Best Bases for Mac with Ventilation

Heat and performance aren’t the best of friends when it comes to tech products. All hardware is designed to perform optimally at fair temperatures and that is why it should always be kept in a suitable room. But environmental heat is not always responsible for the poor performance of, for example, Macs. The heat that they generate can sometimes become unsustainable for the Mac’s own cooling system. That is why external systems must be used to be able to help improve performance. In this article we show you the best ventilated bases for your Mac.

Importance of a refrigerated base

Best Docks for Mac with Ventilation

If you have a Mac that does not have a good cooling system, which there are, it is important to always have a refrigerated base in case you want to demand a lot of power. If you do not apply external cooling with one of the bases that we are going to compile below, you can risk suffering problems in the long run. The motherboard for example is quite prone to burning when subjected to high temperatures. This is why if you have a Mac that is prone to getting too hot doing practically nothing, the base is an absolutely necessary accessory.

Better foundations for your Mac

KLIM base


With this base you will be making a real investment to avoid running out of a computer in the future by protecting the components from high temperatures. It is made of metal for greater durability and dissipation. It is a model that is compatible with all brand computers and above all silent as it does not exceed 25 dB. The fan speed is 1200 RPM and can be managed from the panel and the buttons on the front.

HAVIT base


Slim design to be able to guarantee transport to any site but always guaranteeing its integrity. The base can be adjusted for a much more ergonomic posture and includes 3 silent fans to create a totally noise-free environment. On the back there is a series of USB ports so you can recharge other equipment.

Tecknet Base

Base Tecknet

It is compatible with any laptop since the only requirement is that it has a USB connection. With its size it supports the placement of laptops that start from 9 “to 16” . It is slightly inclined to offer an ergonomic working position. Inside it has 2 fans under a non-stick surface so that the computer can never slide down while it is on the base.

Olliwon Base

Base Olliwon

Thanks to the 5 silent fans included, it provides quite good cooling. They are designed to specifically target the warmest areas of the Mac such as the battery or the center of the motherboard. At any time, you can adjust the speed of the fans to control the sound they emit. To have a more correct posture, the base can be adjusted from 12 to 35 degrees.

Yidenguk base

Base yidenguk

Base that stands out above all for the large number of fans it has when it reaches 6. The metal mesh above it optimizes air flow to reduce wind resistance. It includes a switch as well as a button to regulate the speed or turn off the LED that it includes and despite being discreet, you may want to deactivate it. It is quite portable and lightweight with a built-in 2 USB hub.

KLIM base with air inlet


In the event that you do not want to have the design that you have seen in the previous models with the fans in the base, you can opt for a base for air inlet and outlet. It includes a 2500 rpm turbine to bring in the cold air and that hits directly with the vents that exist in the base of the Mac. It is manufactured to last several years without any problem and guarantees both that it is cleaner and less noisy .

Base Trust

Base Trust

With its two USB-powered fans, it allows better cooling of the Mac that is placed on top. Due to the size it will not be a problem since it supports laptops up to 17.3 ″ and includes a metal plate that allows much better heat dissipation while receiving air from the fans.

And you, do you use any of these bases to work better with the Mac?