The Best Covers to Protect the Nintendo Switch Lite Console

One of the game consoles that best adapt to the summer is Nintendo Switch Lite since, among other things, it can be carried from one place to another quite comfortably. This generally puts the integrity of the device at risk, so it is not a bad idea to get hold of some of the accessories that allow you to protect it from any inconvenience, such as covers. We show what must be taken into account to choose a suitable one for your console.

The truth is that thanks to the time that the Japanese company’s console has on the market, a good number of options have been launched to protect it, and also with a price that is most affordable . In this way, it is avoided that from the screens to the case itself suffers any damage when it is taken in the afternoon on the way to see friends or when traveling to a destination that is far away.

Best Covers to Protect the Nintendo Switch Lite Console

What to check before buying the cases for the Nintendo Switch Lite

The first thing is to check that the inside of the accessory includes a finish with a material that is soft to, in this way, be sure that neither the case nor the screen suffers due to use. This is important since even when carrying the console with the case in question in the backpack, it tends to be tightened more than it should at times and, this is where what is indicated plays a fundamental role. In what has to do with what is used outside, this already depends on the tastes of each user since it is possible to find leather to silicone … to taste the colors.

Next, it is important to check the tie down system that is included. There are many possible solutions that are offered, but one of the most recommended are plastic elements that are placed in the corners of the devices so that the covers of the tablets offer excellent stability when avoiding unwanted movement of the equipment . Other possibilities that are suitable are the use of rubber bands or the use of small retractable covers. The point is that what is included has to be of this type, since otherwise universal compatibility does not exist.

It is also interesting to check that the weight of the universal covers that are taken into consideration is as low as possible. It must be borne in mind that this is added to the console itself, which means that if a model is chosen that has an excessive one, this adds up and therefore if it is above 500 grams it can have a quite negative impact on what has to do with portability. And this is not good at all.

Other options that are important to review

The first is that it must be verified that there was access to the buttons and the connection ports are free so that all of them can be easily manipulated when controlling the volume or charging the battery, for example. Besides, if small details are included, such as having pockets or allowing the device to be placed in music stand mode.

Regarding the design, there is not much to comment on since the finishes and possible drawings depend on each user, but there is something that can be useful for many: that a closure is included with which to be sure that the cover does not open. This can be magnetic or simply manual, but it is not at all a bad idea to have this option.

Best Recommended Options

We now leave a list of possibilities that are adequate since they comply with everything that we have indicated before and, therefore, quality is assured. All models can be bought on Amazon and PcComponentes.

SmartPoorer Case

This option, which even offers resistance to water, is a transport case that allows you to carry the console from one side to the other with high protection. With an attractive design as it is inspired by the game Zelda Breath Of The Wild, the model we are talking about is rigid and therefore withstands impacts very well.

Funda SmartPoorer Funda para Nintendo Switch

iVoler Case

One of the best transport cases for Nintendo Switch since it offers a space to carry even the charging base … which is always positive and, therefore, it is an ideal model for long trips to carry from the connection cables to the games you have. An essential.

Funda iVoler Funda para Nint6endo Switch

iAmer Case

Another good possibility to carry the Nintendo device from one place to another without much trouble without especially increasing its dimensions. It includes a space to carry cables and games (for which it includes a specific tray in which there are several holes). Its color is black and it withstands falls well.

Funda iAmer Funda para Nintendo Switch

Mumba Cover

This is a casing that is placed on the console itself and that, being made of TUP plastic; it is perfectly to the device. Allows you to protect practically the entire casing without compromising comfort of use. Available in multiple colors, it even fits with Joy-con controllers.

Funda Mumba Funda para Nintendo Switch

Ardistel Zelda Case

Zelda Carrying Case for Console and Cartridge Cases: Stows and protects the Nintendo Switch system, padded divider to protect the screen, mesh and zip pocket for Joy-Con, straps and additional games.

Funda Ardistel versión Zelda

Hori Aluminum Case

Official Nintendo License. Made of aluminum. Combination of design and optimal protection. Decorated inner lining. Padded internal divider to protect the screen and store accessories. Space for 1 Switch console and 5 game cartridges.

Funda Hori de Aluminio


Protective cover with EVA material for the Nintendo Switch console. Includes 10 slots for storing games. Mesh pockets to securely hold cables and accessories. Elastic straps and round zipper to ensure your console is secure. High quality with durable materials. Soft interior that protects your console from scratches.

Funda Rainbow

PowerA Mario Edition

Elegant and compact case for the protection of the console. The internal flap accommodates 5 games and folds down to become a console stand for tabletop gaming anywhere. Includes mesh pocket for additional games or small accessories.

Funda PowerA Mario Edition

Rainbow Full Body Skin

Non-slip cover that provides additional grip. Ensures maximum comfort in long gaming sessions. Perfectly fits for Nintendo Switch Lite console. Maintains access to all buttons.

Funda Rainbow Full Body Skin