Best apps that help share expenses on the iPhone

When you go on a trip with friends, or go out to dinner together, the fact of how to share all the expenses can always arise. That is why there are many applications in the App Store to share all these expenses. In this article we will tell you about the best options that exist in the App Store for you and your friends.

What to look for in these apps

apps that help share expenses on the iPhone

In the App Store you can find many applications that have the common objective of sharing expenses among several people. In this case, to have the best possible option installed, we recommend that you follow the following points:

  • Multiplatform: when looking to share expenses, it is important that we talk about applications that are multiplatform. That is, they are not only in the App Store since they must also be in the Play Store. This is because you can have friends to share expenses with who do not have an iPhone, but only have an Android phone.
  • Privacy: in any application you must be very careful with privacy policies. We are talking about an application that will have financial information and this will always do that certain policies have to be followed that avoid the use of this information.
  • Simplicity: it is really important that when an expense is to be shared, it is done in a simple way. The application must have a system that with a simple button you can choose a contact and you can share all the expenses that have existed. This can also be added to the fact of making budgets together to make a specific plan such as going on vacation.
  • Price: this is one of the most important aspects to consider. When we talk about apps that have the objective of sharing expenses, it does not interest that they charge some type of commission or that a subscription is required. That is why it is always interesting to look for those options that are free and easy to use.

Applications to exchange money

In this case, applications can be found whose main mission is to make bank transfers. That is, it will act as an intermediary with your bank to make transfers between your friends in a comfortable way. That is why they will be more compromised applications in this sense by having to work with money as such. Here we show you the best options.


Application used by many users to make easy and fun payments among all your friends. It is designed to be able to share the expenses of a trip or a meal that you have made instantly and at no cost. This being a 100% secure process, which is what is really interesting, since your data will be under different policies.

Without any type of commission you will be able to pay, request and share the expenses. No one will have an excuse not to enter their share in the common pot you have created. With a few simple touches you can open a new request for common money between several people and know at all times who has paid and who has not, without having to keep track of paper.


compartir gastos

The best way to be able to divide the accounts and debts, also ensuring that all are reimbursed. At any time you can open the application to see the amount of money you have stored to transfer it to the checking account. It is also one of the best ways to be able to divide all the expenses.

The only problem it has is that it requires a subscription to have access to all the functionalities. Among these, for example, the unlimited storage of tickets and also the automatic detection of the amounts stands out. At any time you can check the status of the accounts and how much you have been spending in a specific time.

Apps to plan common expenses

There are other applications that do not have a direct connection to the bank account. These act as a simple record of all these expenses without having to carry it by hand in a shared note for example. You can generally add different purchases with all your friends and when they pay you you can mark it comfortably.


compartir gastos

Application with which you can create a group with all your friends with a common goal such as the trip to Madrid that you are planning with all your colleagues. In this way you will forget to keep the accounts on paper and pen. It allows you to write, note, do the accounts, delete or add and make the final calculation. At any time you can share the expenses you have with all your friends that you have added.

When creating an expense you will be able to select the person who has paid in full, the amount and also the concept. This adds up to a list of all your friends so you can determine who is involved in the spending. These can be added with a simple code that you will obtain when creating the group with the objective of spending.

Developer: Boorpret SCA


compartir gastos

It can be a real hassle to determine who has paid for gas, purchases or the hotel while you are on a trip. In order to avoid the fact of having to take everything down and check the tickets or invoices, this application will make your life easier. It is used by millions of people with a simple and very refined interface.

You can share if you want the accounts with the group so that everyone can see it and each one can add their own expenses. You have the option of dividing expenses unevenly so it is ideal if someone is traveling as a couple or with children. It works without an internet connection and gives the possibility of activating notifications to know if your friends have added several new expenses.


compartir gastos

This is an application that is indicated above all to share car expenses. It is ideal when you share a vehicle when you are going to do long distances. It has an ideal aesthetic and above all simple with the possibility of customizing the distance or fuel units and also showing the complete history.

In this case, you can choose the number of passengers, the distance or the price of fuel. In addition, other expenses that are common on these trips can be included, such as coffee or a sandwich. At the end of everything, you will be able to obtain a result of the price that each person will have to pay depending on the price of gasoline.

Developer: Ruben Velasco

Spend Together

compartir gastos

Application that is aimed at helping you and your friends to manage all the expenses that will come to you in relation to the plans you are making. The developers recommend it for travel, roommates, or couples. In this way all the paper bills will disappear and you will know at all times that it is up to everyone to pay.

Simply enter the invoice details and the app will do all the dirty work for you. It will calculate group debts and suggest the most optimal payments that can be made to settle them intelligently. A complete report will show your participation in these expenses to arrive at the accounting for each month.

Share costs!

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The accounts will be clear with this application. It will allow you to manage all the budgets when you go in a group. You can clearly enter the expenses that derive from an event that you have created yourself. Through the accounts that your friends create, you can send them the expense so they can start making the payment. In the end, the application will always take care of doing the accounts in order to know precisely what each one should receive or give to whom.

All this is what can be done for free but with limits. In the event that you do not want to have ads or eliminate the limit of the events that can be created, you can pay a subscription comfortably. In a moment you will also be able to choose the more than 40 currencies available in the application or share the accounts by mail.

Splid – Share expenses

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App that is perfect for all expenses that are shared either with your partner, friends or roommates. You will be able to balance the accounts which is undoubtedly one of the most complicated things you will find. Forget about the problems of doing accounts such as lost receipts, forgotten or badly remembered expenses. The application will say who should pay what and to someone else.

You can always make accounts that are uneven. That is, if one person consumes more than another when leaving and there is a large difference, the price to be paid can always be adjusted. It should be noted that the app has more than 150 currencies and you can control expenses through export to excel.

Our favorites

In this case, it can be seen that there are many existing applications to be able to share expenses or simply manage them. We must keep two of them, which are the most complete there is. One of the first is Verse due to the fact that it is a free option and that directly confronts the one known to everyone by Bizum. It also offers options to digitize all expenses and share a specific amount with many people simultaneously within a group. That is why it becomes one of the most recommended options for all people, also because it can also be downloaded by your Android friends.

In the event that you do not want to make the payment directly with an application external to your bank, Ponina is the app that you must install. It has a pretty good and simple interface with options to create a group with several friends. In this way you will simply have to add an expense with all the data such as the date or the amount and choose those people who influence it. You will also carry out an exhaustive control of who has paid you and who is pending to make the corresponding payment.