The Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running

headphone-runningIt is increasingly common to have bluetooth headphones . This type of device avoids that we have to use annoying models with cable, which end up getting tangled up everywhere. In addition, the latest generation of mobile devices is betting on eliminating the 3.5 mm jack output, causing that, when looking for a device of this type, more and more users focus on wireless models.

Of course, within the wireless headphones market, we have such a wide variety of models, it is very difficult to know which one to choose. More, if you consider that, depending on the use you are going to give it, it is better to look for one or another option. An example is in our analysis of the Sony WF-1000XM3 , the True Wireless model that offers better sound quality, but has no resistance to dust and water, so it is not a good model for sports.

Now, if you’re looking for bluetooth headphones for running , you’re going to have things easy. More than anything because we have prepared a complete compilation with the best models to consider. You will find devices of all kinds that will meet your needs.

What should bluetooth headphones have for running

There are two very important elements when choosing a wireless headset to go jogging. On the one hand, they must offer an adequate grip that allows this sport to be practiced without you having to worry about whether they will fall. More than anything because, with the usual jogging of running , you will not serve all the models available in the market.

And, on the other hand, there is the issue of sweat. In this way, it is essential that the bluetooth headphones you are going to buy have resistance to dust and water. Once we have this clear, let’s see which are the best models to take into account to enjoy your favorite music while you practice sports. In addition, we have ordered the list from lowest to highest price, so you can easily find what you are looking for based on your needs

Auriculares Bluetooth Arsiperd

Arsiperd Bluetooth headphones

We begin this compilation of the wireless headphones ideal for running, with this Arsiperd model. It is not a technical wonder, so do not expect great displays, but they cost very little, are resistant to sweat and True Wireless. What more can you ask?

auriculares inalámbricos YUES T30


Second, we have this Yues model. We talk about the T30, True Wireless headphones that offer a total of 25 hours of autonomy thanks to its case, which performs the battery functions. And beware, that these helmets reach for themselves the 5 hours of autonomy, more than enough to make you a few kilometers without worrying about anything.

Auriculares True Wireless Arbily

Arbily Bluetooth headphones

Arbily has become a benchmark when it comes to buying sound products at a good price. And these True Wireless headphones are a good example of this. We speak of a model that stands out for offering water resistance, touch controls on the helmets (ideal for not having to take out the mobile at any time) in addition to noise cancellation ..

Auriculares inalámbricos TaoTronics

TaoTronics wireless headphones

Without a doubt, a safe purchase. More, if you take into account that this model of headphones was the most sold in Amazon last year 2018. A device that offers excellent autonomy (up to 16 hours of use), in addition to Bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD to ensure sound quality Tall.

Auriculares True Wireless Arbily

True Wireless Arbily headphones

We move on to another Arbily model, but in this case with True Wireless design. Do not worry about anything, because despite their appearance they are perfectly held in the ear. And hey, its 5 hours of autonomy, ease of matching them and its HiFi sound make it a model to take into account when running.

auriculares bluetooth Mobvoi TicPods Free

Mobvoi TicPods Free

We begin to enter bluetooth headphones for running that offer excellent sound quality. And these Mobvoi TicPods Free have a few details in their favor. More than anything because they are available in three colors, they have a design very similar to that of the AirPods, they have noise cancellation and a range of 4 hours.

JBL Endurance Dive

JBL Endurance Dive

Without a doubt, a role model. It is a fact that JBL is a benchmark when it comes to offering sound solutions. But these JBL Endurance Dive have two details that make the difference: they have 1 GB of capacity, so you are not required to take your mobile phone, in addition to activating automatically just put them in your ear.

Sennheiser CX Sport

Sennheiser CX Sport

Another major reference in the audio sector is Sennheiser . And its CX Sport model is ideal for running. More than anything because its headband style design makes it almost impossible for them to fall. They also offer great sound quality and an aggressive design that will make you the center of all eyes.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 2100

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 2100

Continuing with the best bluetooth headphones to go running, a Plantronics model could not be missing. And in this case, we have selected the BackBeat Fit 2100 for its 7 hours of autonomy, grip to prevent them from moving while you practice any sport, in addition to a really attractive design.

Auriculares Bluetooth Jabra Elite 65t

Jabra Elite 65t

Another height model, and that you should not miss, are the Jabra Elite 65t . Their metal finishes make them offer a very premium look. And the fact of being compatible with Alexa, so you can perform different actions through voice commands, is a detail that makes the difference with its rivals.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds

No one can deny that the work done by Samsung with its Galaxy Buds was exquisite. The great rival of the AirPods 2 stands out for its excellent sound quality thanks to AKG technology, as well as one of the best autonomies within the True Wireless models sector.

Auriculares Bluetooth Powerbeats3

Bluetooth headphones Powerbeats3

We close this compilation of the best bluetooth headphones to go jogging, with this Beats by Dr. Dre model. We talk about the Powerbeats3, a wireless headset that offers high sound quality, as well as an ideal design for running.