Best Bluetooth Selfie Sticks Compatible with Smartphones

Are selfies out of style? Well, to those who thought that yes, time has taken away their reason and made this tendency to take selfies with their mobile or camera stronger, over the years the manufacturers of selfie sticks have developed gadgets of this type, which in no way They look like those who started this trend. Today we bring you the characteristics and best selfie stick models, which will not disappoint the most extreme, or romantic, lovers of selfies.

If you are one of the people who often take multiple photos (including selfies) then you will definitely be interested in a selfie stick as it will give you better pulse stability and adjustable height to take a perfect photo however there is currently a lots of offers of these items in the current market, which can make it difficult to choose the perfect model for your needs.

Best Bluetooth Selfie Sticks

Be careful what you buy

If you put a smartphone (at least 200 euros or more) on a low-quality Chinese device, the final price will be even higher. When you see the phone falling to the ground, helplessness for not buying a decent quality gadget will frustrate you. Therefore, buying certified products will ensure that they comply with the security of the European Union standards. That your stick is robust and durable must always be taken into account.

Like everything, there are many different qualities and, of course, like everything, cheap can eventually become expensive. You can find these selfie sticks in any store for around 5 euros, which is useful in any situation. However, we do not recommend that you use these ‘very low-end’ selfie sticks.

The variety and construction materials vary widely, you can get them from just over 6 euros, and the most premium models, of higher quality such as carbon fiber, generally do not exceed 50 euros, so they are not too expensive accessories .

The types of models that exist

There are three basic types of selfie sticks:

  • Those that include a Bluetooth module that allows us to synchronize our Smartphone with the selfie stick and take the photo or video by pressing the button on its handle.
  • Those that are plugged in via a cable to the 3.5 jack plug , where we plug in the headphones. Through this cable, we can take the photo or video from the button on the handle without having to synchronize the phone.
  • Those that do not bring neither Bluetooth nor cable . These models are the cheapest and require us to take the picture either with the timer on our mobile or with a wireless remote control, which we will have to buy separately.

Purchase criteria

Before starting to look at which one to choose, we propose a series of criteria that you should ask yourself before making your purchase:

  • Size and weight: You have to make sure that your selfie stick has comfortable measurements and weight , especially if you are taking it on a trip.
  • Connection type and system: It is important to know which firing system is best for you. In addition, it is a point in favor that it can also be a tripod .
  • Compatibility: To save us disappointment, make sure that your mobile model is perfectly compatible with the selfie stick that you plan to buy.
  • Support system: make sure that the support of your selfie stick allows the necessary measurements for your mobile. There are two types of fastening systems : plastic and metal, each with its own pros and cons.
  • Aesthetics: There are many brands that offer models in various colors and with designs , choosing one according to you will also have to be taken into account.

Purchase options that are recommended

After so much information, to make your search easier , we have compiled a list of the best options on the market today.


The design of this Xiaomi is of high quality. In addition, its compact size and sophisticated system, make it foldable in a pocket for use, to take anywhere. It has a 360-degree rotation, which will make it easy for you to take photos and take selfies. With its Bluetooth remote control you can shoot remotely. The rechargeable 60mAh Li-ion battery will make you forget about the batteries.

Palo Selfie Xiaomi


This EGS-01 selfie stick is equipped with a detachable Bluetooth remote control with 65mAh button battery, with which you can take photos faster and easier. When folded, the selfie stick measures just 18.6 cm. It weighs just 155g and is also visually stunning. In this way, it can be stored in your pocket quickly and easily while not in use, so it is very convenient to carry it with you. The 220 degree vertical rotation and 360 degree horizontal rotation with this selfie stick make it super adjustable, so you have smaller restrictions when choosing the best angle for photos ..

Palo Selfie ELEGIANT


When folded, this sturdy stick measures just 20 cm and weighs only 170g . It can be easily and quickly placed in the bag, making it very comfortable to carry. It can be extended to a total length of up to 100 centimeters. Even when fully extended, it remains very stable thanks to the double slot in the aluminum. It is equipped with a detachable remote control with a 65mAh lithium battery, which allows you to take pictures faster and easier.

Palo Selfie SYOSIN


This selfie stick, in addition to a tripod, is a 3 in 1 and with a Bluetooth remote control that will allow you to free your hands while enjoying videos, readings, facetime, surfing the web and live broadcasts, working well in the office or at home. With its 360 ° rotation and the 360 ° phone holder, it can be rotated and thus, select the camera mode, horizontal or vertical, as desired.

Palo Selfie SYOSIN


This selfie stick has a combination of quality, great reviews, and a low price. A 3-in-1 selfie tripod with removable wireless remote control and extended battery life. Use it as a regular selfie stick or a quick and easy tripod as you like. It has a rotation of 225 ° and in the phone holder you can rotate it up to 360 °, in this way you can get the best angle for your photos.

Palo Selfie Bovon


The BW-BS10 is an innovative and integrated advanced tripod selfie stick, without wobble or tilt, it can support the weight of the phone. It is light, simple and stable, it has a non-slip foot pad. Its rechargeable lithium battery provides approximately 24 hours of usage time, or up to 20,000+ selfie per charge, giving you enough battery power to capture everything you want.

Palo Selfie BlitzWolf

Yoozon Mini

Its design is integrated. The shaft retracts into the handle and is easy to transport. It has a built-in Bluetooth remote control, you only have to press the remote control, to easily take photos. It is ultralight and compact, weighing only 134g. It is easy to store in a wallet or pocket. The built-in 65 mAh battery supports over 25 hours of shooting time and allows you to take around 10,000 photos.

Palo Selfie Yoozon


This APOKIN is a Bluetooth selfie stick with controls. It is foldable and adjustable (8 cm) compatible with all mobiles up to 6 inches. You can take your best photos in landscape or portrait mode thanks to the adjustable clamp up to 360 °.

Palo Selfie APOKIN


This ATUMTEK incorporates an integrated design; the body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and the exterior is processed using anodic technique. This selfie stick is one of the most portable, modern and resistant on the market. You can select two modes: photo or recording, just by pressing the shutter button on the Bluetooth remote control.

Palo Selfie ATUMTEK


Finally we bring an all in one. This Huawei selfie stick works as a selfie stick or tripod. With a vertical height of up to 660 mm (25.98 inches) and a Bluetooth remote control, you can take group photos easier than ever. It has a 360 ° rotation. It is made of an anodized aluminum alloy, which makes it stable and durable.

Palo Selfie Huawei