The Best Accessories for the Chromecast with Google TV

Google’s Chromecast has been one of the most popular devices in recent years. The arrival of the latest generation has meant an important change, since its operation changes a lot to adapt to the needs and the current market. There are certain changes at the aesthetic level, but without a doubt, the most radical change is that the new Chromecast becomes an accessory for our television that has a full operating system, access to applications and even includes its own remote. If you have already bought one, we show you below an interesting list of accessories for the Chromecast with Google TV .

The great use that we can give to this device and its small size makes it easy to transport. In this way, we can make any television behave like a Smart TV, and now it is no longer necessary to use the mobile to function. And it is that the latest version of the Chromecast has Android TV .

Best Accessories for the Chromecast with Google TV

Next, we are going to show some of the most useful accessories for the latest generation Chromecast, some cases for transport when we want to take it on a trip, adapters, charger, HDMI extension or even a video recorder, among others.

Accessories for Chromecast with Google TV

Rigid carrying case

Rigid case has been specially designed to transport the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but the truth is that it is perfect for storing the Chromecast with Google TV. It has more than enough space to store the device itself, the remote control and the necessary cables. It has two separate compartments and elastic bands for a perfect fit inside.

Portable case

It is another model of a hard case to be able to store our latest generation Chromecast and be able to take it on a trip where we want safely. Elegant waterproof leather design with zip, handle and metal carabiner. It has two compartments with rubber and grid to store the device and everything necessary for its operation.

USB C to Ethernet adapter

It is a USB Type-C to Ethernet adapter with great compatibility for all types of devices and operating systems, including Android. Very easy to use, plug and play, and with a good data transmission speed. Very compact, lightweight and with an aluminum casing for better thermal insulation.

ICZI USB C to RJ45 Adapter

This ICZI model is another USB Type-C to Ethernet adapter with similar characteristics to the one mentioned above and that can also be of great help when using our Chromecast with Google TV. It supports up to 100 mbps to avoid all kinds of lags and offers great warranty and durability.

Rechargeable batteries for the remote

The Chromecast remote with Google TV allows us to control everything we do with the device without using the mobile. It has two AAA batteries, so it never hurts to have a pack of rechargeable pills of this type and avoid running out of them at the most unexpected moment.

USB Type C charger

It also does not hurt to have a USB type C charger. In this case, it is a model with two USB ports and offers great compatibility with all types of devices. It has a 2 meter long cable made of high quality nylon with an aluminum connector. Elegant design with great durability and that allows fast charging with compatible devices.

Battery charger

As we mentioned above that it is important to have spare batteries for the Chromecast remote with Google TV, just as interesting is to have a charger for this type of battery. It is an AmazonBasics product that offers us the possibility of recharging AA and AAA batteries.

HDMI extender

It never hurts to have an HDMI extender, since depending on where we are going to use our Chromecast with Google TV, we may need it. This IVANKY model is a male to female HDMI extension cable that allows the transmission of content up to 4K resolution at 60 Hz and offers great compatibility with all types of devices.

Video Capture

Such a device can also become a great accessory to use alongside our next-generation Chromecast. Taking into account that the Google device has Android, we can enjoy some of our favorite titles such as Fortnite and save the games to share them later with our friends.

HDMI elbow

It is increasingly common to have the TV hanging on the wall or on a wooden background that allows us to hide the wiring. This can make accessing the HDMI port or connecting our Google Chromecast difficult. With this HDMI male to female elbow we can give an output with different angles to our HDMI connection and facilitate its connection.