Apple Watch Series 5 50 Euros Discount

apple-watch-series-5The Apple Watch has undoubtedly become an essential accessory for many users because of the features they provide in the day-to-day life of users. It’s already quite common to see people on the street who have an iPhone also with an Apple Watch and it’s not at all strange. If you are still thinking of getting an Apple smart watch or updating yours, we can now find the latest model with a significant discount.

The Apple Watch Series 5 lowers its price € 50

The Apple Watch Series 5 although it came to the market without notable developments remains the best Apple smartwatch in the market. We have always recommended it for those people who do not even have a watch of this type or have a fairly old version such as a Series 0 or a Series 1 . Money is obviously a problem when deciding but now we can find this watch with € 50 discount .

Oferta Apple Watch Series 5

This offer corresponds to the largest model with a size of 44 mm in its GPS version. The case is made of silver aluminum with a white sports strap, which is undoubtedly a tremendously interesting combination although we can always buy another strap for the Apple Watch .

Right now we can get this Apple Watch for € 429 at Amazon, that is, with a € 50 discount.

This watch includes the possibility of having the screen always on so you don’t have to make a sharp turn of the wrist to check the time. This although it can be an interesting function we must evaluate the battery consumption since it undoubtedly affects the autonomy of the equipment. Normally the load will reach us until the end of the day although in other versions we appreciated that it lasted a day and a half.

Obviously this watch empowers you to exercise and that is why it is water resistant to allow us to swim and record our workouts underwater. In the health field, it also stands out for integrating an ECG sensor to be able to perform an electrocardiogram in addition to measuring our pulse in a traditional way as in the other models.

It is also ideal for the elderly and if we do hiking as it has an integrated fall detector and also a compass that works really well. This will help us if we go to the mountain and we end up losing, we can have in our wrist a way to locate ourselves.