How to Avoid Error 0x80004005 Preventing Access to Network Drive

Windows 10 users sometimes encounter error 0x80004005 when using a share on the network. It can occur for example when trying to break into a shared hard drive. A failure that prevents access and that could be caused by many different reasons. For example, it could be improperly installed network drivers, insufficient network permissions, or a corrupted Windows registry. We are going to give some tips to try to solve this problem.

How to fix error 0x80004005 when using a network share

As we have mentioned, this bug appears in Windows 10 . It is the most widely used operating system on desktop computers, so many users may be affected by this problem. Some solutions are basic and intuitive. We will explain which are the main ones.

Avoid Error 0x80004005

Enable network discovery

A first step that we must carry out is to make sure that network detection is enabled in Windows 10 . To do this we can click on the Internet icon on the taskbar (we are connected by Wi-Fi or cable), we access Network and Internet Settings, we enter Network and Sharing Center, we click Sharing Settings advanced and make sure network discovery is turned on.

Activar la detección de redes

In case it is not, we simply have to click on the button to activate it and save the changes. In this way we could avoid problems such as error 0x80004005 that prevents us from using a network share.

Disable IPv6

Another point to take into account is the possibility of disabling IPv6 . Behind the error 0x80004005 could be this reason. This procedure is simple and we simply have to carry out the steps we mentioned.

We have to enter Control Panel, go to Network and Internet, again to Network and Sharing Center and click Change adapter settings. There we have to select the corresponding network adapter, click with the second mouse button and uncheck the IPv6 option. Later we save the changes.

Deshabilitar IPv6

Check the permissions to access the folder

The reason may be that we do not have the proper permissions to try to access a network folder . This basically happens due to a bad configuration or not having granted the necessary permissions so that we can access normally.

Therefore, another issue to take into account is to check the permissions of that folder to be able to access correctly. In case we do not have the appropriate permissions, we would simply have to configure it. We must assign all the permissions to it.

See if any antivirus or firewall is interfering

Security tools are very important to protect our computers on the network. A good antivirus and firewall , for example, will be essential at all times to avoid problems of any kind. However, they could sometimes interfere when trying to use certain services on the Internet.

This means that we must check if the antivirus or firewall is interfering in any way and hence the error 0x80004005. We can pause them momentarily or disable them if necessary and we are clear about what the problem is.

Update network drivers

Keeping equipment updated correctly is very important to avoid problems on the Internet. On the one hand, we will achieve the performance improvements that are available at that time, but we will also reduce the risk of suffering security problems that our devices expose.

For this reason, we must make sure that we have updated network drivers. In the case of Windows 10 it is a simple process. We simply have to go to Start, type Device Manager, access Network Adapters, select the one that interests us and click the right mouse button to subsequently click Update.

Actualizar controlador de red

In short, by following these steps we can avoid the error 0x80004005 that can appear in Windows 10 when trying to access a network share. They are simple steps, as we have seen, but they could solve this problem.