Best Alternatives to FileZilla as FTP Client for Windows

Being able to upload and download files from the Internet is almost essential for companies that have employees working from home using an FTP protocol. So that they can share documents, that they can be housed in a safe place for all users. It is also very useful for hosting files if we are creating a web page. In any case, we must connect to an FTP server, and one of the best known is FileZilla.

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What is FileZilla

FileZilla is one of the most popular and widely used FTP clients, since it is free, open source and multiplatform, making it compatible with both Windows, Mac OS or Linux. It is a tool that is in charge of taking advantage of FTP protocols, which allows us to download and send files at great speed. In this way, we can perform common tasks with a file in the same way that we would do with the file explorer of our computer. With FileZilla we can rename, move, copy or delete files. In addition, it supports encrypted FTP, SFTP, and FTPS for added protection and security.

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Top alternatives to FileZilla

Despite being one of the best known FTP clients, FileZilla is not the only option that we have, so we are going to see what are the best alternatives to have our FTP client.

CoffeeCup Free FTP

CoffeeCup Free FTP is an FTP client similar to FileZilla that is characterized by its great simplicity and ease of use, being suitable for all types of users, from beginners to experts in the field. It has the basic functions, ideal for all kinds of transfers between a computer and an FTP server. Its use is very simple since we will only have to drag and drop files to and from your website. It supports multiple server profiles and allows file transfer in ASCII or automatic binary mode. In addition, it will allow us to save all the FTP settings that we use regularly, so that we can easily reconnect.

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This FTP client is compatible with the Windows operating system and completely free. You can download it from this link .


Cyberduck is an FTP manager that is characterized by its speed and which has an attractive, organized and simple visual appearance. It has been designed for a productive management, being able to drag and drop files between different windows preserving the encoding properties of the file and folder titles. Connectivity is another of its strengths, since, in addition to FTP, it manages the connection through Bonjour and KeyChain , in addition to configuring Google Docs documents. It also has a secure FTP connection using SSL / TLS protocols and AUTH TLS.

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This useful tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS computers and is available for free download from this link .


WinSCP is a very versatile file transfer client between remote machines as it supports open source FTP, SFTP and SCP protocols, carrying out transfers quickly and safely. We can also move, delete, copy or rename files, as well as synchronize folders and modify read, write and execute permissions. Of its characteristics, the Commands function stands out, in which functions such as directory comparison or file search are grouped.

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With this powerful tool we will have an FTP client that will allow us to work with remote files in a secure way and it is also free. You can download it from here . It is compatible only with Windows.


CrossFTP is a very good FTP client with many features and internal possibilities since it has support for FXP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDav and MobileMe iDisk. We will be able to perform all kinds of operations such as exploring, compressing or extracting files and folders, making previews of any object, scheduling transfers, such as the most prominent ones. File transfers are done by dragging objects to the interface making it very simple. It has a very intuitive interface , organizing its additional functions through different drop-down windows.

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CrossFTP is cross-platform, making it compatible with both Windows, Mac OS and Linux. We can download the one-month trial version from this link . Once the trial version is finished, we can choose to buy CrossFTP for $ 24.99 or the CrossFTP Enterprise version for $ 39.99. The paid versions, in addition to the FTP protocol, we will have file transfers FXP, multi-threads and secure (SSL).


Core FTP LE is a software with secure FTP client functions, which has features such as SFTP (SSH), SSL, IDN and TLS, as well as browser integration, drag and drop support, resume FTP transfers, firewall support and FTP URL analysis. With this tool it provides us with a fast and secure transfer, downloading and uploading files to and from FTP. It includes ZIP support, with which we can compress, protect with a password and make secure FTP backups. You can also view thumbnails of remote directories in up to four different sizes.

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You can download Core FTP LE for free from here and it is free of advertising, pop-up ads or spyware. It is compatible with Windows computers.

Home FTP Server

Home FTP Server is a program with which we can have our own FTP server at home without the need for advanced settings. It is a very easy to use and intuitive tool, so it is indicated for all types of users, even if they do not have advanced knowledge. With this software it is possible to create virtual directories and monitor all our activity in real time, being able to add as many users as we need, each with their own access settings so that they can download and upload files to the server.

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You can download Home FTP Server for Windows for free from this link .

File explorers with FTP

In addition to the previous alternatives to FileZilla as FTP clients, we can also find a series of file explorers that include the possibility of connecting to this type of server.

Total Commander

Total Commander is a program that is responsible for improving Windows Explorer, providing it with new and interesting options. Among its features, it has an integrated FTP Client , file compressor and decompressor, a better search for files and it has support for long names. This useful tool will allow us to synchronize directories or search for duplicate files. Supports proxy for FTP, so we can share files on the network between various devices. This program shows us on the one hand a scheme of folders and on the other hand the files of the selected folder. In addition, it has great versatility , since a large part of the Total Commander options can be placed on the toolbar, so that we can configure it to our liking.

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If you want to try Total Commander, you can download a 30-day trial version from here , you have to register or delete it. Its price is 37 euros and it is compatible with Windows 95/98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10.

Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander is a well-known file management program for Linux and Windows that works in text mode. It has two panels on the main screen from where the filesystem is displayed. It is based on versatile text interfaces such as Ncurses or S-Lang that allow us to work as a normal console through SSHH connections and all kinds of remote housings. It has numerous functions that allow us to copy, move and delete complete files, as well as execute subshell commands. It also includes an FTP transfer manager, FISH protocol client, and an editor called mcedit. With this tool it is possible to explore RPM contents and work with common files.

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Midnight Commander is open source so you can download it for free from this link .


muCommander is a multiplatform file manager based on a graphical window environment, allowing you to browse and select files in a comfortable way. Its interface is completely customizable, being able to copy and paste files, create and delete folders, view a file or run applications. Also, it will not serve to connect to FTP, SMB, S3, HTTP, SFTP, NFS, HDFS and VSPHERE servers. It also allows us to create ZIP files, send files by email and connect to SMB servers.

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You can download muCommander from here , and being an open source program it is completely free. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.