The Best Applications to Watch Online Series on Android Phones

The rise of the series has been caused by the launch of platforms such as Netflix , HBO and company. The fashion of streaming is taking such magnitude that most users cannot live without a subscription to this service to be able to watch our favorite series and movies.

In Android , the options are varied when choosing a platform, depending on the exclusivity that each one has in the broadcast of certain productions. In this way, we have devised a list with the best streaming series and movie applications available on Google Play , several of them well known to users.



It is not a surprise to be present on this list, but it should be. Its extensive catalog together with the plan to share accounts , together with the productions of its own label , make it one of the most used platforms to consume streaming content .

Price: Free


On a very complete platform with great content, although its greatest assets are, the recently finished production of ‘Game of Thrones’, and ‘Chernobyl’. Beyond that, the feeling is that there are not many more options that match the Netflix catalog.

Price: Free

Rakuten TV

Little by little, the Japanese platform, formerly Spanish under the name of Wuaki TV , seems to be making that hole that I was looking for in the streaming business , with an extensive catalog and with great titles to offer. In addition, it is making important agreements to make documentaries, such as the one signed with Fútbol Club Barcelona .

Amazon Prime Video

Another of the big companies that are betting on this sector. It highlights on this platform own productions with the name of Amazon Originals , and also offers a subscription service to several channels of different themes.


Its catalog is diversified towards more variety of content such as comedy programs or children’s channels, but still maintains a wide range of series such as ‘Vis a Vis’ or ‘The Walking Dead’.


Oddly enough, we will not see any tutorial or gameplay, but YouTube has also launched its own seriéfilas works even if it has not released an independent app, integrating all that content in the same video platform .

Price: Free

Orange tv

If we go to the Orange Series section, we will access a wide selection of on-demand content to enjoy, coming from different platforms. Although the app must improve several aspects related to functionalities and design, somewhat outdated .

Price: Free


It includes the content of everything that is broadcast in the ATRESmedia group, including current series and others that were broadcast in the past . The app has received several improvements in recent times for further optimization.

Price: Free

Mitele – TV on demand

The eternal competition to the previous platform, something more valued for its offer of content and better implementation on Android , and with the entire catalog that equips the Mediaset television medium.


The largest pay-TV company in Spain enjoys almost unique content, mixing the import of major titles with the production of Spanish-origin series that promote national talent.

Price: Free