Prepare the pencils and brushes! The best apps to draw on your Android

Do you like to draw? Surely you are. Many of you are artists with pencils and brushes or with the digital tablet. So it wouldn’t be bad if you could draw and paint whenever you wanted. Well, maybe we can help you by carrying the sketchbook in your pocket. These are the best apps to draw on your phone (or tablet) with Android.

There are many different apps to draw, some more oriented to professionals, some more to your personal creations and others for both. Here we recommend a little of everything to make it the app that you are, you feel completely comfortable or comfortable with it.

PicsArt Color – Who said PicsArt was only for photography?

The first app is PicsArt Color , this app is a completely different version of the PicsArt we know, the famous app to edit photos. This app will allow both rookies and professionals to draw, since their options are easy to learn. We can draw in multiple layers, we have several blending modes and even options to add texture to the brushes. You have a thousand options to explore your full potential as an artist.

apps para dibujar android picsart color

Developer: PicsArt
Price: Free

Autodesk Sketchbook – The most popular sketchbook in your pocket

We can not talk about drawing apps and not talk about Autodesk Sketchbook . If something is clear is that the people of Autodesk know how to make applications. The creators of AutoCAD, one of the most important apps in the world of 3D modeling, we have this app focused entirely on drawing.

With infinite options of brushes, colors, perspectives, possibility of making layers and a very long etcetera, since it is one of the options with more options of Android. Will you be another of the more than 10 million users who use Autodesk?

Developer: Autodesk Inc.
Price: Free Install

PaperDraw – Draw without complications

Maybe you don’t want so many complications. With just brushes and pencils and a good color palette you have enough. If you use your cell phone more as something specific and to work seriously you use paper or computer, PaperDraw may interest you. It has several brushes and great color palette options. Enough to let your imagination fly and make great creations.

Developer: Colorfit
Price: Free Install

Adobe Illustrator Draw – For a perfect workflow

If there is a company that knows about software, that is Adobe. And we have two apps from this American company. The first one is Illustrator, an app that surely many of you know for its desktop version, since it is one of the most used apps by graphic designers. This version is expressly made to draw and to export projects already prepared for Photoshop, Capture or the full version of Illustrator itself.

Price: Free Install

Adobe Photoshop Sketch – To finish completing

And to complete the workflow with Adobe we have Photoshop Sketch. Similar to Illustrator it is a version of Photoshop but thought entirely of the drawing. Layers, different brushes, colors and much more. It will also allow us to record the project in PSD or open it in Photoshop or Illustrator CC.

adobe photoshop sketch mejroes apps para dibujar android

Price: Free Install

Infinite Painter – For infinite possibilities

If we talk about complete apps we have to mention Inifinite Painter. This app is designed entirely for drawing, it has more than 160 different brushes that work differently according to the applied pressure. It allows to make layers, an extensive color palette and something very interesting is that once the drawing is finished it allows you to make photo editing on it.

Price: Free Install

ibis Paint X – Easy to use and highly functional

Another very interesting app is ibis Paint X. This app will allow you to use brushes, zooms, fill options and other options that you could find in Photoshop but quickly and easily to use on a mobile or tablet.

Developer: ibis inc.
Price: Free Install

MediBang Paint – For comic book lovers

If you want to draw comics or manga this app may interest you, since apart from being able to draw as in any other app with more than 80 brushes and many more options, it has specialized functions for creating comics, so you can draw your cartoons here . Will you be the next great comic artist?

medibang paint

Price: Free Install

ArtFlow – Perfectly compatible with professional life

ArtFlow is presented as an alternative to Adobe programs. You have a thousand options that you can find in apps like Photoshop. It is highly optimized for tablets. It has a free and paid version that allows you to export on PSD to follow the drawing in Photoshop (among many other options).

Developer: Artflow Studio
Price: Free Install

Bamboo Paper – A notebook in your pocket

Surely all digital artists know Wacom, the most famous digital tablet company. Well, it also has its own app: Bamboo Paper. The options are basic but very functional and fast, you also have the option to create your own colors to leave it to your liking.

You can also add images to use as a reference … Or to paint on top, what more, once inside your sheet you can do what you want with it.

apps para dibujar android bamboo paper

Developer: Wacom Co. Ltd.
Price: Free Install

These are our options for best apps to draw on Android. Which one did you like the most? Do you use a different one? Leave us in comments!