Best apps to create surveys on iPhone

From knowing the opinion on a current topic, to agreeing on the gift that is going to be made to a friend in a WhatsApp group. In order to have an answer to these situations you can always resort to the applications, which in the App Store you will be able to find to use on your iPhone. In this article we tell you the best options.

What to look for in these apps

Best apps to create surveys on iPhone

Taking surveys can be something that a priori is simple, but to facilitate everything it is always better to use applications. In the App Store you can find many different options, but in order to have the best possible experience, it is best to look for the characteristics that we summarize in the following points:

  • Design : it is something fundamental when it comes to doing a survey. One of the key points is always that you do not feel like being in a chaotic survey where the different elements are not distinguished. That is why the most advisable thing is to always have an application with a modern design and accessible to everyone.
  • Easy to answer: when answering a survey, the fact that it is fast should always be paramount. This is achieved above all with very fast access, and that is why those applications that do not require a login should be rewarded, and that with a simple link can access the content.
  • Integration with platforms : vital when you want to carry out the survey in a social network, or in a messaging application such as WhatsApp. In these cases, you will be able to choose if you want an application that fully integrates with these social services, or if you need something much more general.
  • Price : a really critical point when we talk about downloading any application or game, since we are always looking for free options. In general, any survey application has a low price, but everything changes when you want to create in large quantities. This is when you may need to have a subscription or make a one-time payment for an application.

Apps to create classic surveys

When you want to create surveys, there are many applications in the App Store that fulfill this function only. It can be said that they are simple, but what stands out above all is that they are useful. We show you the best options below.



With this application you will have all the necessary tools to be able to make group decisions. You will have in your hand the options to create totally personalized surveys, and adjusted to what you need at all times. The developers promise that you will be able to ask your audience in just 3 steps . It allows to have single or multiple votes. This carries over to the possibility of having an affirmative or negative answer, but also providing up to four different options.

Surveys are ideal for making decisions about the trip you are about to take with friends, or when to have dinner. That is why the developers offer the possibility of sharing the survey through social networks or messaging services such as WhatsApp. Users will be able to vote by following the link and selecting an answer. All this with personalized surveys with images.

Poll Everywhere


This application is aimed at those users who need to have a constant connection with an audience. This is transferred, for example, to those who make presentations, and who need to have a survey that is answered live. And you can achieve all this with this app with which you will do surveys wherever you are. Likewise, with these surveys it will also be possible to do an optimal attendance control in companies or in institute or university classes.

As main features, the possibility of logging in from any device stands out, to have the assistance registered to a specific person. Likewise, you will also be able to follow the responses by accessing each of the presenter’s recurring sessions. This also includes the correction that can be practiced a posteriori.



One of the most important services to be able to create online surveys, it also has an active presence in the App Store. In this case SurveyMonkey offers a really complete application loaded with interesting functions to be able to carry out personalized surveys. In a very simple way you will create, edit and send surveys taking out your creative side or using the templates that have been designed by the experts.

Once the survey is finished, you can always analyze all the results with great tools. Specifically, you can view graphs and apply filters in order to understand the result that has come out. The survey link that is generated will be able to be sent through different social networks, and it will not be necessary to have an account on the platform, making it easier for everyone to answer your survey.

Polls for All

The objective of this application is to make it possible for anyone to easily create surveys based on their preferences and participate in the surveys that are guaranteed. It does not matter if you want to know the opinion of your friends on a private matter, or find out the opinion of a large group of people on a current news story. This app will allow you to do what you want at all times.

Private surveys can be generated, in which only those who have the link will be able to answer. This is ideal especially for those people who want to consult their friends about the future plan they are going to carry out. It has the characteristic of being integrated into the calendar to schedule events or suggest new dates in a comfortable way.

Other options with extra features

But beyond doing simple surveys, you are surely looking for other options that are vitaminized. In this case, you may be interested in applications that combine surveys with forms, or that are perfectly integrated into some specific social networks. Below we show you options that can meet your demands.

Voliz – Poll on WhatsApp


Survey application that is designed to help you create surveys or polls on WhatsApp. Share them with your contacts, groups, broadcast lists or friends and get the opinions they have quickly and by seeing the results live. The creator of the survey will be the only one who must download the application, since voters will be able to respond directly through WhatsApp.

Voliz uses the official WhatsApp APIs to run the survey or poll, providing the best possible voting experience. That is why it is a simple, fast and real-time application. To create the survey, you simply have to add the questions and answers you want and configure if you allow a single vote, or if the result will be public or private.

This is a service that has traditionally been known for its web version, but is also found on the App Store. Beyond being able to create the typical surveys that we have discussed, it also allows you to create forms. This is useful especially if you have to collect a series of personal data from a specific person to later dump it into a database.

All the forms or surveys that you generate you will be able to create them online, adding numerous questions with their corresponding answers. You will always share them through social networks or through email. The responses, regardless of the type of form, will be collected in a database where only you will be able to monitor them in real time.

Mobile Forms and Survey

This survey creator also integrates the functionality of having forms in your hand. In a very simple way you can make use of all the creation tools that developers enable. In addition, it can also be created offline. If you don’t want to unleash your creative side, you will always have available the possibility of using templates that have been created by experts and that will facilitate your work.

Surveys and forms can be digitized in order to save time while you are working. All the data that will be collected quickly and can be sent through different services such as email. There are many advanced fields that can be entered, such as capturing the GPS location or the QR code.


The definitive way to agree with someone through WhatsApp. In a traditional way, when a question is launched through this social network, it is difficult to be able to reconcile all the answers that exist. This is something quite common especially in large groups. That is why this application has come to be able to ask questions such as who is still training, or what is going to be given to someone for their birthday.

In a very simple way you will be able to create a question with multiple answers on a specific topic. This will be able to pass to WhatsApp through a simple link, so that anyone can access it in a comfortable way. The creator of this at any time can check the result in real time through the app.

Developer: Triple IT

Which ones we recommend

It has been seen that there are many applications that exist in the App Store to create surveys. But we keep two of them. The first is Pollie, which has a more than good aesthetic, thus allowing simple surveys to be carried out, and above all very easy to answer. The most important thing is that it is free, so you will not have to pay anything if you are a basic user and not a company.

The second application that we should recommend installing in this case is Voliz . It integrates with WhatsApp when sending surveys. They are sent as just one more message through the corresponding official API. This means that anyone in a group or through a broadcast message can give an answer to this question you ask. In addition, all the results can be seen in real time.