Best Alternatives to Sticky Notes for Note Taking in Windows

In these times, note taking as we work with our PC has become commonplace. For all this Microsoft itself makes available to us a program included in Windows, Sticky Notes , something that surely many already know.

This is a very useful solution that has been part of the Windows operating system itself for a long time, and many have used it as a note-taking application. But the truth is that the software giant does not assiduously improve its integrated note application. In fact, few have been the updates it has received with the passage of Windows 10 versions. That is why many users end up opting for other third-party proposals.

It is precisely for this reason that in these lines we are going to talk about some of these alternatives to Sticky Notes that you can turn to now. These as a general rule are going to increase the utility and versatility that Microsoft’s solution proposes in this regard, since they are developed by third parties, and are specific to these tasks.


Alternatives to Sticky Notes to use on Windows

There are several proposals of this type that we can use at the moment, some of them very interesting and useful. Therefore we are going to show you some of our favorites, since you can take digital notes in real time when working with the PC , it is increasingly widespread.

Google Keep

As you know, this is one of the best-known solutions in this regard, owned by the search giant, Google . One of the main advantages that we are going to find here is the synchronization in the cloud that this proposal offers and that we will see in other similar ones. Although Google’s Keep initially focused on single notes , the app has been improving over time.

Google Keep

In fact, we will be able to synchronize these contents in Windows 10, Android and iOS, creating notes of different formats and colors. It also has support to work with texts, images, or through voice memos. It has its own OCR function for optical character recognition and we can set reminders based on time or location. To access Google Keep you can do it from this link .

Simple Sticky Notes

In the event that you need to take notes in real time in Windows while working with the PC, but in a somewhat orderly way, this is the solution. We tell you this because Simple Sticky Notes presents us with a dashboard that centralizes the notes so that we can access them in the best and most orderly way. At the same time, this solution allows us to create folders to store different notes in our opinion.

Simple Sticky notes

This way, we can store these in a much more orderly and easy to handle way. In addition we will have the opportunity to download funds for these notes, and sounds to personalize them even more. To access this alternative we can do it from this link .


Next we will talk about Stickies, another proposal of this type with some interesting functions that we will probably miss in Microsoft’s Sticky Notes. It is worth mentioning that here we have the possibility of adding links and images to the notes. At the same time we can change the type, color and size of the font , or configure alarms. We can also hide notes until the previously set date arrives.


It is also worth noting that we have the possibility of attaching the note to an application that we have installed on the system. So, if you want to try this proposal, you can do it from this link .


As with the aforementioned Google alternative, this is one of the best known note apps for many years. In fact it has advanced functions for taking notes , although we find both paid and free versions of free use. All this will allow us to take simple notes, create task lists, more complex projects, etc.


It also has support for synchronization in the cloud between devices, and we can use all kinds of additional elements to the text. We refer to images, links, notes programming, voice, agendas, etc. It is undoubtedly one of the most complete notes applications, valid even for business use, even if it is paid. To test all this you can do it from this link .

Zoho Notebook

This is an application for taking notes that to start we will tell you that it is available on all platforms, both mobile and desktop. At the same time it allows us to create personalized notebooks to save the notes that we create. That way we will have the opportunity to change their appearance and customize them to recognize them quickly.

Likewise, it includes some interesting functions such as support for gestures, access code or access security through fingerprints. It is worth noting that the developers offer us free and unlimited storage in the cloud to be able to store our content in the form of notes. To try Zoho Notebook, we recommend you access this link .


And we are going to continue with another program for taking notes such as the proposal called Elephant. This is an open source application that allows us to create notes but in a simpler and more personal way. In fact, as its developers make clear, in this case neither accounts nor cloud storage are used. So we can save the personal content we create, locally.


Therefore Elephant stores the notes in simple files and folders that are created on our disk drives. At the same time, it dispenses with databases and migrations, since even notes can be plain text, in addition to rtf or html . To download this program, you can do it from this link .

Hott Notes

And we are going to finish with Hott Notes, a program for this type of tasks that allows us to create notes with the current date, or for later. At the same time it allows us to personalize them by simply changing the font type, or the color, as well as the theme of the notes themselves. Among other things, it also allows us to set reminders and all content can be easily managed from the administrator who offers us the program.

Hott Notes

To all this we can add the power to draw freehand within the notes, or use our own trash to eliminate recoverable notes in the future. To test this application, you can do it from this link .