Best Apps to Know Air Traffic from the iPhone

On many occasions when you look up at the sky you can see that an airplane is passing by your position. If you are a curious person, the question of where it is going or what route it is following has surely crossed your mind. Now you can have your answer with different aircraft tracking applications, something very useful also if you want to see the plane in which a friend or family member is traveling. We tell you in detail the most important apps that fulfill this function.

Best Apps to Know Air Traffic from the iPhone

What you need in a flight tracking app

These types of applications are designed above all for those people who are curious about aviation, but also for professionals. If you want to install them, we will tell you in detail all the points that you must take into account to choose the application that is closest to your needs:

  • Complexity . It is important to bear in mind that in this type of application you can have a basic and a complex approach. This makes it vital to know the data that the application itself is going to provide us to know if it adapts to what we need as consumers, both basic and professional.
  • Price . The vast majority of applications that are focused on tracking flights are free. Although, they integrate a micro-payment system to be able to access all the characteristics. This includes, for example, some flight data that are hidden a priori until the monthly payment is made or it is simply limited that the map itself can be used.
  • Design . The design of the application as well as the overall performance is something really important to consider. Keep in mind that you will always have a map to view all the airplanes on the screen, and you must have good control of it and that it turns out to be beautiful. This makes it easy to use and want to view information on all flights.
  • Reliability . The information must always be accurate in these types of applications. If you are a hobbyist, you probably want to know in detail which plane is about to land or take off from a specific airport. This is achieved by ensuring that applications are connected to the best databases and have the necessary technology to access trace data.

The most complete app for aviation geeks

If you are a true aviation geek, the Flightradar 24 application should not be missing on your device. It is a service that is totally multiplatform since it can be used comfortably on the computer through its own web version that works really well. There is a lot of data that can be found in this application, starting with a vision of all the maps that are in the air. You can clearly see a specific geographic location and all the planes that are flying overhead, being able to picnic on each one of them to have clear information.

FlightRadar 24

The basic information that can be found is the origin and destination airports, being able to have a clear vision of how you are moving. In addition, the clearing and landing times are also found almost in real time. This is a consequence of being connected to the main databases, being able to clearly see when a specific route is delayed in some way. This is basic information in addition to the geographical location, especially for those fans of photography who want to wait for airplanes in particular. And it is that among these data there is also a photograph of the plane in particular as well as the model and the company that manufactures it, in addition to the data of the airline.

In addition to this information, which is basic, you can also find much more technical data. In the file of each of the flights you can see data on altitude, vertical speed, GPS altitude or heading. In addition there is also real-time speed and temperature data as well as its exact coordinates. At first it is a free service but you can also choose a paid period including different relevant features. Among the extra data you can find meteorological layers, ATC limits, or aeronautical charts including high altitude navigation charts. All of this is ideal for those people who are very aviation geeks.

Other applications to check air traffic

In addition to Flightradar, you can find other really interesting options to be able to carry out an air traffic query. These we show you below.

Live planes

aircraft viewer

With an extraordinarily good design, this application is ideal to have information on all the planes that fly over the world. With a simple touch you can identify these flights by viewing the flight information including the photo of the aircraft, also having a 3D view. This makes it possible to display the same view as a pilot while in the cockpit itself.

Of the flights, you can see the history of all the journeys that have been made and also search for individual flights using the identifier. At an airport you can press to view arrivals and departures with the hours in real time. In addition, you can also view the aircraft that are on the ground at the different airports and all for free.

Flight Tracker

Flight Tracker

Flight Tracker is a simple but powerful tool that will allow you to track airplanes around the world and get live status information. If you are a professional pilot or crew member, planning your own trip or just want an app to track the flights of your family and friends, you will find the information you need. It is not only limited to finding the plane on the map itself, but it can also be tracked through the individual identifier.

On each of the flights you will find detailed arrival and departure information and the radar mode allows you to know the position of the plane on the map. In addition, while you are in flight, you can make progress on the route you are following without being connected to the internet thanks to the built-in physics. Without a doubt, it is a tool that any traveler should have installed on their iPhone.

Plane Finder

plane finder

This application stands out for being very easy to use and absolutely fascinating. It allows you to see live air traffic patterns with real-time tracking of almost any type of aircraft that will interest you. In addition to this, you can also find other data such as the altitude at which you are going or also the speed in knots. The application is capable of constantly tracking your location and giving you a warning when an airplane that interests you is about to pass near your position.

In addition to flight monitoring, you can also select any airport to view arrivals and departures. It has an excellent augmented reality option that allows you to point the camera at the sky to see the details of that plane that is passing over your head. Weather reports from hundreds of airports will also be available so you can have accurate information.



This application explains in detail how the airplanes in the sky are tracked. Specifically, it explains that airplanes have ADS-B transponders that transmit their position, latitude, longitude, speed or identifier. This application has a series of receivers around the world that are capable of capturing this information and displaying it in the application to all users who use it.

RadarBox covers all the necessary data you need to know about a specific aircraft. But it is not limited only to the flight that is in the air, but it also opts for a seven-day history in which to see all the routes that have been followed. It includes an interesting payment plan in which you can live the experience without ads, listen to ATC conversations or add climatic layers.



SkyTrack will turn your iPhone or iPad into your own air traffic control radar with all the data you need for it. Flights are shown on very well done maps anywhere in the world. This allows you to keep track of the flights a family member or friend is traveling on to know when they will arrive, but also flights from the other part of the continent. This in an interface that is really intuitive.

Airports around the world have different boards with arrivals and departures. Now you can have this information on your own mobile phone with this application that is really interesting. In addition, you will always be able to organize your flights easily, and if you access the premium form you will be able to have access to much more data such as the upgrade and all existing advertisements are also eliminated.

Live planes

Plane in real time

With a simple interface designed for professional pilots and also for those who are simple enthusiasts. It is quite clean and makes an important focus on all the flight data. You will receive notifications about changes in the flight itinerary with useful alerts: keep up to date on the status of flights, cancellations, new departure and arrival times and much more.

Find updated information on all flights without any type of limit. This is obtained above all from the airports themselves as they are connected to their own systems. This way you can know if they are late or on time. In addition, from here you can control all the planes that are in the sky in the event that you do not have the unique identifier that helps you find it.

What applications do we recommend

There are many options that have been raised in this article, but without a doubt we recommend two of these applications in particular. The first is Flight Radar 24 , which, although it is aimed at a professional audience, can also be used by amateurs. It offers the precise and necessary information to know the flight status of a friend or relative who is traveling at that moment and without having to pay anything, by having the necessary information in the free plan, something that makes it really recommended for any user basic.

The second application that we should recommend is Plane Finder, which has a really clean and aesthetic interface that allows you to track all the planes in flight. It has a large amount of information available to users, the most complex being the one reserved for professionals and remaining under a monthly subscription. In addition, the history of all the flights that a plane has had during the day is also shown in detail.