The Best Chess Games, Offline and Online, for Windows 10

Today, most of the people are interested in triple A games, or competitive online games. At the end of the day, it is the “new” and, moreover, what moves the most money and, therefore, what is given the most publicity. However, there are users who are always looking for something simpler and more basic, the usual classic board games, which they can play alone (through an AI) or with other people over the Internet. And one of the most popular at this point is chess.

Chess is one of the oldest board games that we can find. Today, this is even considered an intelligence sport, with professional tournaments in which a game can last up to 7 hours. There are many ways to play the board game , although most of them require having a second person, at our level, in addition to a board with their chips. Therefore, if we want to go easy, and also challenge ourselves, we can install a chess game on the computer so that we can play ourselves against an advanced Artificial Intelligence, or with other people online.

Best Chess Games, Offline and Online

Chess games for PC

Chess Ultra

Chess Ultra

Who said chess couldn’t have great graphics? This game shows that this is not the case. We are facing a game of professional squad with surprising graphics in 4K. We will be able to play over the Internet without interruptions thanks to its advanced and predictive multiplayer mode, in addition to having one of the most advanced AI in this type of game, approved even by the great masters of this game.

Developer: Ripstone

3D Chess for Windows

3D Chess for Windows

This game is no longer as professional as the previous one, but it is designed, above all, to learn and refine our skills. This game allows us, for example, to move the tiles with the mouse, keyboard and even with our voice. In addition, we can take advantage of the 3D of the game to move the board to our liking (without the chips falling, of course) and be able to have other points of view of the game.

Developer: Michael Atalialis

Lucas Chess

Lucas Chess

This chess game is characterized, above all, by being open source. Lucas Chess has 40 game engines that will allow us both to start from scratch to carry out professional games against a very advanced AI. Even if we want, we can develop our own engines and load them into the program. It also has one-on-one competitions, to play with other people, and the ability to run all the engines from scratch to see how far our knowledge goes.

It has a large number of settings, options and configurations. We can, for example, apply an advanced analysis engine, adjust the time, or whatever we want. As everything is OpenSource, we can make adjustments as and where we want.

We can download this game from the following link .

Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator

This game has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. While the other games tend to be more serious, this one offers us a board on which we can do whatever we want. We can play several board games, and among them is chess. We will be able to play a game with other people and, best of all, if something is not going as we want, we can pour all our anger on the board. As in real life!

Developer: Berserk Games

Zen Chess: Mate in One

Zen Chess Mate in One

This is probably the most minimalist PC chess game we can find. Its objective is not to play complete board games, but to offer us a series of puzzles and challenges (more than 300) created by a master of this game that we must complete. As the levels progress, the degree of difficulty increases.

The objective of this game is to mate in one move, but we can find other more complex versions of the game to do it in three or four moves.

Websites to play chess

This is one of the most complete websites that we can find to play chess from the computer. According to their own statistics, more than 5 million games are played a day around the world. We can play over the Internet with other people who have more or less our same level, or play against the computer at different customizable levels.

In addition to the games, it also offers us other types of games with which to solve problems in the game of squares. And we can even take lessons.

We can access this website from here .



This is another of the largest websites that we can find to play chess from the browser. The web application has been developed using free software, and it is adapted to run on any operating system and any browser. In addition to being able to play square, and see other games to learn, we can obtain a large amount of analysis that will help us to refine our technique.

They have a Facebook group through which we can comment on plays with other people who share our love of chess.

We can access this page from here .



On this website we will be able to create our own games, play against a friend in a private room or play against the computer. In addition, we will be able to join any game through its fast pairing system, access the waiting room and even see all kinds of rankings and winners of the tournaments that are mounted within this platform.

In addition, on the left side we can always see a game in progress, and try to overcome the different exercises that we can find.

We can find on this website from this link .



This is another of the most popular websites that we can find to play chess on the Internet. In it we will be able to find, in addition to the game section, a series of tutorials to learn how to play and refine our technique, in addition to being able to read all kinds of documentation and watch professional games. We will also find a complete news section related to the world of chess.

We can access this website from the following link .