Apps to Relax and Sleep Better Available on iPhone

apps to sleep better

Rest and having moments of relaxation during the day is vital to enjoy good health and perform 100% during the day, so you have to look for those moments and tools that allow you to disconnect and rest in an adequate way and perhaps some of the applications that we are going to talk about in this compilation can help you relax, meditate or sleep better.

The best sounds to help you sleep

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Relax Melodies

The prestigious newspaper The Guardian declared about this app that it is like a GPS that tells you how to fall asleep, so without a doubt we are talking about one of the best applications you can use to help you sleep. You can fall asleep at your own pace, while disconnecting from stress, anxiety and day-to-day problems as it will help you to fall asleep easily. It has tons of sounds and music that it will mix to create the perfect melody to help you relax and sleep peacefully. This app is recognized by the leading doctors and neuropsychologists.

Sleep Cycle – Sleep Tracker

Sleep Cycle

This app is a smart alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep. This is a natural way to wake up with which you will not feel tired as soon as you get out of bed, on the contrary, you will find yourself full of energy and ready to face the day. Sleep Cycle will wake you up in a 30-minute interval that ends at the time you have set your alarm, choosing the time when your sleep is lightest.

White Noise – White Noise App

White Noise

If what you are looking for is an application that provides you with those fantastic white sounds that help you relax, this is your app. Say goodbye to sleepless nights thanks to the relaxing sounds available in the White Noise – White Noise App that will provide you with numerous benefits such as reducing stress, helping you sleep without distractions, increasing focus, relieving headaches and migraines .

Use meditation to relax

Headspace: Meditation and Sleep


One of the most famous applications for meditation is this, Headspace. It is your personal guide to health and happiness as it is an easy-to-use tool that will relieve stress and improve your rest at night. It has guided meditations that will help you relax thanks to the mindfulness technique that will bring you calm, well-being and balance in your day to day with just a few minutes of daily practice. Mindfulness will also help you get much more out of each day, be less distracted and consequently focus much more on the tasks you want to do.

Meditopia: Meditation, Sleep


In this meditation and sleep aid application you will find more than one short-term solution to fall asleep and be able to de-stress. Over 1000 deep immersion meditations are available that go straight to the heart. Furthermore, the meditations are available in 9 different languages and their main objective is to cover the entire spectrum of human experiences ranging from relationships, acceptance and loneliness, to our physical image, sexuality, life purposes and feelings of lack. The goal of this application is not to provide a patch, but to create a sanctuary for yourself where you can access the guidance and tools you need to develop your mental resilience and peace of mind.

Meditation with Petit Bambou

Meditacion con Petit Bambou

It is the app most recommended by the experts and even the best meditation app for children worldwide according to a 2020 European university study. With Petit Bambou you can learn to meditate step by step to have serenity and calm in your life. It has more than 2000 mindfulness meditation sessions in 6 different languages and a series of tools to help you relax.

Relax with these apps

TeasEar – Slime Simulator


With this app you can provoke the senses with various activators that relieve stress and are capable of calming anxiety. It is ideal to escape from reality and immerse yourself in a sensory paradise. It is based on ASMR, the most progressive relaxation method. You just have to choose the texture you want, touch the screen, swipe or scratch and listen to the soothing sounds of the materials that are more pleasant to the touch, which will provide you with a lot of relaxation for those moments when you need a little to gain strength. You have more than 50 realistic and fun textures available.

Endel: Sleep and relax


If what you want is to create relaxation environments, without a doubt Endel is your application since you can generate personalized sound environments to give your mind and body what it needs to perform any task, since it not only serves to relax, but also to focus or even to help you sleep better. It has four different modes, relax, focus, on-the-go and sleep and the sounds it provides are based on algorithms that are designed to adapt to your internal and external conditions such as your location, weather, weather and heart rate.

Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds


Within this application you will find a great variety of relaxing sounds divided into different environments. You just have to choose the sounds you like the most and create your favorite combination, whether it’s for sleeping, meditating, doing yoga, relaxing, ending the stress of work or whatever you want, you just have to enjoy the sounds of the nature that this application provides you.

Noizio – focus, relax, sleep


Whether you want to relax, concentrate or spice up your coffee moment as if you were in a coffee shop in downtown New York, this application will allow you to generate the atmosphere you want for each moment of the day as it has a huge variety of sounds that they transport to numerous states and environments. One of the most outstanding points of this app is that not only can you choose sounds but you can also mix them, so the customization of the environments is total.