Battery Powered Docks for Amazon Echo: How to Use Alexa Wirelessly

Amazon smart speakers is something we all know well by now. Equipment that can bring us many benefits at home such as resolving doubts, communicating data about the time, controlling home automation equipment and many other actions. But what if we could take these speakers away from home and operate them wirelessly ? Today we want you to know an accessory with which you can use Alexa wirelessly on the street: the wireless bases for Amazon Echo with battery .

Set up Amazon Echo for use on the go

First of all, it is important that you know certain benefits and drawbacks of using these accessories. Thanks to them we will be able to take our Amazon smart speaker anywhere without the need for cables , either inside or outside the home . But of course, as you can imagine if you are a user of these Amazon speakers, the Echos need a WiFi connection to work, in addition to being powered by an electrical source.

Battery Powered Docks for Amazon Echo

So, if we buy one of these bases and try to use them first, as soon as we invoke it, Alexa will tell us that it cannot help us because it does not have an internet connection. To solve this we will only have to perform the following steps:

  • While away from home (or out of range of your usual WiFi), connect the speaker to one of these battery-powered bases. This will turn on and after a few seconds an orange light will appear rotating around it, indicating that it is in pairing mode.
  • Now go into the settings of your phone, in the network settings, and activate the internet sharing mode that all smartphones have. On apple computers this option is called “Personal Access Point” and, on other Android phones, you can find it as “WiFi Hotspot”, “WiFi Zone” or “Shared connection”.
  • Once this option is activated (memorize the WiFi password or copy it because you will need it) open the Alexa app that you used the first time to configure your smart speaker.

  • Click on the “+” in the upper right corner to add a new device .
  • Select the “Amazon Echo” option, and then choose the corresponding speaker from all the alternatives that appear on the next screen.
  • If all goes well, on the next screen you will see that the app detects a new speaker available to link. Click on it to start the configuration.
  • Now is the time to select the WiFi network that your phone is generating among all those available. If it does not appear in the list, it is because it probably does not have enough network coverage. Type in the password, and after a few moments, the settings will tell you that the speaker has been connected successfully.
  • To finish, follow the configuration as if you were doing it at home except for two differences: do not link it to any address (since it does not make much sense) and, when adding it to a room , we recommend that you use a different one than the that you already had in your account. We configure a new one with the name “Exterior”, to have it located at all times.

From now on you can use your Amazon Echo anywhere and interact with Alexa wirelessly.

It is true that the benefits and functionalities are reduced a bit since, for example, we will not be able to handle home automation equipment because they need to be connected to the same WiFi network. But if we can ask you to play music (which is probably the best thing to use it this way) or ask any questions we have to Alexa and that she has to search the internet.

Best battery bases for Amazon Echo

All of the above said, and now that you know perfectly how to configure your Amazon smart speaker if you decide to buy one of these accessories, it is time to present the best battery bases for the Amazon Echo.

As you can imagine, there are different models depending on the speaker version we are talking about. So we will go model by model showing you the different alternatives available.

Battery base for Amazon Echo & Echo Dot

First we want to talk to you about the bases for Amazon’s most popular smart speakers: the Echo Dot and Echo “just plain.”

This first option for the most current model of the Amazon Echo Dot has a 5,200 mAh battery, which would give it a range of about 6 hours of use. Installation is super simple thanks to an adhesive sticker on the base of the speaker and then it has an indicator of the remaining autonomy on the front.

The case of the model for its older brother, the 4th generation Amazon Echo is identical but, in this case, the autonomy is around 4 hours of use.

However, if you have a 3rd generation Amazon Echo Dot , the appropriate model is the one we leave you in the following links. This also has a small upper tab that ensures the hold and an autonomy of up to 8 hours of use. These also have the battery level indicator on the front and, in addition, it is available in two colors: black and white.

Battery base for Amazon Echo Plus

If in your day you opted for the Amazon Echo Plus for its greater power and sound quality, there is a base with a battery of up to 9 hours of use for this model. Its installation is super simple and safe, since it is attached to the lower thread that this speaker has.

Battery stand for Amazon Echo Show

Some of Amazon’s display smart speakers also have these types of carry bases. An example is the 5 ″ Amazon Echo Show that, with this accessory, will allow us to use it for 10 hours without any connection to the electrical network. In addition, this accessory allows us to regulate the tilt of the screen to see it better.

Battery base for Amazon Echo Spot

Finally, within this collection, we have this base for the Amazon Echo Spot . An accessory with a battery and, in addition, an additional 12 W speaker to enhance the sound of the Echo Spot. Its autonomy is about 8 hours of use.