BabelMap: Program to Have a Character Map for Windows

Although it is not something that we use on a regular basis, the Windows character map is a utility that sooner or later we find ourselves needing to use, since it happens that we need to reproduce a letter or symbol that is not available on our keyboard. In case the symbol we want to use is not found on the keyboard and we cannot enter it using a shortcut, we have the possibility of using a tool like BabelMap .

The Windows character map is a tool that is incorporated into Windows and that we can use to insert or display all the characters of the encodings and fonts that are installed on our system. With the help of this program we will be able to choose all kinds of font and groups of characters that we want, being able to insert in our text with a simple copy and paste. But if we are looking for a much more advanced option, BabelMap is an option that you should take into account and that we will discover below.

BabelMap: Program to Have a Character Map for Windows

BabelMap has up to 144,000 characters

It is a free application that incorporates the entire character map for Windows . This will allow us to browse the entire Unicode character repertoire, for a total of 144,000 characters, including an immense collection of numbers, figures, symbols or letters , among which we can search for all those we need. Any of these characters can be copied to the Windows clipboard, so we can use it with any application that supports Unicode.

In addition, BabelMap provides us with many useful functions and search options that will allow us to quickly find the desired character, even if it is Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin or Cantonese.

Main features

  • It allows to navigate Unicode codes block by block and character by character.
  • We can display all the characters using a single font.
  • It has a screen with a tab for Unicode drawings with the possibility of displaying unassigned drawings from 4 to 13.
  • The edit buffer allows drag and drop.
  • We can search for any Unicode character by name or go to the specified code point.
  • It has color-coded characters in the character grid either through Unicode properties or script version.
  • Advanced character search utility.
  • It incorporates tools that provide information about Unicode versions, scripts, plans and blocks.
  • Emoji data tool that is in charge of listing all the data about the emoji defined by Unicode, being able to select the emoji individually or compound.
  • Show all Unicode properties for the selected character.
  • Displays summaries of information from all fonts installed on your system.

Find, explore and copy special characters

Once we run BabelMap, we find a well-organized interface , albeit in English, as well as a quick search engine. The interface shows us all the characters included in the Unicode 7.0 standard using a grid layout. From the main window, we can select several Unicode blocks from its drop-down list and start making any query about the characters we want to search for. In addition, it is possible to find the characters using only parts of their name, not being necessary to enter the name in full.


Through the character map we can search and display characters that can be changed to decimal or hexadecimal, NCR, HTML or UCN . Just select any character and use the copy button at the bottom or use Ctrl-C to copy the character to the clipboard. In addition, we have the possibility of pasting letters in the editing buffer to expand any character within the grid, just by right-clicking on it. Emoji lovers will have an editor that lists all the emoji defined by Unicode, with the possibility of copying them like any other character displayed by the application.

BabelMap emoji

The program supports simple and advanced search options. Simple search allows us to locate any character, simply by typing its name and pressing F2. In this way we can locate and search its properties. For its part, the advanced search will allow us to search for characters based on their name, Unicode properties, aliases or other information.

BabelMap buscador de caracteres

Download BabelMap

BabelMap is an application that can be downloaded free of charge for both personal and commercial purposes, without limitation of functions or time. We just have to download it from their website . From here we will obtain a single file, since it is a portable program that does not require installation and that allows us to save it and use it from any external medium such as a pendrive, hard disk or memory card.

The file is downloaded compressed in .zip file, so we will only have to unzip it and run the BabelMap.exe file. The application is compatible with the Windows operating system in its versions of XP, Vista, 2000, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. The latest available version is ( 03-30-2020 ), which corresponds to the latest version. from Unicode Standard, which is currently Unicode 13.0 .

Alternatives to BabelMap

If you are looking for a program that allows you to locate and dispose of the Windows character map, we propose a couple of alternatives to BabelMap


It is a software that provides us with a simple means to add special characters to any compatible application, through the use and help of certain hotkey combinations. We can download WinCompose completely free of charge from its website .

Extra Keys

We are dealing with a portable application compatible with Windows that we can use to copy and paste both special characters and accented characters. In this way we can write characters that are not part of the default keyboard assignment of our system. If you want to download Extra Keys completely free of charge from its official website.