Beolab 28, New Bang & Olufsen Speakers: Design and Technology

Design and high performance are two aspects that always go hand in hand when we refer to Bang & Olufsen . Their latest speakers are a new proof of this because they not only offer the most advanced technology, but also as an aesthetic solution. And if you don’t believe it, keep reading because you’re going to wonder how no one did something like this before.

Beolab 28, an advanced and highly aesthetic sound system

Beolab 28
Bang & Olufsen products are not only liked for their technical capabilities, which are usually always placed as high-end devices, but also for the design section. And it is that for the company aesthetics is something important. It is true that here there will always be conflicting opinions since everything related to tastes and preferences are very personal things, but in general they tend to attract the majority of users.

The new Beolab 28 are a new proposal for loudspeakers that together with a column-type design hide a quite striking and interesting detail for those looking for the most aesthetic option possible. What is that detail? Well, they are prepared to be used both resting on the floor and hanging on the wall without the need for any type of optional accessory.

The base, where we later tell you that there is a subwoofer, is a cone that allows the column to tilt ninety degrees to be placed on the wall as you can see in the image above. Thus, you do not have to purchase any type of additional support, just choose how you want to use them and leaving a very clean installation, since the rest of the cables that connect the subwoofer and speakers integrated in the column go inside the had that connects both parts.

Also very striking in the design of these Beolab 28 is the “curtain” that opens and closes automatically when the set is reproducing some type of sound. It is also something automatic, the user should not do anything beyond starting to play the movie, series or any other content.

The latest in sound technology

Along with a design that you have already seen that draws attention on its own, let’s talk about the technology section. What do these Beolab 28 offer? Well for starters, the latest and most advanced that the company is capable of.

The speakers include a touch control at the top through which you can adjust the volume, control content playback, activate the use of the built-in microphone as well as four shortcuts.

In addition to this, these speakers are able to automatically adapt to the space in which they are in order to offer the best possible quality. That means that it will adapt the sound of each column depending on elements such as furniture that may be in the room and even the position they are in, distances, etc.

Once that initial setup is ready, the speakers can be used on a regular basis or by using wireless connections supported with various protocols such as Bluetooth, Google Chromecast, or Apple’s AirPlay . Not forgetting the possibility of using the manufacturer’s app to create multiroom configurations with other devices or various Bang & Olufsen systems.

In terms of configuration, each column has a subwoofer in the cone-shaped base. In the column is a 1-inch tweeter plus three 3-inch full-range speakers.

Design and high performance come at a price

What’s the only problem with this latest Bang & Olufsen proposal? Exactly, the same as always and that you would already imagine: the price. Available in various combinations of colors and materials, ranging from plastic to wood and fabrics, these Beolab 28 cost a whopping no more and no less than 12,000 euros a couple.

No matter how good they sound and how much design they offer, most will only be content to observe them and appreciate those details that differentiate them from other options. But little more, because you have to be very passionate about design, technology and sound quality to invest so much money. And logically have a considerable budget each month so that it doesn’t weigh you down either.