Apps to call anywhere in the world for free

It is possible that you want to call family or friends, but you are put off by the fact that you do not have an unlimited minute rate, that you have run out of free calls from your rate, that you do not want to pay for calls or simply want to contact with someone who is in another country.

Apps to call anywhere in the world for free

Fortunately, mobile applications allow you to contact whoever you want completely free of charge, regardless of where you are or where the other person is, and are also a good solution when you are traveling.

Therefore, we are going to tell you about some of the best applications with which you can make free international calls to whoever you want.

Free call

freecall app gratis

This app offers you free calls using data from your mobile or WiFi, so you can contact whoever you want on their mobile or landline. Each action you do will give you credits , for example, installing the app gives you 2,000 or inviting friends 5,000. With these, you can make free calls, otherwise you will have them very cheap.

They are high-quality calls to a large number of countries around the world.

Global phone call

llamada telefónica global

This is an app with which you can make free international calls through VOIP , using WiFi or mobile data, so you can call whoever you want anywhere, even if you don’t have the app installed.

Call for free with high quality, without restrictions and anonymously, with the possibility of making cheap or free calls. You will only have to earn free coins to make these calls, usually by viewing mobile advertising on your Android device, playing games or inviting friends.


WorldCalls app llamadas gratis

This is an app with which you can call any phone around the world , even if they don’t have the app, for free using WiFi or mobile data. No minutes of your rate are used, calls are free through VOIP without hidden fees or contract.

You have free or very cheap calls to landlines and mobiles in more than 200 countries and regions . As a new user, they give you free high quality calling credits with crystal clear voice. You can access more calls by completing tasks, playing games, watching ads or inviting friends . There are recent complaints about the service by users, probably in a new update, although it seems that it has been updated recently to fix it.

WhatsApp and Telegram

telegram app

The two famous instant messaging applications allow you to make high-quality calls to any user who has the same application. Taking into account that practically all the people who have a mobile, rather a high percentage, have one of these apps, you can call whoever you want for free from any of them.

Unless they have disabled the option to receive them, something that happens in Telegram.

They will only use Internet or WiFi data to make the calls, although these are of good quality and totally free.



Skype app

The famous application known for its quality calls and video calls , allows you to make free calls between users of the service. Video calls are free up to 24 participants.

If you want to call a mobile or landline, they promise calls at very low rates, although the best thing is that you convince the person to install the app so you can call their mobile or computer for free with excellent call quality.



With Line you can make free calls and video calls between users of the app, with different possibilities and good quality.

In addition, as calls to landlines or mobiles are paid, although it is quite modest, you can make free international calls to other people with Line Out Free , in exchange for seeing advertising, although this option is only available in some countries, which it will force you to convince the other person to sign up with it if it is your preferred option.

Developer: LINE Corporation