of each level.

We especially recommend this free game if you are looking for a title to play with your child. And is that Angry Birds is excellent to play with someone, comment on trajectories and possible solutions to the levels.

Frisbee (R) Forever

If throwing birds is not your thing ... what do you think of a crazy game of frisbee? With Frisbee (R) Forever you can enjoy this fun sport without worrying about breaking a glass.

The operation of Frisbee (R) Forever is really simple. Simply throw on disk in one of its more than 100 fun levels and slide it across the screen making sure you pass it through all the hoops. At first it may seem like a simple task ... but we assure you that it is not so much!

Frisbee (R) Forever is a fastfun game with lots of color. In addition to entertaining your little one will help you have some steel reflections. We warn you why the game has both purchases and ads within the app.

PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes

PJ Masks allows the little ones in the house to get into the pajamas of these popular cartoon superheroes. In this adventure we will have to jump, fly and avoid all kinds of obstacles while collecting orbs and amulets to save the night from evil.

One of the strengths of PJ Masks: Moonlight Herores is obviously the popularity of this series. And the children will enjoy hours and hours accompanying Gatuno, Gecko and Buhita in their nocturnal adventures.

In addition to being a really entertaining game, PJ Masks: Moonlight Hearoes offers the peace of mind that the app will never show inappropriate content. This has no ads of any kind and also incorporates a security option so that children cannot make purchases through the application.

Animal sounds

Within the applications for the smallest of the house, you cannot miss Animal Sounds. This fun game will keep your offspring hours and hours entertaining discovering the noise made by their more than 80 animals. In addition to all this, the application includes mini-games to stimulate the memory, vocabulary and listening ability of your children.

Although it is certainly a really simple game, Animal Sounds is highly recommended as it helps children learn different languages. And the app is in more than 15 languages, so your child will easily learn the name of the different animals in English or French.

Animal Sounds is updated very frequently, so new games are often added with which to entertain your child. Highly recommended!

Color and Learn

Color and learn is a good children's game for your children to spend hours painting and coloring pictures. This has more than 250 pages with drawings to paint as you wish but this is not all ... it also allows free drawing!

Color and learn is a very good option to promote your children's imagination and spend long hours painting and drawing with them. In addition to all this, the application allows you to share all the drawings you want with your family and friends ... so everyone will see their talent!

Finally, we want to add that Color and learn also offers mini-games to learn colors, blow up balloons or play musical instruments.

Peppa Pig Paintbox

Peppa Pig Paintbox is another excellent option for all those little artists we have at home. This time we are facing an application that allows completely free drawing although yes, always under the watchful eye of Peppa and George Pig.

The operation of Peppa Pig Paintbox is very simple. Simply open the app, choose a background or a blank canvas and start drawing on it. While you give free rein to your art, both George and Peppa will appear to encourage your son and tell him how well he draws. Once the canvas is finished ... you can exhibit it at Peppa's school!

Peppa Pig Paintbox is a free application and highly recommended for all fans of the popular pink piglet.

We hope you liked this list of free games for children. What is the favorite title of the smallest of your home? Share them with us in the comments section!