Best Camera Applications to Take 3D and 360º Photos

Our mobiles are taking better photos, but you may already be tired of ordinary photos, you need something new. Did you know that you can take 3D and 360º photos with your mobile ? As you hear it and also, without accessories, just with these useful apps that we leave you below.

All of the apps on this list are free, but need a little practice for optimal results. The first shots you take are probably not as spectacular as you would like, but little by little you will be able to take photographs that will drive everyone who shows them crazy.

Camera Applications 3D

Fyuse – 3D Photos

An intuitive interface application that will allow you to give depth and movement to your photos. To do this, the subject will have to sit still, while the photographer will have to move a few steps sideways to achieve a brutal depth effect. The 3D effect can be as extreme as you want: the more you move when taking the photo, the more depth everything will have.

Price: Free

Viewmake: 360º tours

Designed for 360 ° interior tours, Viewmake allows you to capture everything around you and combine it as if it were a customized Google Street View . In addition, it has detection of annoying objects to create the route and lights, to correct the scenes automatically and that the result is brutal.

Nodalview: 360º photos

As in the previous app, it has intelligent detection of objects and lights that could damage the final result. It is intended for indoors and outdoors, but “only” creates a spherical image of a place, not a path as such. Anyway, it will serve to capture everything around us in a simple way.

App Nodalview de fotos en 360º

vizo360: 3D and 360º photos

With vizo360 you can do practically everything you want in terms of 360º and 3D photographs. In this case, 360º photography is not of what surrounds us type sphere, but of a specific object, to capture it from all angles . On the 3D photos, we can also make them with the front camera, with a small movement of the mobile and share the results in the form of a GIF.

Aplicación vizo360 de fotos 3D y 360º

Comrada: the only one capable of making 3D videos

Comrada is one of the easiest apps to use to obtain 3D photographs, we only have to point at the object or scene that we want to capture, move horizontally a few centimeters and we will have a result with incredible depth that we can see without the need for 3D glasses. The best thing about this app is the possibility of synchronizing two mobiles to record 3D video as well , as shown in the demo video of this application.

Panorama 360 Camera: 360º photos you can sell

Believe it or not, there is a business behind 360º photographs and with Panorama 360 Camera you can take advantage of it only with your mobile. You can capture everything around you in a single spherical photograph to be able to view it at any time thanks to the accelerometer of your mobile and, if you are lucky, you can sell it and make a little money with it.

DMD Panorama: a 360º photo social network

A 360º camera application that will also serve as a gallery to enjoy and classify them. Its use is totally focused on 360º sphere type photographs and you can capture memories from a unique perspective. It also has a section similar to a social network , in which we can follow other users to see their creations and vice versa.

DMD Camera aplicación fotos 360º

Price: Free

GCam: the 360º photos of the Google Pixel

It is an alternative that we did not find within Google Play, but that we have already told you how to download it previously. Anyway, in the celsoazevedo forum you will find all its versions. The advantage of the GCam, beyond its photographic capabilities, is that it allows us to use the “Photo Sphere” mode to take 3D photos of everything around us and be able to view them from Google Photos.

GCam Photo Sphere fotos en 360º

Phogy, 3D camera

Perhaps it is one of the oldest 3D camera applications that we have on Google Play, and what interests us most about it (its operation is very similar to the previous ones), is that we can configure our 3D photos as animated wallpapers that will change when we move our phone from side to side.

Price: Free

3D Camera: you can travel anywhere in the world

With a slightly different touch we have the 3D Camera application. With it, we will take a normal photograph, but automatically it will crop our body and we can place ourselves in a series of 3D photographs of the app. For example, even if we are in 2D, we will appear above some elements of the photo, but behind others, as if we had really been in that location, wherever.

3D camera fotos en 3D