The Best Controls to Squeeze Your PS5 Console

After an eternal wait, the next generation consoles are finally a reality. Both Sony and Microsoft have put all the meat on the grill so that the PS5 and Xbox Series X / Series S offer a quality leap over their predecessors.

The result? Both consoles offer graphic power beyond any doubt. It is true that it will be a couple of years before we can see how far the potential of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / Series S reaches, but it is clear that both the Japanese manufacturer and the firm based in M0untain View have simply done a job. impeccable.

Best Controls to Squeeze Your PS5 Console

Have you bought a PS5 and are you looking for a replacement controller? Well, you are in the right place, since we are going to show you ten high quality models that will more than meet your expectations.

Why buy controllers for PS5 if one already comes with the console

The truth is, there can be many reasons why you should buy a PS5 controller. For starters, it can always be a good idea to have a spare joystick for when visitors come. A very typical situation is that moment when your nephews or cousins come to your house to rock your brand new console.

And of course, after a few hours of alternating French fries, all kinds of sweets and playing the best PlayStation 5 games, your DualSense controller will most likely end up sticky. And this once punctual nothing happens, but if it becomes a regular, the wear will be more noticeable. Not to mention those small falls that usually happen at some point or another. It is not the same that you drop the controller, that you drop another, right? Well avoid that unnecessary scare by betting on a replacement model.

In addition, in this selection we have chosen high-end models so that you can enjoy the best user experience. The following controls for PS5 that you will find are common in e-Sport tournaments, which makes it clear that their quality is beyond doubt.

Are all controllers compatible with PlayStation 5?

Accesorios de PlayStation 5

The truth is that the work done by Sony with the DualSense has not been good, it has been impeccable. To the point that, although it is a fact that the PlayStation 5 is less powerful than the Xbox Series X, the control of the Japanese console marks, and much, the difference.

We are talking about a joystick that stands out for a series of surprising elements. To begin with, they have changed the vibration system , which no longer uses an internal motor, betting on a haptic feedback technology that achieves a surprising immersion sensation.

Not to mention adaptive triggers. This element will make us feel how the bow is tightened as we prepare to attack our enemies, the moment when we get out of the mud in a driving game, the hardness of the snow on our feet … Come on, the feeling is simply Awesome.

The problem is that today, the only PS5-compatible controller that has all these features is the original DualSense. Considering that it even detects if you blow on it, not to mention other details such as the headphone jack port, it is clear that it is a very well built command.

So, although the controls that you will see later are really powerful models, it must be taken into account that you will not be able to enjoy some details that the original model offers. Of course, we are talking about PS5 games, which at the moment are very limited. For PS4 games, the experience will be the same, and considering that you probably want this remote for when you have visitors, you can always play with the original and your friends or family with any of the following models.

DualSense remote

Mando de Ps5 Sony DualSense

In any case, we cannot stop recommending the original remote control, as it offers a quality beyond any doubt. A model that will allow you to squeeze the full potential of your console. Do not hesitate!

Razer Raiju Ultimate

Razer Raiju Ultimate

Second, we have the jewel in the crown of the manufacturer of gaming products. The Razer Raiju Ultimate is a perfect controller for your PS5 console, with a great quality of finishes and details that make the difference.

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller

Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller

Another renowned firm that cannot be missed is Thrustmaster and its impressive eSwap Pro Controller. We are talking about a modular remote control that you can configure according to your needs.

Nacon Controller Revolution V2

Controller Revolution V2

We already anticipate that Nacon is one of the heavyweights in the sector, so you will see several models of the firm. In this case, we want to recommend its jewel in the crown, a perfect controller to squeeze your PlayStation 5.

Mayflash Arcade Joystick Fightstick by F300

Mayflash Arcade Joystick Fightstick de F300

You are still a lover of retro games. In this case, the F300 Mayflash Arcade Joystick Fightstick controller will allow you to enjoy those games with your friends in the arcades. Perfect for fighting games!

Nacon command

Mando Nacon

And what about this other Nacon model that, as you can see in the image that heads these lines, is a certified model to make the most of the possibilities offered by the PlayStation.

Razer Raiju Tournament

Razer Raiju Tournament

Continuing with this compilation of the best controllers for PlayStation 5 that you can buy, we did not want to miss the opportunity to recommend this other Raiju model. Its main weapons? Its RazerTM mechanized tactile action buttons for an amazing experience.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

The latest Nacon model that we want to recommend you is its impressive Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 . A model that, as you can see, exudes quality from each of its pores, in addition to having an LED halo that you can customize to be the envy of your friends.

Sony Dualshock 4 V2

Dualshock 4 V2

The controller of the PS4 is fully in this top. It is true that it is less powerful than the new model that the PS5 carries, but its quality remains beyond all doubt, being an ideal companion for your gaming nights in company.

PlayStation 5 Wireless Controller

Mando PS4 Inalámbrico

We close this compilation with a model that boasts a value for money that is very difficult to beat. In addition, it is compatible with the main operating systems, so you can squeeze it on your PC, laptop, PlayStation 5 console …