What is the best alternative to GCam for your mobile camera?

best alternative to GCam for your mobile camera

The camera is one of the elements that we use the most in our mobile phone . The instantaneity that these provide is a key factor in capturing unique moments, although it is also important to enjoy a good quality in it so that the images are perfect.

An application that allows you to drastically improve the quality of photos is the Google camera , but this may not be compatible with your device or it simply does not convince you of its operation. Therefore, there are several alternatives to GCam that are worth trying. Its use has the consequence of avoiding certain problems such as those related to flickering during videos.

Pro Cam X

This photographic software is one of the most serious options when using the camera. This is mainly due to the immensity of tools it has inside, which allow you to configure practically any parameter that you could adjust on a digital camera.

Pro Cam X

Although it also has several functions that are really useful during its use. Examples of this is the anti-vibration mode , which guarantees more correct photos or videos on mobiles that do not have a stabilizer, or the possibility of modifying the format of the photos between JPG or RAW.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe not only has at its disposal a huge set of software dedicated to editing, you can also find a camera designed by them on your smartphone. As expected from a company specialized in photography , its application is a more than remarkable alternative to GCam.

Adobe Camera

The particularity of this app is that it works under an Artificial Intelligence that automatically adjusts the images if you indicate it. On the other hand, you can add effects in real time to your captures to get a special image.

Footej Camera 2

It is one of the best known cameras , since it was widely used during the years in which this component did not stand out in the terminals. Not only does it achieve better results, but it has a fairly clean and simple interface .

Footej Camera

The best thing about this application is that it is moderately updated to improve various aspects. This has support for Camera2 API , which provide the user with various advanced functions. In this case, it guarantees, among other things, taking pictures in RAW format . It also stands out for its good lighting for selfies.

These are some of the options if GCam is not to your liking. The choice is in your hand, since it depends on your knowledge on the subject. If these are advanced, the best alternative will undoubtedly be the first one given the manual settings it offers.