Best Accessories for iPad Pro : Boost the Power of Your Tablet

The iPad Pro are already an excellent work tool that, together with iPadOS, makes it possible to perform multiple functions without needing a computer. However, there is a way to get much more potential out of this Apple tablet, thanks to numerous accessories that will serve according to what tasks. That is why in this article we collect the essential accessories that you should have for your iPad Pro.

Stylus for iPad Pro

Steve Jobs seemed to show some reluctance to stylus in the presentation of the original iPhone, but who knows if he would think the same when talking about a device like the iPad. In any case, it is evident that today these elements represent an important extra when it comes to doing things according to the tablet. That is why we highlight the most recommended for your team.

Best Accessories for iPad Pro

Apple pencil

ipad compatibles con apple pencil

If you have an iPad Pro 2018 or later, only the 2nd generation Apple Pencil will serve you and if you have an older one you will have to settle for the 1st generation. In any case, despite having differences in design, way of loading and even added functions in the Apple Pencil 2, the truth is that both have important similarities that make them an excellent working tool. From taking notes by hand in a dedicated application, to drawing, coloring and doing certain tasks more comfortably with your digital tip. The Pencil is the perfect companion for an iPad and sometimes you will even forget that you have digital elements, since its resemblance to a classic pen is increasing.

Logitech Crayon


This is, par excellence, the official alternative to Apple Pencil. It is designed by the renowned Logitech brand, which already provides a certain quality guarantee to the accessory. Its design is more similar to that of carpenter pencils, being even more ergonomic at times and, incidentally, cheaper. Its precision is quite good and it is useful in many applications and parts of the system, without any limitation regarding the Apple stylus. Its autonomy is quite extensive, so you can use it for hours without worrying about having to recharge it. It is also compatible with all generations of iPad Pro.

iPad Pro Compatible Keyboards

If you regularly use your iPad for writing and are not convinced to do so with a stylus or at least not always, you need a physical keyboard. Yes, the tablet has an excellent on-screen keyboard that takes you out of any trouble, but in the end it is still an intangible element that occupies a good part of the screen. That is why we recommend adding a keyboard to your gadgets that comes with a case with which to transport everything together or, failing that, a separate keyboard to have on your desk.

Magic keyboard with trackpad

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

This is the last official keyboard released by Apple and is compatible with both iPad Pro 2018 and 2020, regardless of whether they are 11 or 12.9 inches. Its design wants to recall that of a laptop, since it incorporates an identical keyboard to that of the latest MacBook and the classic Magic Keyboard of the iMac. It has a trackpad with which you can also perform actions with the pointer, making it ideal to replace your laptop. Its price is high, but it is very worth considering its inclination angles, the possibility of having the iPad connector free for having an alternative USB-C for charging and especially because of how easy it is to use, since with just connect it through the Smart Connector you can use it instantly without configuring absolutely anything.

Smart keyboard

This is the other official Apple keyboard for its iPad Pro, although there are also versions for other models. It doesn’t have a trackpad, but it also offers an excellent typing experience. Its key design may seem strange, since it covers these with a membrane unlike other keyboards. However, the key travel is very good and provides security when dealing with possible damage from splashes, as it resists them very well.

Logitech Slim Folio Pro

Logitech Slim Folio Pro

We find again another product of this brand dedicated to the iPad (and possibly not the last). Far from Apple keyboards price, this keyboard case has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that its keyboard mechanism is very comfortable, promoting typing with it and with backlit keys that are always a plus. The main drawback is that its robustness does not make it suitable for all audiences, since if you get used to moving around a lot with the device you will end up noticing it, although this also happens with the Apple Magic Keyboard. In any case, it is an excellent option.

Omoton + Support

Teclado soporte iPad

If you are looking for another type of use for the iPad Pro, you may find it sufficient with a separate bluetooth keyboard and a stand to place the tablet. There are many keyboards on the market, although we recommend the Omoton brand for its value for money and its design, which is very reminiscent of the official keyboard of the iMac. It also has a support on top to place the iPad. In any case, we also leave you a separate support that will give you greater versatility with the device.

Mice for iPad Pro

It seems incredible, but the truth is that Apple did not implement full compatibility of a mouse with the iPad until 2020, months after having included it as an accessibility function. Being able to use a mouse on this device can be a plus in productivity and access to perform certain functions that are normally more tedious with the fingers or with a stylus.

Magic mouse 2

The same mouse that works on Macs is also ideal for the iPad. Since iPadOS 13.4 this accessory is fully compatible with Apple tablets and despite its high price, certain advantages can be obtained when moving around the system. For example, to go from one screen to another or return to the home screen, being able to make gestures on it in a really comfortable way. If you never tried it, you may be shocked at first by its almost flat design and without the buttons being visible, but in the end it ends up being very practical and once you get used to it you won’t want to use any other.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus

raton logitech m330 oferta

We already warned that there would be a Logitech accessory again and it is this mouse that is among the best in the mid-range. If your use of the mouse is not very intensive and you do not require additional buttons or gestures, this will make you fall in love with its tremendous subtlety when it comes to clicking or moving around the iPad operating system. Its price is usually discounted on Amazon, so you can buy it with a succulent discount compared to its original price.

Hub, connectors and flash drives

Despite all the functions that the iPad Pro has been adding since its inception, it still has an important difference with the MacBook and that is that it only has one connector. In the most recent a USB-C that makes it very easy to connect items such as external storage devices. In the old ones they have the Lightning connector, but in neither case does it seem enough to be able to charge and carry out other actions with the equipment. That is why we propose a series of essential accessories to alleviate this lack.

Multiport USB-C hub


This hub allows to considerably expand the number of elements that can be connected to the iPad. It has four USB 3.0 connections, an SD and Micro SD card reader, an HDMI connector, ethernet port, VGA, USB-C and even a headphone jack. All this in the same element that, despite not having a low price, ends up compensating for the tremendous versatility it provides. In iPad Pro 2018 and later you won’t need anything more than this.

Lightning hub

Hub Lightning iPad

Unfortunately, iPad Pro with Lightning port are more limited when it comes to external connections. However, there are some accessories such as this Hub that allows you to connect SD cards, a USB device, a USB-C and a 3.5 jack connector. It is possibly the best solution to the great problem of the Apple connection standard in these devices.

Multipurpose pendrive

Pendrive multiusos iPad

If you only need a pendrive in which to transfer information to the iPad and vice versa, this is a perfect multipurpose. It has Lightning, USB-C and classic USB connections, so you will not have problems on any device. It has a compact design that can be easily carried in any backpack and will not take up too much when connected to your tablet. It is available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities, so you shouldn’t have any space problems either.