Best Fitness Accounts on Instagram to Get in Shape

Best Fitness Accounts on Instagram to Get in Shape

Today we are many who want to change their physical state either for aesthetics or, what seems to us the best reason, for health. But of course, if you have never cared too much about sports, physical activity, nutrition and that kind of thing, it is more than likely that you have no idea where to start. Luckily, social media does have some good aspects. Today we want to show you some of the best accounts dedicated to fitness that you can find on Instagram . So there will be no excuse to get in shape and take care of your health.

Social networks: professionals or vendehúmos

It is more than plausible that this issue is going through your head at this moment, and calm down because it is the most correct thing to do. At a time when everyone is trying to sell themselves by promising steps or tricks to follow that seem to be “miraculous”, it is completely natural that you have some doubts as to whether what they are offering is the best option.

Of course, today we cannot put our hand in the fire for anyone as much in these issues of physical exercise or nutrition as in many others. But, yes, we want to give you the guidelines that you should review or check to know the veracity of the journey of those fitness accounts that show their knowledge on social networks:

  • Try to find out if that user or group has any training or is based on scientific studies to support what they are recommending. Some or other is dedicated to repeating what they have been hearing from other users and, so on, as if it were the game of the telephone, which leads to mistakes or failures in key concepts for health.
  • See if there are people who have already tried their routines or recommendations on eating and have obtained good results. You can check this through the comments of their publications.
  • Although the physical condition of the coach should not be something important (more than anything because what is truly valuable are their knowledge and experience), it is true that the feeling that he preaches with the example he tries to convey may give us greater assurance that your work works.

Best fitness accounts on Instagram

Now, it is time to go on to show you some of the accounts that offer the best results to get in shape and take care of your diet through this social network.

Realfooding ( @realfooding )

Although sport is vitally important when it comes to maintaining a healthy visa, food also plays an essential role. For this reason, we want to start this gutter recommendation with the Realfooding profile. This is the company that Carlos Ríos , the forerunner of the Real fooding movement, formed together with his team. Among all his publications we will find healthy recipes of all kinds for breakfasts, lunches, desserts, appetizers, etc.

Lara Ibarra ( @laraibarra_ )

Following a little more with the topic of nutrition, although with this profile we will also know many interesting sports routines, you should follow Lara Ibarra . She is a nutritionist by profession who, through her publications on this social network, shares many tips about the food we should eat and how we should avoid in our day to day life. In addition, as we mentioned, it also has a lot of routines to do exercises and, as if that were not enough, we could hire its services as a nutritionist.

Gym Virtual ( @gymvirtual_com )

On the internet, one of the most popular and followed fitness accounts is the Virtual Gym . Its creator is Patry Jordán , in charge of showing us an endless number of interesting routines to strengthen each muscle in our body and improve our physical form. She promotes a lot that of doing sports at home, without the need for extra equipment (except perhaps a mat) or anything like that. Among his publications we will also find some recommendation on healthy life, diet and many more interesting things.

Kayla Itsines ( @kayla_itsines )

Another of the best known accounts through instagram of this fitness world is that of Kayla Itsines . She is a personal trainer who has developed a very complete method of sport, healthy and balanced food. A method followed by many users who have had positive results. Of course, keep in mind that the mother tongue of this sports lover is English.

Sergio Peinado ( @sergiopeinadotrainer )

We continue with another super interesting profile, that of the self-described “El Fuertaco mayor”. This is Sergio Peinado , a personal trainer with a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences who shares an infinity of routines and advice through his social networks. He is also the creator of the FuertaFit method and the FiertaFit + online gym.

Fall in love with Yoga ( @elenamalova_com )

If you are looking for something more relaxed, you should follow the quintessential account for Yoga lovers. This is the profile of Elena Malova who, through her profile, shows an endless number of postures, routines and Yoga sessions that we can follow from our own home. In addition, she also has different tips and contributions from her that can help us in self-motivation and personal growth.

David Marchante ( @powerexplosive )

And if we talk about well-known profiles, David Marchante’s may have to sound familiar to you, although it is more likely that you know him as Power Explosive . A personal trainer who has built a whole business around his image dedicated to fitness. Through his account he tries to motivate, help, solve doubts and much more to all the users who follow him and want to achieve a change in their lives to be healthier.

Jose Exposito ( @ expositoxt29 )

This is the account of Jose Expósito , a personal trainer with an incredible career and who has already managed to change the physical form of many users. Through his Instagram, he shows many of the exercises that he uses in his training sessions for clients that, as you may already realize, some of them are many famous influencers of the moment. In addition, to confirm the success of his training method, he is the winner of the INTERGYMS GOLD award for Sports Merit as a revelation discipline.

Aitor Ojeda ( @thehealthdealer )

If you need something more general than just sports, the profile of Aitor Ojeda is a perfect mix between physical activity and healthy recipes to lick your fingers. Some of their routines can be done from home but, yes, others will need to go to the gym to perform them. Also, in their featured stories you can check some testimonials from their students.

Kaisa Keranen ( @kaisafit )

Finally, and to put the icing on the cake, we have the account of Kaisa Keranen , a true machine of high intensity sports. Their routines may not be for everyone, but surely you can make changes with them. On his instagram you will also find different tips, healthy recipes and much more information about the fitness world, but yes, everything is in English.