Are the requirements they publish for PC games reliable?

As technology advances and with it the technical complexity of the games as well, the latter ask for more and more requirements. However, there is nothing worse than apparently complying with what the game asks for at a minimum and seeing that it does not work or is totally unplayable or complying with what is recommended and encountering performance problems. Why are the requirements for PC games given wrong? And what would be the best solution to it?

Every time a game appears on the market that has a PC version, the minimum and recommended requirements to play the game end up being published. However, these are usually wrong or incomplete and lead to scares when playing them that shouldn’t have to happen. And most of this comes from the misinformation of the publishers and developers themselves, where although we know that they cannot test all the hardware, what they do have is a wrong approach.

Are the requirements they publish for PC games reliable

How should the requirements for PC games be given?

Obviously, not in the way they are usually given, since if they did it correctly you would not be reading this article right now. To do this, it would be necessary for Microsoft to do a benchmark that was found in all Windows installations. Which will not only detect the hardware that we had, but also give our hardware a performance score and allow us to test it in different situations. That is, something like 3DMark in all its variants, but included as standard in the system.

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How would it work?

  • The requirements for PC gaming should give the performance we need in a cardinal way, that is, a number, both in terms of graphics card and CPU for the different resolutions. This would end the absurd requirements that the minimum or recommended in Intel or AMD is two generations later than the other brand.
  • The amount of RAM memory and video memory should be specified according to different screen resolutions and visual quality.
  • The database of the benchmark application should be updated with the requirements that each game that is going to be released requires and the end user knows if his PC meets the requirements or not without having to try to install the game. If not, also know which drivers are the best to enjoy each of the games to the fullest.
  • The system should be based on a traffic light system, where there would be one for each resolution and visual quality:
    • Red is that the game cannot be played due to the fact that the PC does not have enough power or some driver is missing.
    • Orange is that it meets the minimum requirements, but not the recommended ones.
    • Green is that it is perfectly playable and without problems.

The system would be completely transparent to the user, in addition, it could inform him which parts he has to update and which not. It is an application that we wonder how Microsoft has not done it, since it would allow users to place recommendations on which models of the different components they can buy to update their computer and that meet the requirements for the most cutting-edge PC games, or , at least with your favorites.