Give a Different Touch to Your Photographs by Applying Incredible Filters

If you want to give a different touch to your photos taken with the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, natively you can apply amazing filters. On these new devices Apple has completely redesigned the camera application with the inclusion of burst mode or Quicktime function. This is why the location of the filters on these new iPhone has changed and in this article we show you how you can apply filters to your photographs on these new iPhone.

So you can apply filters to your photos on iPhone 11

In the mobile of past generations, to access the filters we simply had to touch in the upper right of the camera interface. But now this option has disappeared and has been a bit hidden because of the ‘fault’ of the camera interface update. The truth is that this is justifiable because now we can see more editing options natively something that we greatly appreciate.

In short, to apply filters on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max you must follow the following steps:

  • Access the camera application with your iPhone 2019.
  • To show the strip of additional options, we must swipe from the bottom to the top.
  • Once we have swipe with our finger we will observe that several options are opened and we will swipe with the finger to the right until we find the option of ‘Filters’ which are three overlapping circles.
  • Tapping on this icon we will access the different filters and we will simply have to scroll from left to right to select the one we like the most.

aplicar filtros iPhone 11 Pro

Once we have selected the filter, we can take all our photographs with it until we decide to change it. We can also change it at any time from the native Photo editor that will allow us to apply the filter we want as well as make many more modifications. Apple is slowly working on improving its camera interface by adding all those extra features we were claiming to have some pictures worth hanging on our Instagram wall.

No wonder they have made this change from this generation of the iPhone, since it is a team that stands out for the incredible camera that has very professional photographs. Now with these filters we can go a little further and apply for example a black and white of 10 to our snapshots.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of the new way to apply filters to the photographs.