Best Alternatives to Evernote for Taking Free, Encrypted Notes

Note-taking programs are becoming increasingly popular. These tools are very useful as an alternative to the traditional agenda where you can write down all kinds of notes and reminders. One of the most popular note-taking apps is Evernote, although its security has always been in question, so it is likely that we want to opt for other more secure alternatives where to store our notes.

Evernote and its security issues

Evernote is a very popular note-taking tool with which we can manage both our personal and professional lives. It is a multiplatform application so we can access our notes from almost any device, be it a computer, mobile or tablet. This software allows you to annotate notes by voice, as well as enter images. We can also classify and label the notes, so that we can have everything well organized, which is why it is considered one of the best options for taking and managing notes.

Best Alternatives to Evernote for Taking Notes

The problem Evernote has had over the years has been in terms of security . In 2016 it was revealed that the employees of this application had access to our notes, so that they could see them at any time. Since then, the company has implemented end-to-end encryption to try to guarantee the privacy of its users.

The main downside to Evernote encryption is its use. And is that in order to use encryption it is necessary that we highlight the text that we want to encrypt manually , a rather annoying task to perform, when what we really want is for all our notes to be encrypted automatically and by default, at the end and after all, it is for our safety.

Last year Evernote was also negative news regarding security since a critical failure through the Evernote Web Clipper extension of the Chrome browser, could have allowed people to steal data from its users . There are too many doubts about security when we use this notes application. So today we are going to show you which are the best free, encrypted notes applications that we can use as an alternative to Evernote.

Encrypted apps as an alternative to Evernote


It is an online application for taking notes , which stands out for incorporating important features in the security and privacy section. This tool will allow us to keep secure and encrypted notes, since it uses various encryption systems for our texts. Thus, we will have AES-256-CTR encryption, in addition to a password and two-factor authentication. In addition, we will have a secure connection through HTTPS.

We can start using SafePad for free by accessing its website .

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It is a notes application focused on user privacy and that allows us to take notes from different types of devices since it is cross-platform. When we configure the program for the first time, we must enter a password to protect our data. Every time we start the program we must put this password. Registration is not required to use the application, and it offers compatibility with MarkDown , as well as the ability to create tasks, import and export notes.

Laverna is a free and open source application , compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS that we can download from its website .



We are before a note editor with which we can organize texts safely . The application is fully encrypted including its servers . It allows the use of passwords, although these are not stored, so if we lose or forget it, we will not be able to recover our data. It has a clean and direct interface with few configuration options, so it does not have an organization system as advanced as Evernote, but it is a great option if we value privacy above all else.

Turl is a free and multiplatform application that can be downloaded from its official website on Windows, Linux and macOS computers, as well as on Android and iOS devices. It also has a premium version if we want to store a large amount of data.


Cypher Notepad

It is a program that allows us the possibility of creating text files that can be easily encrypted. The application has an intuitive interface so that even those users with little or no computer skills can encrypt their texts. No one will be able to access our encrypted files and if someone else tries to open it, the program will show them the encrypted text with a warning message. Even we will not be able to see the content ourselves if we do not remember the password.

Cypher Notepad is a free program, compatible with Windows and Linux that we can download from the developer’s website.

Cypher Notepad


It is an application that once installed on the device of your choice allows us to encrypt our files and notes to protect them safely . We will have to configure a key and once our data is encrypted, it will be safe in the cloud, which allows it to be consulted from anywhere. Therefore, it is a great option if we do not want to stop using Evernote, since, although it requires more steps to encrypt our notes than other applications, it does allow us to continue using our preferred notes application safely. In addition, it offers us the possibility of encrypting notes in a specific way, in case we do not want to encrypt all the content.

Saferoom is a free application available both for Windows and for mobile devices with iOS or Android, which we can download from its website .


Protected text

This is a web service that works as a notepad that is characterized by being quite simple, since it is made up of just a few plain text tabs. Its main advantage is that we can write encrypted texts and access it from any device . The page does not require personal information, nor does it store passwords. It is simple and easy to use making it suitable for all types of users.

To start using it, you only need to access your website for free, claim our space and protect it with a password. Subsequently, each time we want to access we will only have to return to our private URL and enter the password.

Protected Text


It is a tremendously simple text editor, which stands out for being focused and incorporating a series of security tools that allow us to apply symmetric encryption to the text. For encryption, this tool uses the OpenPGP RFC 4880 format. In addition to notes, it allows you to encrypt all kinds of binary files such as images, videos, files, etc.

EncryptPad is a free and open source application for symmetric encrypted text that can be downloaded from the developer’s website .

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This complete application allows us to take notes regardless of the quantity , as well as tag and synchronize them in your cloud. It offers compatibility with MarkDown as well as the ENEX files used in Evernote. This makes it a clear alternative, since it is a more secure application due to its encryption and transparency , since it has end-to-end encryption, to keep our notes safe and secure.

Joplin is an open source, free and multiplatform notes tool that we can download from its official website , being compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS computers, as well as mobile devices with iOS and Android.