Apps that you can not miss according to the App Store

One of the main attractions of Apple devices, but mainly of both the iPhone and the iPad, are the applications that are inside its store, the App Store. For this reason, in this post we want to talk to you about 6 apps that Apple itself recommends trying to all users. They are apps of all kinds that will surely come in handy at some point.

6 apps you can’t miss

Apps that you can not miss according to the App Store

The App Store is not only a place where users can go to download applications of all kinds for their Apple devices, but it is also ideal for discovering new apps, since the Cupertino company itself is responsible for making different recommendations and rankings to motivate users to install them. In this case we are going to focus on the category that within the App Store is called “Apps that you cannot miss”, to talk about the first 6, let’s go there.

  • splice . This first alternative is a video and photo editing application. More and more users are entering the world of creating audiovisual content thanks to social networks, and of course, the iPhone is a perfect tool for taking both photos and videos. Therefore, having an application like Splice is ideal if you want to take care of the details of your content.
  • Twitch . Apple takes good note of everything that is moving this platform and, consequently, includes the Twitch app among the recommendations that you have to install on your iPhone. Without a doubt, it is a place where entertainment is completely guaranteed, which is why it is ideal for those moments of leisure in which you want to disconnect from all the routine.

Twitch en iPhone

  • InShot . Before we talked about Splice, which is a photo and video editor, well now it’s the turn of what is surely the best vertical video editor on the App Store, InShot. It has a huge amount and variety of very useful tools to be able to practically professionally edit all the videos you’ve recorded with your iPhone. It is perfect both to be able to create reels on Instagram and TikToks.
  • pics art . We continue talking about photography and video, and now we are going with another app that will allow you to edit both types of content. It especially shines for having a very attractive interface that at the same time provides all the facilities so that users can get the most out of it. In addition, it also has a large number of tools that will allow you to carry out practically anything you can think of.
  • Camera+ . We leave aside the photo and video editing apps to talk about a complementary app to these, and with Camera+ you will have access to a large number of tools completely designed to enhance the creation of photographic and video content. In the end, what it does is to be able to control the values of a professional camera, such as ISO, depth of field or shutter speed. It also allows you to take photos in RAW format.

Widgets en iPhone

  • widgetsmith . This is one of the most popular applications to be able to include the most personalized widgets possible on your home screen. Within it you have the opportunity to change both the typography and the color of them, in addition to having different very useful alternatives such as calendar, note, time or even activity widgets.