Ayaneo’s AM01S Retro PC: Vintage Design Meets Modern Performance

While opting for mini PCs, the general appearance of the device tends to be overshadowed by its performance. Many models’ appearance is rather plain and their shape is typically a rectangular box. However, Ayaneo is trying to break the mold with its AM01S Retro PC a sleek looking mini pc with retro design and updated features.

Following the methods of retro design this scarf has a traditional men-at-arms with modern elements incorporated in it.


This retro PC is based on the Apple LaserWriter printer that was produced from 1985 to 1988. This mini PC has a flip out display and clearly has the Apple ii influence which gives it a futuristic look and feel rather than a retro look and feel.

High-Performance Internals

Inside the AM01S Retro PC, you’ll find AMD’s most powerful APUs:Inside the AM01S Retro PC, you’ll find AMD’s most powerful APUs:

Ryzen 9 8945HS

Ryzen 7 8845HS

It comes with eight Zen 4 cores, 16 threads and a maximum boost clock of up to 5. 1 GHz. They also have a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that is capable of handing some of the AI related operations locally and the total graphics and AI computing power is up to 38 TOPS (CPU + GPU + NPU).

Innovative Folding Screen

The fact that the mini PC comes with a folding color screen, may not be a complete monitor, but it is useful. It shows important information about the system it being the processor temp, the graphic card temp, performance counter and fan speeds. This feature permits the user see the overall condition of his / her PC.

Comprehensive Connectivity

Ayaneo PCAM01S Mini PC

The AM01S Retro PC boasts impressive connectivity options:The AM01S Retro PC boasts impressive connectivity options:

Two USB4 Type-C ports

Two 2. 5G Ethernet ports

Six USB-A connectors (4 standard and 2 Type-A connectors on the front)

Two HDMI outputs

Audio in and out connectors

Availability and Pricing

That is, although Ayaneo has introduced this model, details such as the prices and availability of the Mecm(Device)have not been released. The specifics of configurations and costs will take a few more weeks to be published, potential buyers have to wait. Thus, taking into account all the features and characteristics described, AM01S Retro PC is all set to become one of the most favoured mini PCs in the market, not only because of the innovative design, but also owing to its powerful AI proficiency implemented in this model as well.