Apps to study geography: dominate the countries and their flags

Apps to study geography: dominate the countries and their flags

If you have children at home, you want to know more about geography, you are thinking of going on a trip and you don’t know where, or you want to increase your knowledge about the different countries, you can study geography with free mobile applications that will give you this information in an entertaining and even funny.

For this reason, we are going to tell you about some of the best apps to study this area of knowledge from your mobile and learn more about the different countries in the world. Do you dare to try them?

StudyGe-Geography on the map

study me geografía app

This is an interesting app through which you can study the countries, capitals and flags in a very fun way, as a game. You will train your memory and save in your memory information about the different countries, and of course, you will improve your knowledge of geography.

It has a world atlas that you can use to look up information, a political map, and much more. You will learn much more about 233 countries, their flags and detailed information.

Geography quiz

quiz de geografía móvil app

This is an application through which you will learn in a fun way, and competing. You will have to overcome the different geography questions of things like the capitals of the world and more topics. You will be able to learn new data that you had not heard of until now and learn much more about geography.

It’s perfect if you want to expand your knowledge and don’t know where to start. You will have a great time playing.

Quiz de Geografia
Developer: Peaksel

Seterra Geography

seterra app geografía

This is an app that you can install for free and in a version without ads in which to test your knowledge of geography , where you can locate the countries on the map and their flags. You will do it in a fun way, as a game, with the possibility of challenging your friends to see who knows more.

It has several categories to learn more about the autonomous communities and capitals of Spain , locate the countries on their continents, find states, oceans, islands and much more. Among its languages is Spanish and you can use it even without Internet.

World atlas & world map MxGeo

mundo atlas ios

This is an app with a world atlas, world map and educational geography game in which you will know more about flags, position maps and other data of 260 countries and territories of the world. You can see the provinces, country statistics and more.

With world clock, lots of information, geography knowledge games and a lot of resources. It has no advertising, so it becomes an excellent option to study.

Flags and capitals of the world

banderas y capitales app

This is a quiz game where you can see the flags of all the countries in the world in a fun way, with 200 flags, 2 game types and 11 levels . Each level has 20 flags and you will have 20 seconds to match them with your country in each of the questions. If you make a mistake, you will see the name and you will learn something new or that you did not remember.


Google Earth

Google earth app estudiar

This is an essential within the Google services that you probably already know, since it allows you to explore the world with satellite images , 3D reliefs from all over the world, 3D buildings from many cities and much more. You will be able to see everything in a different way and go much deeper into the different countries and cities.

There are guided tours and much more, so you can expand the knowledge that you will acquire in other apps with which to study the geography of the whole world.