Best Free Adobe Programs for Windows

Within software companies, Adobe ranks highly among the most popular. And it is that their programs have served us for years to help us perform all kinds of tasks. It is used for both home users, students or workers. However, in general, an Adobe program is always associated with a large financial outlay so they are not usually available to all users. But, Adobe also has a series of programs and web applications that we can access legally and for free.

And, although Adobe mainly develops commercial programs for which you have to pay for their license, the truth is that it also has other programs that it allows to use for free. Today we tell you which are those that you should program for free that you should know.

Best Free Adobe Programs for Windows

What kind of products does Adobe offer us?

Adobe Systems Incorporated is a popular American software company. It stands out for its wide collection of web page, video and digital image editing programs, which are integrated into the well-known suite, Adobe Creative Cloud .

And is that the list of Adobe software is quite long. It has the Creative Cloud suite, which covers practically any of our creative needs. In this suite of products we find all kinds of software suitable for graphic designers, web designers, photographers, illustrators, marketing professionals. In it we find all kinds of tools that are considered a standard within the industry.

Unfortunately, having access to most of the software developed by Adobe requires a subscription, being possible to register in a single application, the photography plan or in the entire Creative Cloud suite. But, in addition, Adobe also has some free applications developed so that they can be used by all types of users without having to pay a dollar.

Adobe programs you can use for free

If we want to enjoy programs that Adobe offers to its users for which we will not have to pay a euro to use them, in this list you will be able to find them and enjoy them on your Windows computer.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, the most popular PDF reader

Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular PDF document viewers. It stands out for being complete and accurate when it comes to opening and reading this type of increasingly used files. This program has an intuitive user interface and is capable of being integrated into our web browser, so that we can open any document directly from it without having to download it.

Acrobat Reader DC menú principal

Its features include the ability to read any PDF document regardless of the program with which it was created, as well as make annotations on the text itself. It also allows us to fill out forms and has signature validation. In addition, it has useful tools such as the magnifying glass to enlarge text, copy highlighting text and images from the text and a function to read the text of the PDF out loud. On the contrary, saying that it is a slow program compared to other competing applications and it installs unwanted add-ons alongside the program itself.

We can download Adobe Acrobat DC for free from this link.

Adobe Color, configure any type of color

This Adobe proposal is aimed at users who constantly work with color. Not surprisingly, finding the perfect color can be an overwhelming task, as it will be necessary to understand and differentiate between colors, shades and triads . The application is easy to master and incorporates a good number of additional tools. Since color schemes are so diverse, this web app is ideal for designers.

Adobe Color

When using it, we can manually drag the color wheel to create new colors , see other people’s color schemes, and create color combinations from a downloaded image. We will find a wide variety of schemes that will surely be to our liking. We can also place the cursor over it and select the information, being able to see its broader version and obtain additional data.

We can access Adobe Color for free by clicking here.

Adobe Spark, for creating professional graphics and animations

This web application will allow us to create professional graphics, collages, brochures, videos and animations with just a few clicks. With this tool we can create interactive pages, publications and individual videos or combine different formats.

Adobe Spark

In this way we can create a page that contains texts, images and videos . We can also create custom images to use on social media. In addition, it will be possible to create personalized videos to which we can add our own voice and music with which to turn our story into a beautiful video.

We can access Adobe Spark for free by clicking on this link . Additionally, we can enjoy a 30-day trial period for its Premium version.

Adobe Premiere Rush, focused on content creators

This application developed by Adobe is focused for content creators. This software can help us share videos on different online platforms . With this tool we will be able to carry out capturing, editing, color, audio and animated graphics tasks. It has support and integration for platforms as demanded as Instagram and YouTube. In addition, it has support for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, among others.

Adobe Premiere Rush

This powerful video editor will allow us to carry out editing tasks from our PC. It is cross-platform, so we can use it on Windows and Linux computers, as well as on mobile devices with Android and iOS. We can make use of the resources available in Adobe Stock and make simple animations . This editor has a free version that will allow us to make three exports, access all its functions and content, as well as 2 GB of cloud storage.

We can use Adobe Premiere Rush from here.

Adobe Design to Print, focused on selling products online

This is an application developed for designers using Photoshop who want to create and edit their designs for sale and production online, as well as publish the designs on Zazzle. It has an intuitive interface from where we can choose from a wide variety of products included in the category of “blank canvas” such as a mug, a handbag or a t-shirt that are included in the Adobe and Zazzle catalog.

Adobe Design to Print

We will have at our disposal a catalog of more than 250 product templates with which to make our creations. We just have to choose a product from the catalog and a template will appear to complete the correct size and configuration of the document. We can preview a real-time representation of the product that incorporates our creation, updating as we make changes.

We can download Adobe Design to Print for free from this link .