The Best Keyboard Shortcuts to Handle Microsoft Paint Fluently

When it comes to using an application that helps us to retouch our photographs and images, there are many alternatives that we can use. However, one of the favorites for many for years, is Paint , the proposal that integrates with Windows .

This is a tool that has been used by millions of users for years, since it is the photo editor that Windows carries with it, by default. You cannot say that it is a software comparable, much less, to more advanced as Photoshop from Adobe, for example. However, it does meet the expectations of most users for their domestic projects.

Microsoft Paint
Microsoft Paint

In addition, when integrated into Windows itself, its access is free and very simple, which many appreciate most of the time. Despite past rumors about his possible disappearance, Paint is still there in the latest versions of Windows 10. Moreover, it even has an “older sister”, Paint 3D , but it is more focused on working with three-dimensional objects, so they complement each other. That is why, due to its widespread use, that in these lines we will talk about some of its most common keyboard shortcuts. In this way, once we get used to its use, we can use Paint in a much more fluid and efficient way.

These are quite common elements in most applications, so one as popular as this is not going to be less, more if we talk about a tool built into Windows for so long.

Keyboard shortcuts to use in the Microsoft Paint application

Thus, these are some of the shortcuts that refer to the most common functions of the aforementioned photo editing program.

  • CTRL + A: Open a new blank document.
  • CTRL + G: save the current image.
  • CTRL + P: print the image.
  • F12: save as.
  • CTRL + Shift + E: access the properties of the image in which we work.
  • CTRL + V: paste items from the clipboard.
  • CTRL + E: select the entire image.
  • CTRL + W: change the size of the loaded photo or active selection.
  • CTRL + Shift + X: crop the image to contain only the current selection.
  • CTRL + RePag: zoom the loaded photo.
  • CTRL + AvPag: zoom out the loaded image.
  • F11: work in full screen mode.
  • CTRL + R: activates or deactivates the display of the rules for the most accurate edition of the photographs.
  • CTRL + D: activates or deactivates the grid that is placed on the loaded image.

Therefore, thanks to the shortcuts we have just mentioned, we will have the possibility to use Paint in a faster and more efficient way. It is possible that with some of them, if we did not know them before, it costs us a bit to get used to their use. But with everything and with it, if you are one of those who use Microsoft Paint regularly to work with photographs, these will be very helpful over time.