The Best Apps for Emergencies on iOS and Android

With everything that is happening in the world right now – pandemics, protests and other social upheavals – it is more important than ever to stay connected to what is happening around us, regardless of whether you are in your city or traveling the world.

Emergency AppsEmergency apps will keep you informed not only about local incidents or reported crimes, but they can also warn you of impending natural disasters like tornadoes or earthquakes. Plus, they can help keep you safe on your way home after a night out; They will keep you informed on the go and even allow you to communicate with your loved ones in case wireless and telephone networks are not available.

These are the best, for both iOS and Android.

Best for emergency alerts


This application of the American Red Cross is essential in case of emergencies since it provides local alerts in real time about dangers and severe weather conditions, including earthquakes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, forest fires or tornadoes, among others. It has a handy toolkit that includes a flashlight, strobe, and audible alarm, as well as a simple messaging system to let your loved ones know you’re safe.

This app will provide you with emergency alerts or severe weather hazards in your area and will help you to know how your loved ones are doing; The app can even help you create your own emergency plan, and it has a map showing open Red Cross shelters in your area. Much of the emergency information and content, such as what you should and should not do in specific severe weather situations, is preloaded making it easily accessible offline.


Citizen has become one of the most popular security applications of 2020 after the recent protests that have taken place in the United States and is an excellent tool to keep track of what is happening in your area and keep you safe in the face of any contingency.

Incident alerts are sent to those in the vicinity and the app works similarly to apps that analyze police radio by showing you details of incidents and a map of their location. If you stumble upon an incident that is currently taking place, you can share a live feed from the app, always making sure you stay safe and don’t put yourself in danger. Citizen also recently introduced SafeTrace, a contact tracking feature that provides up-to-date information about the coronavirus pandemic in your city, state, or country.

Best apps for natural disasters

Disaster Alert

Based on PDC’s DisasterAWARE platform, Disaster Aware’s interactive map shows 18 different types of active risks with near-real-time updates. Not only can you receive early alerts on tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires or earthquakes, among other dangers, but you will also receive updated information on important weather events such as strong winds and storms. Those who want to know the details of the event can see situation analysis reports and map overlays that show global coverage, population densities and other relevant information. It’s easy to customize alerts and notifications based on your location and the severity of the danger, and it also has customizable background maps.


The world’s number one earthquake detection app extracts data from multiple reliable sources such as the United States Geological Survey, GeoScience Australia, and the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center, and can send up to four alerts based on the location and magnitude of an earthquake . The map shows circles of different sizes and colors related to the time and magnitude of earthquakes worldwide and is easy to filter by location or magnitude. Clicking on an event displays more detailed data, such as magnitude, depth, location coordinates, and origin time, and it’s easy to export data to Google Earth or share it with friends and family via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

You can check the widget for more information about any earthquake in your country in the last 24 hours or check historical information dating from 2013 in the detailed catalog of earthquakes around the world. Earthquake supports up to 15 different languages, as well as 3D Touch and Haptic Feedback; Unfortunately, there is no Android version available, but for those with an iPhone, the iOS app works with Siri so you can say “Hi Siri, what are the latest earthquakes in my area?” to find out what’s going on near you.

The best for personal safety


It may be that you are on a blind date or just walking home after work, Bsafe will be there to help you in an emergency. It is the most popular personal security app on the market right now and allows you to nominate up to three trusted contacts to receive a call in an emergency that is activated by pressing the SOS button or saying a key phrase when the app is open. The app can also automatically record and stream videos if necessary, or ask your contact to follow your location on the map as if he were accompanying you home.

The application allows you to send your exact location and if there is an unexpected detour on your way home, you can even receive a false phone call that gives you the perfect excuse to leave. Bsafe is free to use but there is the option to subscribe to a premium plan for 24 hours, ideal for going out at night in the city, or choose between a weekly or annual subscription from $ 2 dollars.