If you want to buy an iPod, how you can get one

If you want to buy an iPod, how you can get one

As you know, Apple announced a few years ago that they were not going to continue manufacturing one of their star products: the iPod. More than one Apple user did not like this decision, because the iPod was a great revolution and was Apple’s differential device for many years. But the Cupertino company preferred to focus on other products, improving the quality and performance of its other devices. If you want to get one even if they are no longer for sale on the official website, in this post we will tell you how you can get it.

After more than 20 years on Apple’s product list, the iPod was discontinued. And it is that streaming music has been gaining ground on devices made solely for music. The fact that those from Cupertino have preferred not to give continuity to iPods is that after the development and improvements of Apple Music, it is not necessary to have a device solely for music, since you can carry it both on your iPhone and on your iPad, and now even on the Apple Watch.


Are second-hand websites the only option?

After learning that it was going to be discontinued, the most fanatical of the brand ran to the company’s physical stores and official websites to get one and have a souvenir of this brilliant product. However, if you did not arrive in time to get a new one and you want to get one, do not worry, because you can do it. And it is that second-hand websites have become a very good ally for all those collectors of old products. And with the iPod it was not going to be less, so if you still have the need to have one, you are going to have to search in these portals.

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But before you dive into the search for these web portals, you can always look at the official distributors, to see if there is any left in stock. But keep in mind that it will be quite difficult for you to find it in these distributors. If after trying it in this type of store you have not obtained the appropriate result, it is time to look in second-hand stores. Make sure first of all that they are official products, that they are well cared for and that it really works.

Among the second-hand websites, in addition to those already known as Wallapop, there are some that focus solely on Apple products, such as Manzanas Usadas, which guarantees that the products sold are of the highest quality and are in a condition to be able to be used again. used. Keep in mind that today, iPods will be quite used, and it’s been more than 20 years since they saw the light. So if you are going to buy one, take stock of whether it is worth it, because in addition to being a second-hand product, you will not be able to update the operating system and you will not be able to save all the music you have today on your iPhone or iPad.