Best app to avoid the tolls this summer

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When embarking on a summer vacation road trip, tolls can be a major concern. Alongside the cost of fuel for long journeys, toll expenses can add up. Fortunately, your mobile device can provide guidance on how to avoid them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your trip will be longer or less safe, but rather that you can explore alternative routes that bypass toll roads.

One of the drawbacks of toll roads is that the fees may be unclear, and in some cases, quite substantial. Additionally, in certain countries like Portugal, payment methods may be unfamiliar to you. Therefore, it is advisable to use your mobile device to help navigate around toll roads during your journey. Fortunately, there are reliable applications available for this purpose. While Google Maps is widely recognized, it’s not the only option out there.

We can offer you guidance on how to enjoy a worry-free car vacation without having to pay a single toll. By avoiding toll roads, you can allocate those funds towards other aspects of your trip, such as enjoying a family dinner, indulging in a delightful breakfast, or visiting a museum of your choice. Remember to secure your mobile device safely in the car to avoid any distractions or unnecessary penalties while on the road.

Say goodbye to tolls in the main apps

Many popular navigation services on mobile devices offer settings that allow you to avoid toll roads during your journey. Here’s a guide on how to access this feature in some of the well-known navigation apps

Avoid tolls with Google Maps

Popular mobile navigation services offer a feature that allows you to avoid toll roads during your journey to a destination. Here’s how you can utilize this option in each of these well-known services.

To avoid tolls using popular navigation services, follow these steps before starting your journey. After selecting the “How to get there” button and before clicking “Start,” look for the three dots located in the upper right corner. Tap on them to access “Route Options.” Within this menu, select the “Avoid tolls” option.

By choosing this setting, you can still utilize certain highways without incurring toll fees. If you wish to completely avoid these routes, you can select additional options available. Once you have made your desired selections, simply click “Start” to begin your toll-free journey to your destination.

Avoid tolls with Google Maps

Turn to Waze

One of the most prominent alternatives to Google Maps at present is a Google service itself, which you can download from your mobile’s application store.

Avoiding tolls with Waze is a straightforward process when navigating on the highway. Once you’ve selected your desired destination within the app, follow these steps:

1. Tap on the information icon within the Routes option.
2. Look for the settings icon and click on it.
3. In the menu that appears, locate and confirm the option to “Avoid toll roads.”

By enabling this setting, Waze will guide you on a route that avoids toll roads during your journey.

Avoid tolls with Waze

Know how much you will pay and avoid surprises with ViaMichelin

This app provides valuable assistance by calculating the cost of your trip, taking into account fuel expenses and tolls. It offers the flexibility to view trip data with or without tolls, allowing you to choose the most suitable route. If you prefer to avoid toll payments, simply select a route that excludes them.

In case you encounter any detours or decide to change your route during the journey, it is recommended to adjust the route options to avoid tolls. Follow these simple steps:

1. After entering your desired destination, access the Route Options.
2. Choose “My Road Options” from the menu.
3. Click on “Avoid tolls” to ensure a toll-free route.

By following these instructions, you can easily plan your trip while considering toll costs or selecting toll-free routes for a more budget-friendly journey.


Avoid tolls on your iPhone with Apple Maps

If you’re an iPhone user relying on Apple‘s renowned mapping service, you can easily steer clear of toll roads using your mobile device. Follow these simple steps:

1. Open your iPhone settings.
2. Locate and access the Maps app.
3. Within the Maps app, tap on the “Route” option.
4. Confirm that you prefer to travel by car.
5. Under the “Avoid” section, toggle the “Tolls” option to ensure you bypass toll roads.

Avoid tolls with Maps on iPhone

By making this adjustment in your preferred navigation application, you can embark on toll-free car journeys with ease. Choose the application that suits you best and enjoy your trips hassle-free from tolls. It’s as simple as that!