The Best Bluetooth Remote Controls for Smart TV for 2020

Today, our smart TVs offer us a high entertainment offer. Yes, a few years ago all we could do was watch TV through the antenna cable, or connect an external component with which to play multimedia content of all kinds. Luckily, now that Smart TVs are here to stay, we can get the most out of multiple ways. And one of them is using a bluetooth controller.

Yes, the vast majority of current Smart TVs have built-in bluetooth, so you can connect a wireless controller with which to get the most out of it. In this way, you will be able to enjoy all kinds of games with which to have a fun time alone or in company. A really interesting option, more if you have a TV with Android TV.


Yes, you can connect a bluetooth controller to any Smart TV

It must be said that there are manufacturers that bet on their own interface. In this way, if you have a Samsung or LG TV, which use their own operating system instead of betting on Android TV, you know that you can also connect a bluetooth controller without major problems. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the gaming ecosystem will not be so wide …

For this reason, we recommend betting on an Android TV Box, such as the Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, to be able to enjoy Google’s operating system for smart TVs. And yes, its extensive catalog of available games will make you get the most out of your wireless controller. Yes, the advantages of this operating system are remarkable.

Smart TV 4K Samsung con mando bluetooth

How to take advantage of a bluetooth controller linked to a Smart TV

As we have told you, connecting a bluetooth controller to a Smart TV will allow you to enjoy the complete catalog of games available within the Android ecosystem. But you can also use it to move around the television interface, so the advantages offered by this device are high. Also, if you have a computer connected to the TV, any of these controls are compatible with Windows and Linux, so you can take advantage of them more than ever. Let’s see the different options to consider.

Mando bluetooth QUMOX

QUMOX bluetooth controller

We begin this compilation with one of the models that will delight Sony lovers. More than anything because QUMOX is a bluetooth controller that has a design that clearly reminds us of the PS2 controller, a model with excellent ergonomics and perfect functionality.

If you are looking for a wireless controller for your Android TV at a good price, this model is one of the best options to consider. More, if you consider that it does not exceed 15 euros.

QUMOX Game Controller Wireless Controller 2.4GHz Gamepad Joystick Gamepad for PC

EUR 13.77

Mando bluetooth TenGO RT3067BT

TenGO RT3067BT

Another one of those models that you should not miss, is the TenGO RT3067BT . For starters, it has all kinds of configurable buttons, so you can take full advantage of all kinds of games. But, one of the great benefits of this model, is that despite having an unpronounceable name, it offers compatibility with Fire Stick TV 4K and Chromecast. What more can you ask?

TenGO RT3067BT – Bluetooth game controller

EUR 12.99

Mini Teclado Inalámbrico GAKOV GAU6

GAKOV GAU6 Wireless Mini Keyboard

In this case, we are facing a different model than the others. Yes, it must be said that this bluetooth controller is rather a keyboard, but that is one of its great advantages. More than anything because it combines the great benefits of a keyboard and a wireless controller . Do you want to enjoy some game? Well, do not hesitate and cane your buttons.

Would you rather use it as a keyboard to surf the Internet? Quiet, that this model will meet expectations. You just have to see the good ratings it has on Amazon to see that it is a peripheral that will not disappoint you.

Mini Wireless Keyboard, GAKOV GAU6 Wireless Mini 6-in-1 Smart Gamepad with touchpad and remote control

EUR 19.99

mando bluetooth Logitech  Gamepad F710

Logitech Gamepad F710

No one can deny that Logitech is one of the best manufacturers of gaming solutions and this Gamepad F710 has a design very similar to the PS4 controller. And yes, it is compatible with Windows, Linux and Android, so you can connect it to your Smart TV without major problems. Add your 39 percent discount, and you have a product that you should not miss.

Logitech – Gamepad F710 Wireless Gaming (PC)

EUR 29.97

Mando bluetooth KROM Khensu

KROM Khensu bluetooth remote

Following this compilation of the best bluetooth controls to get the most out of your Smart TV, we have this KROM Khensu model. Under this name, a model that offers a design very similar to the Xbox One controller is hidden. To this, add a very aggressive design, with those orange lines that will make it the center of all eyes.

A model that will allow you to enjoy all kinds of games, more if you consider that it is compatible with Android TV and PC. So, you will be able to get much more out of what you imagine.

KROM Khensu – NXKROMKHNS – Wireless Gamepad, Color Black / Orange

EUR 28.80

Mando bluetooth Maegoo 

Maegoo bluetooth controller

Another of the best options to consider, is this Maegoo model. For starters, it enjoys great autonomy (guaranteed 8 hours of use), in addition to being compatible with PC, Android and PS3. The best? That its ergonomic design makes it very pleasant to use. And now that you can buy it for less than 22 euros, it is an excellent option if your budget is tight.

Maegoo PS3 PC Wireless Controller, 2.4GHz Games Wireless Controller PC Gamepad Remote Joystick Rechargeable with Vibration Shock for Sony Playstation 3 and Windows PC XP / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

EUR 21.99



Another model that you must take into account is this command from the manufacturer CSL. In terms of design, say that this bluetooth controller has rubber finishes, which makes it especially convenient to use. Do you sweat your hands regularly? This controller will be your best ally.

To this we must add its double vibration system, to enjoy an incredible gaming experience, in addition to being compatible with PC, Android so there is nothing to criticize. Less if you consider its low price.

CSL-Computer Wireless USB Gamepad for PC Computer with Dual Vibration – Controller Controller – Plug and Play – Black

EUR 21.85

Mando bluetooth EasySMX 

EasySMX bluetooth controller

In this case, we are facing one of the jewels of the crown when choosing a wireless controller with which to get the most out of your smart TV. And, this EasySMX is one of the best options to consider. For starters, this bluetooth controller has everything you need to enjoy your favorite games for hours.

It has an integrated lithium battery, which translates into a battery of up to 8 hours. To this, we must add its compatibility with all types of devices (Windows, Smart TV, Android and even PS3). If we add its vibration system and a design that reminds us of the Xbox One, we have a product that you should not miss.

EasySMX Wireless Controller, [Original Gift] 2.4GHz PS3 Controls Built-in Lithium Battery, Gaming Controller Gamepad Joystick with Dual Vibration for Windows / PS3 / PC / Android / Tablet / Andriod TV Box / TV

EUR 23,45

Mando buetooth Maegoo

Maegoo buetooth control

We have already told you about a solution from this manufacturer, and now we present another option to take into account. For starters, this other bluetooth control of the firm has support for all types of operating systems. This way, you can connect it to your computer with Windows, Ps3, Smart TV or Android device.

The best? That comes with a support so you can connect your mobile phone. A really comfortable way to enjoy any game that you have installed in the phone in the best possible way.

Wireless Game Controller, Maegoo 2.4GHz Bluetooth Game Controller Gamepad Wireless Joystick with Phone Holder for Android Smartphone Xiaomi Huawei Samsung PC Windows PS3 Smart TV etc.

EUR 21.99

Mando bluetooth GameSir G4s

GameSir G4s bluetooth controller

To conclude with this compilation of the best models to connect to your Smart TV, you can not miss this GameSir G4s bluetooth controller . We speak of another of the most prestigious manufacturers within the sector. And this peripheral has everything you need to get the most out of it: configurable buttons, support for Windows, Linux and Android, plus quality finishes so you can play for hours without problems.

GameSir G4s – Bluetooth Game Controller, 2.4GHz wireless controller, compatible with Android Smartphone / Tablet, Windows PC, PS3, Smart-TV, Samsung VR etc.

EUR 42.57