Apple prepares a revolution for the design of the iPhone 15

There are more and more rumors circulating around the iPhone 15 family. The possibility that they have a USB-C connector is increasingly tangible, as well as a new redesign that undoes the iconic mute button on Apple mobiles and today’s leak revolves around this issue.

There are many news that have come to light in recent days showing a change in the appearance of the iPhone 15 . These talk about a more curved finish along with slimmer bezels, but the highlight is the change to the volume buttons . The latter is also joined by the loss of the slider button to put the phone on silent or sound. One of the qualities that most characterized the devices of the American brand.

the design of the iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 says goodbye to the mute button

It has been the colleagues of 9To5Mac who have reported on this issue. The outlet claims that the Cupertino-based company is preparing to not only ditch the separate volume up and down buttons, but is also going to completely change the classic mute button for the iPhone 15 series .

Now, the volume buttons will become a single unified one that will be capacitive , that is, the button will not be physically pressed, but will work by haptic feedback in a similar way as Apple did with its old iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

iPhone 15

There are several renders that have been circulating on the web for a few weeks and that show exactly this change that we have mentioned. In this way, the mystery about this decision is somewhat cleared up, since it was not entirely clear if Apple intended to use one or two buttons for the construction of the iPhone 15, as well as the possibility of experiencing errors with the up and down buttons. volume.

Likewise, these new next-generation mobiles will opt for a push mechanism for the mute switch . This means that you don’t have to slide the button to put the phone on sound or vice versa, but just press it to switch between one mode or another. So this mythical button will also be capacitive to follow a logical order and a design line according to the entire device.

The USB-C connector is a given

It was last year when it was confirmed that Apple had 24 months ahead to remodel its smartphones and bet on the universal USB-C connector . A decision that did not fully please the American brand, but that it must abide by inevitably. At the moment there is nothing confirmed about when this legendary change will take place, although everything seems to indicate that the iPhone 15 would be the first to display this modification.

iPhone 15

This has been indicated by the leaks, signaling the end of the basic Lightning port. In addition, it has also been rumored that the famous Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro will reach the rest of the models in the family. Although it is true that Apple has ruled on the matter, but there are reasons to believe in this revolution after the dissatisfaction of users with the current generation.