How to Fix Fallout 4 Crashes on PS5: A Gamer’s Guide to Troubleshooting

The resurgence of interest in Bethesda’s Fallout series, driven by a new Prime Video adaptation, has rekindled the enthusiasm of fans old and new. This revival has brought many back to the game’s most recent installment, Fallout 4, which was originally released in 2015 for the previous generation of consoles. However, PS5 users have encountered some technical difficulties in playing this beloved title.

Below, we explore the issues and provide workarounds to help you enjoy Fallout 4 on your next-gen console.

fallout ps5

Understanding the Issue with Fallout 4 on PS5

Fallout 4, though designed for the PS4 and Xbox One, faces compatibility issues on the newer PS5. Players attempting to launch the game have experienced crashes that force them back to the console dashboard, a frustrating barrier for those eager to dive back into the wastelands.

Immediate Solutions to Fallout 4 Crashes on PS5

If you’re encountering these startup issues, here’s a straightforward temporary fix to get you back in the game:

  1. Disable Specific DLCs:
    • Navigate to the PlayStation 5 main menu.
    • Press the option button on your DualSense controller and select Manage game content.
    • From your list of Fallout 4 downloadable content (DLC), identify and remove the Wastelander Workshop and Automatron DLCs.
    • Once these are uninstalled, restart Fallout 4 to see if the issue persists.

Comprehensive Fix for Persistent Problems

Should the initial solution fail to resolve the crash issues, a more thorough approach may be required:

  1. Complete Reinstallation:
    • Uninstall Fallout 4 entirely from your PS5.
    • Re-download and reinstall the game, either through the PlayStation Store or via your physical disc, along with any updates or patches.
    • Perform a full restart of your PS5 to clear any residual configurations.
    • Ensure your console’s operating system is up to date, then attempt to launch the game again.

Awaiting Official Updates from Bethesda

While these workarounds can help mitigate the problem, the definitive solution will likely come from an official update from Bethesda. The company is expected to address these compatibility issues in a future patch that will optimize Fallout 4 for the PS5, enhancing stability and performance.


Experiencing technical issues with beloved games on new platforms can be disheartening, but with these steps, you can potentially overcome the hurdles and enjoy Fallout 4 on your PS5. While awaiting an official fix from Bethesda, these methods provide a viable way to revisit the wastelands of Fallout 4 without the frustration of crashes.