Best Chrome Extensions to Improve the Security of Your PC

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers around the world thanks to its speed, reliability and good results. And there are still many alternatives on the market ( Firefox , Edge , Brave , etc.), few offer the convenience of having our Google account synchronized, easily use tools such as Gmail or access all its resources through a mobile with Android.

Although the popularity of the Google browser is booming, unfortunately it has also attracted the attention of the vast majority of cybercriminals and hackers. They have seen in Chrome the possibility of accessing third-party PCs through malware and thus steal all kinds of data and credentials. That is why it is always essential to have a good antivirus installed.


Google Chrome is aware of this problem and to prevent any type of malicious attack is updated very often. In addition, the browser offers a wide range of extensions with which to add an extra layer of security to your browser through the Chrome Web Store.

In today's article we will show you the best extensions for Google Chrome with which you can improve the security of your browser. We hope they help you.

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is an eminence in terms of applications that protect our browser from invasive advertising. This is able to block both ads and trackers and of course, any malware that tries to access our computer.

In addition to being very easy to use and configure, AdBlock Plus offers many customization options. In this way we can filter by hand all the websites we want and block only those that interest us. For many Chrome users, it is an essential app. You can install it in your browser from this link .

Avast Online Security

Avast Online Security is the official extension created by the acclaimed Avast antivirus that will protect your browser from any possible attack over the Internet. This is very convenient to use and will notify you when any website you want to access is not secure.

Avast Online Security is a very intuitive extension that integrates perfectly with Chrome. Every time you perform a search in the browser, an icon will appear next to each result showing you whether it is a dangerous website or not. In addition to all this, it allows you to block ad trackers and trackers so that nobody can spy on you online.

You can download this extension directly from the Chrome Web Store although we recommend that if you do not already have it installed, choose to download the version of Avast Free Antivirus . It installs Avast Online Security by default and also ensures that your computer will always be protected from any malicious activity.


Blur is much more than a password manager for your browser, it is an infallible method to keep your personal data always safe. This extension is able to create encrypted passwords in just one click, save them and then you can use them on any web page. This is really useful today, as it is necessary to have hundreds of different passwords to safely use any Internet service.

Blur is considered the best extension of the Chrome Web Store to protect your accounts and also keep all your bank data safe. In addition, it prevents social networks such as Facebook from spying on and compiling data about your daily activity. To download the extension, visit its official website by clicking on this link .


Disconnect is one of the best extensions for Chrome to get rid of heavy cookies and Internet crawlers. It blocks all kinds of suspicious activity in your browser and is even able to block invisible pages and trackers that collect your data, ensuring your privacy at all times.

Disconnect is a really useful extension to get rid of malware and possible identity theft. In addition to this, the extension deactivates any type of JavaScript considered suspicious in order to increase your protection. Essential if you want to know at all times who is following how much to do online. You can download the extension by clicking here .

Fair Adblocker

Fair Adblocker is a good extension to protect your browser from both malware and the always heavy ads and pop-ups that abound on the Internet. This blocks unsafe pop-ups as well as any web content that may be considered dangerous for your computer.

Fair Adblocker is therefore a convenient and also useful option to make your Internet sessions much quieter and without any interruption due to adwares. You can download the extension at no cost by clicking here .


Ghostery is an extension for Chrome that will show at all times who is tracking your Internet browsing. This is especially important today since many web pages follow your web browsing without your consent to collect your data.

Ghostery is able to detect cookies as well as speed up the loading times of the websites you visit. In addition to all this, the extension blocks the annoying ads and pop ups that appear on the screen. If you are interested in knowing at all times who is tracking your data, you can add this extension to Chrome by clicking here .

HTTPS Everywhere

For many, HTTPS Everywhere is one of the best security extensions in the Chrome Web Store. This ensures that any connection we make with a website is made through a secure HTTPS protocol. And although it surprises you, there are still many web pages that have not made the change from HTTP to HTTPS, jeopardizing any of the data we share with the web.

HTTPS Everywhere is therefore an excellent option so that both our private data, especially our credit cards or the passwords we enter daily to access websites, never fall into the hands of others. The extension will always encrypt our data keeping us safe. You can download it by clicking here .


The service or page that does not require you to open an account with a username or password is rare today. As is well known, it is recommended that for your security you always use a different password for each of your accounts but in the long run this may be completely unfeasible.

LastPass is an extension for Chrome that allows you to remember and encrypt all the passwords and passwords that you enter online every day. Its operation is as simple as creating a master password for LastPass and letting the extension take care of remembering the rest of passwords for you. You can download LastPass from its official website in the Chrome Web Store by clicking here .

Perspective Guard

When we talk about Internet security, we not only refer to malware or spyware, but also to frauds and of course the so-called “fake news”Perspective Guard is in this sense an innovative extension because it is able to protect you from any false or malicious news that has been shared through social networks.

The operation of Perspective Guard is very simple. Simply install the extension and it will analyze all the posts or tweets that appear on your screen. If any of them is false or shows fraudulent information, you will be informed instantly. You can install the extension from its official page in the Chrome Web Store by clicking here .

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is an extension capable of blocking any Internet tracker considered invisible and difficult to detect by any other means. This works by checking your Internet history and collating the results and trackers that have arisen during your searches.

Privacy Badger works automatically, so you will not need to take any steps to start protecting your browser. You will simply need to install the extension (click here for it) and enjoy the Internet without fear that someone is saving and collating all your searches.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is one of the most popular ad blockers and malware in the Chrome Web Store. This offers protection to your browser but without that decreasing the performance of your computer. And it is that according to which extensions, although useful, consume much of the memory of the CPU of your computer.

Like any good extension of this type, uBlock Origin not only has a list of filters created by default, but it is also capable of blocking any page you deem convenient. Highly recommended if you have a PC with few resources and need to have fast Internet access. You can install the extension by clicking on the following link .


Many commercial websites may seem safe at first thanks to a beautiful design, the fact that the HTTPS protocol is activated or simply when displaying user opinions. However, many fraudulent websites and scammers use colorful and seemingly secure websites to get your money without offering you the product you bought.

WoT is the extension of the Web of Trust, a web page dedicated to analyzing and informing buyers of the security of businesses and websites. With this extension installed you will be able to access a web page and instantly receive a color code informing you if it is a really safe web or, on the contrary, of an Internet fraud. To add it to your browser, click here .

Zenmate VPN

Zenmate VPN is an excellent extension both for browsing incognito and for protecting all the data you share on the Internet. This allows you to hide your IP, change your geographic locator as well as monitor all traffic between your device and external sources.

In addition to being a good option to protect both your device and the data you share, Zenmate VPN allows you to access web pages that have normally been blocked depending on the geographic location you are in. You can take a look at this extension from its official website by clicking on this link .

We hope that this list is helpful when it comes to keeping your data always safe thanks to Google Chrome. If you know any extension that you think should be on this list, please share it in the comments section to add it to the article.