Are you traveling with your pet? Check these 3 websites first

Your dog or your cat are part of your family, one more at home and on the sofa when you watch TV, in bed when you sleep. But we can’t always take them with us when we leave it and that can be a problem. Therefore, there are some essential websites for traveling with pets. Websites for traveling with pets that help us find accommodation, restaurants or transport that allow us to enter with our dog or our cat, where animals are welcome

If you are going to organize a trip with your pet, you may be worried about where to sleep, where to eat… And we may even like to know if we can have a vet nearby, in case of emergency, where we can take them. In that case, these websites help you.

Are you traveling with your pet

Government of Spain

The page of the Government of Spain has a section for traveling with pets where we can read all the information on traveling with pets, whatever the type. If you are going to travel with dogs or cats or ferrets, if you are going to travel with birds or if you are going to travel with other species. It is important to read all this information and sections where we find the regulations, tutorials, frequently asked questions and everything we need to know to enter or leave the country.

We will see that there are different options depending on whether we want to travel to Spain from a European Union country, travel from Spain to a European Union country or if we want to leave or enter from a non-member country. There are a series of requirements and regulations that we must comply with and from this website we can consult it. In addition, we can read the export certificates and download the models in PDF.

This website is specialized in accommodations that allow pets. We can find all kinds of accommodation and read reviews and information about them, although it does not allow booking from this page, but we will have to go to another website of the Booking type or on the page of the accommodation itself. We can choose between different types of accommodation: hostel, aparthotel, apartment, campsite, rural house, hostel, rural hotel, pension or villa… In the different categories we can find recommended accommodation to travel together.

Within each section or accommodation file we will see the services offered, photographs of the accommodation and a brief description . In addition, we will also find the link that will allow us to book the stay in the hotel, apartment, etc.



In addition to offering accommodation ideas for pets, as its name indicates, the website also has other relevant sections that will help us know where pets are welcome. From here we can find all kinds of apartments and hotels that allow us to enter with dogs or cats but also a section to see restaurants where they can enter, campsites or beaches.

It is an especially useful page that gives us updated information on dog beaches in Spain in 2022 and with the entire Spanish coastline to know where to go on vacation with your dog without receiving a fine. Or a section of restaurants where animals can enter and we can choose our city to see all the pet friendly places that exist in that geographical point.