Best Apps to read food labels on iPhone

Leading a healthy life depends on many factors, but one of the main and most important is diet. It is vital to have a balanced diet while consuming quality food. For this, there are applications that can help you choose good quality food using your iPhone to scan the barcodes and in this post we are going to talk about the best ones.

Aspects to consider

Best Apps to read food labels on iPhone

Before opting for any of the options that we will talk about in this post, you have to take into account the most important points that an application of this type must have so that, thus, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. , and therefore, the one that can help you the most to achieve that healthy lifestyle. Here are a series of points that you have to assess.

  • The variety of foods that the application has in its database is, perhaps, the most important point, since at the end of the day, the larger this database, the more food collected and that you can scan the application will have.
  • The data that the app shows is also very important. Some users just want to know if the food they are buying is good or not, however, other users want a step further and know all the macronutrients.
  • Is it easy to use? Usually when people go to the supermarket to buy food they do not want to spend more time than they should in scanning each food they buy, so that it is easy and fast to use is very important.
  • Do you need more features ? As you will see, many apps not only provide you with the opportunity to scan documents, but also offer different recipes or even calorie counters.

Apps that directly scan barcodes

We begin the compilation with those applications that will only provide you with the option of being able to scan the barcodes of the food you buy. If you want to eat a balanced diet, it is very important to be aware of what you eat, and above all, to be able to make a good choice of each of the foods, which will allow you to do the following applications.

Yuka – Product Analysis


With Yuka you can scan the barcodes of food products without any problem since it is a totally free application. But in addition, it also gives users the possibility to scan cosmetic products in order to know all the information about their composition, something that will come in handy for people who have an allergy or are especially sensitive to certain compounds.

It is an application that provides that simplicity and transparency that a user needs whenever they use a service of this type. You can use it without any complications and in a few seconds you will have in front of you all the information you want to know about the product you have scanned. In addition, if when scanning a product, it has a negative evaluation, the application itself is able to recommend a better alternative.

El CoCo – Eat healthy


If you are looking for an application that helps you eat healthy , CoCo is one of the best options that you can consider to install on your iPhone. With it you will have all the information you need about food to be able to make a suitable choice and that is in line with that desire to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

They are also able to point out which are the foods that have a greater impact on climate change so that you not only make your choice thinking about your diet, but also about the impact on the environment that consuming certain types of products entails. The process to scan the barcode is very simple, with a click and in just a few seconds you will have all the information related to the product you have scanned.

Product Analysis

Análisis de Productos

We continue talking about applications that focus exclusively on making things very easy for you, being able to scan food barcodes without any complications. In this case, this breath scanner is completely free , and how could it be otherwise, it will allow you to know all the information about the food that you can scan with your iPhone.

In addition, you will be able to know at all times if a certain product is vegan , vegetarian , gluten-free , halal , kosher , lactose-free or suitable for people with diabetes. Of course, it also has all the necessary information in relation to allergens , preservatives and food additives.

Food Score Calculator for Weight-Loss Nutrition

Food Score

This application can be defined as a food score calculator, since it will provide you whenever you scan a product, a score with which you can know how healthy the food in question is. Its database has more than 5 million rated foods so that it is easy and intuitive to know the quality of a product.

It is also able to provide you with a history of all the products that you have scanned in the last three months . In addition, in case the food you have scanned and about which you want to know if it is a good option or not, is not in the database, you can enter its nutritional values manually so that the application itself will tell you if it is okay. or not.

Other applications with added functions

Obviously, the App Store has a great variety of applications, among which we can see the apps that are capable of scanning the barcodes of foods to tell you how good they are, but that also offer other functions that will surely come in handy. to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat the best possible way. Here we talk about some of them.

Lifesum: easy weight loss


Lifesum will not only provide you with the opportunity to scan the food or products that you buy in the supermarket, but it also has totally personalized diets and meal plans , being able to even track your diet , as well as the exercise you do to go and get that healthy lifestyle that you are pursuing.

With this app you can improve your knowledge to make better decisions regarding food, learning to eat healthy and delicious, since the recipes provided by this application are spectacular. In addition, you can document the entire process that you follow in this application to see the progress you achieve over time.

Vegan pocket

Vegan Pocket

This application is, without a doubt, one of the most special that you will find in this compilation, since it is totally focused on a very specific niche of users. It is a barcode reader for both vegan food and cosmetic products, ideal for all people who, above all, are starting with this lifestyle.

Vegan people, at first, may have difficulties to be able to determine if a product, be it cosmetic or food, is suitable for consumption, hence this application is so valuable. In addition, it also gives the possibility of being able to add to the database, the products that are not yet registered , by the users doing it manually.

MyRealFood – Eat healthy


We are now going to one of the most popular applications in this compilation. This is MyRealFood, which surely all people interested in real food have heard about it, since it is the app of Carlos Rios , a very popular disseminator about real food and a healthy lifestyle, both in terms of food as for the part of sports activity.

In this app, first you can scan all the products you want and find out whether it is a good food or the nutrients it has, as well as all the relevant information about said product. In addition, it also has a database of healthy recipes that the users of the app are responsible for sharing. Come on, we could say that it is almost its own social network of realfooders.

Calorie Counter and Diet

Contador de Calorias y Dieta

If MyReaalFood is popular, Yazio is not far behind since it is one of the most popular applications to be able to do two key actions if you want to control your diet, one to be able to know all the information of the food you eat by scanning its barcodes , and two, to be able to count the calories you consume throughout the day in order to achieve that caloric deficit that will make you lose excess fat.

It also has the ability to establish personal weight loss or muscle building plans. It has tables of more than 2 million foods, as well as the possibility of making the food registry each day taking into account the amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that you consume.

Nutrition Coach – Food tracker

Nutrition Coach - Food tracker

If what you want is to have an application that allows you to scan all the food products you want and also lets you count the calories in your meals in a comfortable way, this is your choice. This app is the result of 3 years of work by a team of nutritionists who want to give users the means to lead a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In addition, it not only allows you to count calories and scan food, but also makes different meal plans available to users as well as delicious healthy recipes to be able to make every day and make this lifestyle sustainable forever, which is really the goal you are looking for.

Lose It! – Calorie counter

Lose It

This application is about a calorie counter that will allow you, as a fundamental part of the whole process, to scan the food you buy to see if what you are really going to eat is a healthy product. From the outset, what you will have to do in this app is set a goal for yourself to later be able to keep a record and monitor your process in achieving the goal set.

In addition, it has different articles that you can read to train yourself and learn much more about a correct diet. The food database has nothing more and nothing less than 27 million products , hence more than 40 million users have used this application to adopt those healthy habits.

Which one is the best?

Whenever we make this type of compilation, from the ITIGIC writing team we want to tell you what our personal choice is, but as we always say, this is a subjective opinion that is conditioned by different factors and that, therefore, does not have to coincide with the one that you consider to be the best application for you.

In the case of the options in which you can only scan the products, our choice is Yuka due to the interface it has, since it is very easy and comfortable to use. On the other hand, if we want to have some extra function that allows us to go one step further, we choose MyRealFood given the community of users behind it.