Be careful when buying a Macbook: all these cannot be updated

If you are going to buy a MacBook for the first time or, without being the first, you have not fallen into some details such as the elements that can be changed, do not worry. In this article we summarize which are those components that you will not be able to update once the device is purchased, so that you can be clear when choosing its configuration.

What components cannot be changed?

Be careful when buying a Macbook

Although it is true that there are many computers on the market that allow you to update some of their components once purchased, this does not happen with MacBooks. Years ago it was possible to change some, but now they are complex tasks because laptops are sealed and in many cases they are incompatible with non-original parts, so that even the most skilled cannot make changes.

We start with the brain of every electronic device such as the processor . Currently Apple is transitioning to the so-called Apple Silicon, starting with the M1. This is an excellent chip and it will give you great performance in many facets, but if at some point it falls short (now or in a few years) you will not have the possibility to change it. And in this case it has its logic, since this would imply changing practically the entire board to fit the microchip.

This is the case of the screen . There are several versions of laptops at Apple currently with sizes of 13.3 inches (‘Air’ and ‘Pro’), but also 16 inches (‘Pro’). Being a laptop it is evident that this is not a component that can be changed in any case, so choosing a size that suits you is essential. In any case, you can always “fix” it if you connect it to an external monitor.

macbook pro 2011 bateria

The same thing happens with RAM and the GB you choose first will be the ones you keep. And in this case we do even see iMac that allow you to change this configuration and can add more memory, but this is not the case with laptops. Having a low RAM for depending on which processes can be a problem, so you must take it into account.

The storage disk , SSD in recent years, is another indispensable element. Running out of memory on your Mac may have its small solutions if you optimize space or use external drives, but in the end it will not be as comfortable as having a disk with more storage. Therefore, try to be proactive and not fall short. As the saying goes, better than missing.

And last but not least, keep in mind that the number of ports will not change either. Yes, there are great hubs that can do the trick for you, but in the end it is not as practical as having them integrated. In recent years, MacBook have fewer and fewer slots, two specifically, and a single standard (USB-C), having only versions of MacBook Pro with four ports.

Our advice: also think about the “me” of the future

As we have already warned, being proactive is essential when setting up your MacBook. It is possible that at this time you are going to allocate your team to tasks for which the chosen components are more than suitable, but perhaps not over time. Obviously no one can predict what will happen, but if you already have in mind to dedicate time in the future to video editing or similar, it is advisable that you already buy the MacBook with adequate settings for it.